Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system

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  1. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. Download : Windows Vista SP1 RC x86 (548MB) Code: 4978dec54eca/Windows6.0-KB936330-wave1-X86.exe Download : Windows Vista SP1 RC x64 (878MB) Code: 88b05a08f5ac/Windows6.0-KB936330-wave1-X64.exe Link download Bản Vista RC chính thức từ Microsoft! PHP Code: 482d-9524-de850c4dd91c&DisplayLang=en As I had posted earlier that Vista SP1 RC will be available to everyone for download, Microsoft released it today You can grab the RC Windows Update script here Believe it or not, Windows Update has been the best and easiest way to get Vista SP1. We beta testers have had good success installing SP1 Beta releases and RC via WU. You may be required to install at least 3 updates before the Service Pack. After installing those pre-requisites, restart your machine (if required), wait for at least 10 mins or so and then check for updates again. You should be prompted for Service Pack update. To discuss regarding SP1 and to submit bugs, please visit here Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC-Bản Service Pack đầu tiên của Win "Vịt-Ta"
  2. Window Vista Ser ws rvice Pack 1 Release candidate(RC) hiện đan đc xuất h cho mọ ng hiện ọi người. TThêm sửa lỗ cho phiên bản Beta t ỗi n trước, SP1 c chứa đựng những sự th đổi đượ hay ợc tập trung vào gửi nh g hững sự tin cậy và vấn đề thực hi đặc biệt, hỗ trợ nhữ kiểu ph n n iện ững hần cứng mớ và thêm sự hỗ trợ C Vài côn nghệ mớ SP1 cũng gửi quản l nào đó, s ới, Cho ng ới. g lý sự triển kha và những thách thức hỗ trợ. ai g c Window Vista Ser ws rvice Pack 1 Release C Candidate (R is now available to the public In RC) o c. addition to previously released updates, S contain changes f n d SP1 ns focused on addressing specific reliability and perform a mance issue supportin new type of hardw es, ng es ware, and ad dding support for several new techno ologies. SP1 also addre 1 esses some manageme deploym ent, ment, and supp challen port nges. Window Vista Ser ws rvice Pack 1 RC is avaailable throu Window Update. Experience the ugh ws e WU based Vista SP installati by follo P1 ion owing 4 sim steps. W mple Windows V Vista SP1 RC C distribut through Windows U ted Update will be applica to Windows Vista machines t l able a that are runn ning on any of the 36 la anguages su upported by Vista RTM If you al y M. lready insta alled the Serv Pack to your mach by usin the stand vice o hine ng dalone package, you mu uninstal ust ll before y scan Wi you indows Upd for Win date ndows Vist SP1. ta
  3. Systems running on Windows Vista RTM require as many as th update before SP s n M s hree es P1 can be in nstalled. Th hese updates are perma anent to you Windows Vista syst ur s tems. Winddows Update w detect your system configura will y m ation and of the prer ffer requisite pacckages that are t applicab to your system. ble s Microso continuo oft ously improv the Win ves ndows Vista Operating System by providing a g y g ongoing updates wh workin with softw and ha g hile ng ware ardware ven ndors to help them to deliver i improved co ompatibility reliability and performance. W y, y Windows Vis Service P sta Pack 1 (SP1) is another vehicle that Microsoft will use to deliver ope v t erating syste em improveements to cu ustomers. W Windows Vi SP1 is a update to Windows Vista that, ista an o s , along wi improve ith ements delivvered to use via these other channels, addresses feedb ers back from our customers In additio to previo r s. on ously release updates, SP1 will contain chan ed nges focused on addressi specific reliability and perform ing c mance issue supporti new typ es, ing pes ware, and ad of hardw dding suppo for sever emergin standards SP1 also will continu ort ral ng s. ue to make it easier for IT adminiistrators to deploy and manage W d Windows Vis sta. Window Vista sys ws stem requireements Winndows Vista system re a equirementss Vist Capable Vista Prem ta mium Ready y Processor 8 MHz 1.0 GHz 800 Meemory 512 M RAM 1 GB RAM MB Graph card Dir hics rectX 9 cap pable Direct 9 capabl GPU with Hardware Pixel Shad tX le h e der v2.0 and WDD 1.0 driv support DM ver Graphic memory N/A 128 M RAM su cs MB upports up t 2,756,00 total pixe (e.g. 192 × to 00 els 20 1200) or 512 MB+ for greate resolution such as 2 o + er ns 2560x1600[ [45] HDD capa acity 20 GB 40 GB HDD free s H space 15 GB 15 GB B Oth drives C her CD-ROM D DVD-ROM Window Vista SP1 will be released in th first quar of calen ws he rter ndar year 20008. * Nếu bạ cài đặt SP1 RC,mạn mẽ khuy cáo rằng bạn cũng lập kế hoạc thiết đặt ạn S nh yến g ch phiên bả cuối cùng của Wind ản g dows Vista SP1 khi nó được ra mắ vào quý đ tiên của ắt đầu a 2008. Để làm việc này, bạn ph gỡ mã pr n hải re-release To do th you will be require to uninsta this pre- his, l ed all -release cod de. * Đương nhiên, bạn phải có bả quyền củ bản Win Vista trước g n ản ủa c
