Advanced reporting techniques

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  • Ebook Advanced accounting (11th edition): Part 1 presents the following chapters: Chapter 1 business combinations; chapter 2 stock investments - investor accounting and reporting; chapter 3 an introduction to consolidated financial statements; chapter 4 consolidation techniques and procedures; chapter 5 intercompany profit transactions – inventories; chapter 6 intercompany profit transactions - plant assets; chapter 7 intercompany profit transactions – bonds; chapter 8 consolidations - changes in ownership interests; chapter 9 indirect and mutual holdings; chapter 10 subsidiary preferred st...

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  • YNU-5 (YFI type) is the first zeolite reported with interconnected 12-, 12-, and 8-ring pores showing a remarkable catalytic potential towards the dimethyl ether (DME)-to-olefin reaction. In this work, the structures of the as-synthesized, calcined and dealuminated YNU-5 zeolites, were investigated by various techniques with special emphasis on advanced electron microscopy methods.

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  • Ebook Project management (Ninth edition): Part 2 include of the following content: Chapter 18 Scheduling Materials; Chapter 19 Scheduling Cash Flows; Chapter 20 Computer Applications; Chapter 21 Managing Project Start-up; Chapter 22 Aspects of Commercial Management; Chapter 23 Managing Procurement; Chapter 24 Managing Progress; Chapter 25 Managing Changes; Chapter 26 Managing Project Costs; Chapter 27 Earned-Value Analysis and Cost Reporting; Chapter 28 Managing Multiple Projects, Programmes and Portfolios; Chapter 29 More Advanced or Less Frequently Used Techniques; Chapter 30 Managing Pro...

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  • The mechanism of dye-adsorbent interaction is described on the basis of zero-point charge and zeta potential techniques. Batch adsorption studies on MCH NM show excellent adsorption activity of 199.02 mg/g in 22 min towards RB13 dye, maximum value ever reported for any reactive dye. Equilibrium adsorption data and adsorption kinetics were well fitted into Langmuir isotherm model and pseudo second order model predicting chemically rate controlled monolayer adsorption.

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  • Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a local ablation technique utilizing high voltage, low energy direct current to create nanopores in cell membrane which disrupt homeostasis and leads to cell death. Previous reports have suggested IRE may have a role in treating borderline resectable and unresectable Stage 3 pancreatic tumors.

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  • Gastric cancer is one of the highly malignant gastrointestinal cancers and the third leading cause of cancer death. In the last decade, early gastric cancer (EGC) has been reported by using narrow-band imaging (NBI) magnifying endoscopy. Advances in endoscopic techniques, such as endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), have enabled the en bloc resection of these EGC. Although ESD is performed for early gastric cancer, there are still many difficult problems in technique of this procedure.

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  • In this paper, we report on the synthesis of solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) on the basis of 95 wt.% PEO and 5 wt. of anhydrous cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate (CoCl2 6H2O), hereafter called PCL5, by the spin-coating technique using different types of glass (normal, quartz, ITO) substrates. The PCL5 electrolyte exhibits the highest conductivity and the lowest optical bandgap and hence, it was selected as a component to fabricate the organic single-layer device.

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  • The current study reports on the electroanalysis of Riboflavin (RF) on the surface of a poly DL-phenylalanine modified carbon paste sensor (PDLPAMCPS). The developed sensor caused a noticeable electrocatalytic action for the redox activity of RF in a phosphate buffer solution (PBS) of pH 6.5. This analysis was evaluated using differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) and cyclic voltammetry (CV) techniques.

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  • There have been many efforts reported in the literature to score or rate the quality of concept maps. In many cases the objective was to standardize procedures for grading student concept maps, but other efforts have served a variety of purposes, including guiding workshop participants to construct better concept maps or monitoring the advances in concept mapping techniques on a large population of users.

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  • Part 1 of document Diagnosis advanced automotive fault present the content: introduction, safe working practices, report writing; diagnostic techniques, diagnostic process, mechanical diagnostic techniques, electrical diagnostic techniques, data sources; tools and equipment, basic equipment , oscilloscopes, scanners/fault code readers, engine analysers; oscilloscope diagnostics, on-board diagnostics, sensors and actuators, engine systems.

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  • Due to increasing advances in physical and chemical techniques for the assessment of pollutants in the environment, there is an immediate demand for a bioassay that can report both the presence of an analyte and its biological effects. In accordance with this need, there has been a fast growth in whole-cell biosensor technology.

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  • We propose a parser for constraintlogic grammars implementing HPSG that combines the advantages of dynamic bottom-up and advanced topdown control. The parser allows the user to apply magic compilation to specific constraints in a grammar which as a result can be processed dynamically in a bottom-up and goal-directed fashion. State of the art top-down processing techniques are used to deal with the remaining constraints. We discuss various aspects concerning the implementation of the parser as part of a grammar development system. ...

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  • We present a text-based approach for the automatic indexing and retrieval of digital photographs taken at crime scenes. Our research prototype, SOCIS, goes beyond keyword-based approaches and methods that extract syntactic relations from captions; it relies on advanced Natural Language Processing techniques in order to extract relational facts. These relational facts consist of a "pragmatic relation" and the entities this relation connects (triples of the form: ARG1REL- ARG2).

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  • Our MT systems integrate many advanced concepts from the fields of computer science, linguistics, and AI : specialized languages for linguistic programming based on production systems, complete linguistic programming environment, multilevel representations, organization of the lexicons around "lexical units", units of translation of the size of several paragraphs, possibility of using text-driven heuristic strategies.

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  • All of this very detailed information, upbeat as well as terrible, is conveyed by Bob Seamans in his fac- tual presentation of the sequence of major activities involved and is amplified by his personal and profes- sional anecdotes. This is truly a unique and important record of the Apollo program’s achievements and the United States’ demonstrated capability and technological preeminence. I hope this capability will be advanced broadly as we move forward with innovative and beneficial aeronautics, space exploration, space science, and applications activities.

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  • The primary goal of the ILO is to promote opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. The ILO considers gender equality as a key element in its vision of Decent Work for All Women and Men for social and institutional change to bring about equity and growth.

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  • 3D models are getting more and more attention from the research community. The application potential of 3D models is enormous, especially in creating virtual environments. In Vietnam National University - Hanoi, there is a need for a test-bed 3D environment for research in virtual reality and advance learning techniques. This need raises a very good motivation for the research of 3D reconstruction. In this paper, we present our work toward the creating of a 3D model of Vietnam National University - Hanoi automatically from image sequences.

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  • What’s the use of putting out reports that no one reads? