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  •  was written to provide a comprehensive foundation for conducting clinical assessment of child and adolescent social-emotional behavior in a practical, scientific, and culturally appropriate manner. It is divided into two major sections. 

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  • .Opportunity in Crisis: Preventing HIV from early adolescence to young adulthood © United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) June 2011 Permission to reproduce any part of this publication is required. Please contact: Division of Communication, UNICEF 3 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA Tel: (+1 212) 326-7434 Email: Permission will be freely granted to educational or non-profit organizations. Others will be requested to pay a small fee. ISBN: 978-92-806-4586-6 elSBN: 978-92-806-4593-4 United Nations publication Sales No. E.11.XX.

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  • In Africa, as in many parts of the world, adolescent reproductive health is a controversial issue for policy makers and programme planners. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to HIV and AIDS and to a host of other problems such as sexually transmitted infection, unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and unsafe circumcision. Yet many countries don’t have adolescent health policies and much remains to be done to ensure that adolescents can access appropriate sexual and reproductive health services....

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  • An expert panel was convened, consisting of individuals with expertise in the areas of media use and its measurement, adolescent sexual health, and media effects on sexual health. Panelists were also expert in the use of new media in sexual health interventions. One goal was to identify gaps and set priorities for

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  • This report summarizes the presentations and discussion at a work- shop entitled Sleep Needs, Patterns, and Difficulties of Adolescents, held on September 22, 1999. The workshop was organized by the Board on Children, Youth, and Families and the Forum on Adolescence of the Na- tional Research Council and Institute of Medicine, with funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development, U.S. Department of Health and Hu- man Services.

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  • This insightful text looks at key risk factors identified with drug use among Hispanic, African-American, and White non-Hispanic adolescents, expanding on current models of drug research to account for the unique experiences of these young people. The model underlying the research draws components from three theoretical models: self-derogation/self-esteem; acculturation stress; and perceptions of racial and cultural prejudice and discrimination.

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  • Policymakers are interested in promoting healthy marriages in adulthood by providing services to strengthen the adolescent precursors of healthy marriage, especially within low-income populations. But if programs and curricula targeting adolescent romantic relationships are to be effective, they must be grounded in an accurate

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  • Sexual risk behavior among U.S. adolescents is a major public health concern, with young people accounting for a disproportionate number of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infection diagnoses. Although a great deal of research attention has been devoted to understanding what puts adolescents at risk for these

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  • In this chapter the following common gyneco- logical problems of children and adolescents will be described: fusion of the labia, vulvovaginitis, lichen sclerosus, condylomata acuminata, sexual abuse, prepubertal bleeding, abnormal bleeding after menarche, trauma and genital tumors.

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  • Adolescence is the product of a complex, constructed ecology. It varies with culture, place, historical time and national economic development. Chapter 7 provides knowledge of the adolescence, this chapter includes contents: Adolescence as a construction, discourses of adolescence, effects of hormonal changes, a socio-historical approach,...

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  • The present study examined the relationship between perceived social support and self-awareness among adolescents. Participants were 150 students in the 8 th and 9 th grade of Phong Hien Secondary School, Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue Province,... invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Phần 1 cuốn giáo trình trình bày các nội dung: Un univers proche des ados, un adolescent = un univers = un module, 8 modules pour 8 adolescents une page d'ouverture active, 3 leçons d'apprentissage - Moi et les autres, ma page perso et Mes découvertes en double page ( 1 leçon = 1 double page) - l'exploitation de chaque leçon s'articule autour de documents déclencheurs et mène vers la tâche à faire en interaction.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'handbook of adolescent psychology, 2nd edition', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Malawi: Results from the 2004 National Survey of Adolescents was written by Alister Munthali, the Cen- tre for Social Research, Zomba, Malawi; Eliya M. Zulu and Nyovani Madise, the African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi, Kenya; Ann M. Moore, the Guttmacher Institute, New York, USA; Sidon Konyani, the Centre for Social Research, Zomba, Malawi, James Kaphuka, the National Statis- tical Office, Zomba, Malawi; and Dixie Maluwa- Banda, University of Malawi, Chancellor College, Zomba, Malawi.

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  • Phần 1 cuốn giáo trình tiếng Pháp Adosphère 3 trình bày nội dung: 8 modules pour 8 thématiques proche des adolescents, 3 leçons d'apprentissage en double page; i'exploitation des deux premières leçons s'articule autour de documents déclencheurs et mène vers la tâche à faire en interaction,... Mời các bạn tham khảo.

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  • as mentioned, sexual and reproductive health is a unique sub-sector, due to its close association with important and sensitive socio-cultural factors and gender roles which define and prescribe appropriate opportunities and avenues of action. the field is uniquely sensitive and therefore must involve explicit exploration across all areas of activity of some critical cross cutting issues – among them gender, adolescent health, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDs.

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  • During the past decade there has been enormous progress in our understanding of the phenomenology, neurobiology, and treatment of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder. In particular, the number of controlled treatment studies of mania in children and adolescents is rapidly increasing, thereby greatly improving our understanding of effective treatment options for bipolar disorder in youth.

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  • In recent years, the food and beverage industry in the US has viewed children and adolescents as a major market force. As a result, children and adolescents are now the target of intense and specialized food marketing and advertising efforts. Food marketers are interested in youth as consumers because of their spending power, their purchasing influence, and as future adult consumers. Multiple techniques and channels are used to reach youth, beginning when they are toddlers, to foster brand-building and influence food product purchase behavior.

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  • Hélène Delisle, Ph.D., professor Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine Université de Montréal, Canada V Chandra-Mouli, M.D., Medical Officer Department of Child and Adolescent Health WHO, Geneva Bruno de Benoist, M.D., Medical Officer Department of Nutrition for Health and Development WHO, Geneva

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  • According to most social scientists, a generation is about 25 years in length. By that measure, this second edition of the Handbook of Adolescent Psychology represents a generational shift, for it was fully 25 years ago that the first edition of this volume was published. A cursory glance at this edition’s table of contents will show just how broadly the field has grown in that period of time, and a careful reading of the volume’s chapters will reveal that the generational shift has been as deep as it has been broad...

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