  4. * You m have a genuine co of Wind must opy dows Vista installed on the compu prior to n uter o installing the Wind g dows Vista S update. SP1 * If you install the Service Pac 1 Release Candidate it is stron S ck e, ngly recomm mended tha at you also plan to ins o stall the fina version o Windows Vista SP1 when it is r al of s released in the first qua arter of 20088. Download Nào:.:.: :: Đã hiển thị n Code: Phiên bả dành cho Vista 32-b ản o bit Phiên bả 64-bit ản 540MB! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!! Vista SP1 RC build 6001.1 17042 Cùng lúc tung ra bả SP3 RC1 cho Wind c ản 1 dows XP, M Microsoft đă tung ra bản SP1 RC1 cho ă n Window Vista với nhiều cải t và tươn đối hoàn thiện !. Bả Vista SP1 theo ws i tiến ng n ản Microso giúp Vist cải thiện hiệu suất h động, tư oft ta hoạt ương thích với nhiều cchuẩn phần cứng mớ hơn, upda một số c ới ate chức năng c Vista... của ng đối ổn định nê Post lên đ để các b test !. ên đây bạn " not acti ived" !. Nên các bạn có thể n ó điền key lại ( Nếu dùng Vista có bản quyền ) hoặc C y d Crack lại ( N dùng V Nếu Vista chùa ) 15- đặt, Win ndows sẽ kh động lại 3 lần và Fi hởi i inish !!!. :
  5. Ḿnh đang Upload file lên !. Các bạn tạm thời có thể download ở d-link sau ( tốc độ cũng rất tốt ) : Trích: Size : 540 MB Download D-Link Trích: Part1 : Part2 : Part3 : Part4 : Part5 : Part6 :
  6. Pass : Đúng là sau khi cài đặt xong bản này nó yêu cầu active lại !. Ḿnh dùng Crack cũ để active và nó cũng hoạt động b́nh thường !. Ḿnh đưa lên đây bạn load về Crack lại xem sao nha !. Trích: -Link Trích: Part1 : Part2 : Part3 : Part4 : pass : Windows Vista SP1 RC From Microsoft Server! Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. Đã hiển thị Code: For ista 32bit For Vista 64bit Windows Vista SP1 RC Preview v.658 Build 6001-17042-071107-1618 INFO: Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Release Candidate (RC) build (6001-17042- 071107-1618) of SP1 to testers. The latest build weighs 434.84MB for the x86 version and 734.3MB for the x64 version. The installlation will last between 15-30 minutes depends on ur system configurations. Vista SP1 RC for Public Release by Milo on December 6th, 2007
  7. Right now Vista SP1 RC is only available via the Microsoft connect site. Microsoft announced that the release candidate is going to be made available to the public sometime next week via Microsoft's Download Center. THE ENHANCEMENTS HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 1. BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) 2. Additional support for upcoming standards and hardware namely: Direct3D 10.1, Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol (SSTP), Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), and the Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT), a file system for Flash drives. 3. Support for Secure Digital (SD) Advanced Direct Memory Access (DMA) WARNING: After u installed SP1 ur Vista will become deactivated. A new cr@ck was recently given to me by one of UDS members. I've tested out and it works 100%. MY POINT OF VIEW: It took me 1 hour 5 minutes to have SP1 fully installed. No changes much on performance & efficiency this RC isn't ideal to install. My System specifications: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 Ghz HHD: Seagate 500GB SATA 2 RAM: 2 GB SCREENSHOTS: Kết quả sau khi cài Vista SP1: Kết quả sau khi cr@ck xong: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 850x703.
  8. DOWNLOADS: 32-bit ~ 539 MB Torrent (x86): Code: t.torrent Mirror: Rapidshare (x86) Code:
  9. X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part1.rar X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part2.rar X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part3.rar X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part4.rar X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part5.rar X86_wave1_SPInstaller.part6.rar Mirror: Megaupload (x86) Code: DOWNLOADS: 64-bit ~ 871.30 MB Torrent (x64): Code: t.torrent Mirror: Rapidshare (x64) ~ 1 Link Direct duy nhất Code: X64_wave1_SPInstaller.rar.html Password: Mirror: Megaupload (x64) Code: Part 1:
  10. Part 2: Password: Note: Use FFSJ - File Splitter & Joiner join the 2 splitted parts first then unrar them with Winrar. Download: FFSJ - File Splitter & Joiner (Standard) Code: Cr@ck: Code: or P/S: MIRROR LINK MEGA (x86) + CR@CK DO BÁC NTDUNG CUNG CẤP & UPLOAD. THANKS BÁC NHIỀU. Note: For torrent use Firefox copy & paste the links into the address bar to download. Have fun....................Enjoy
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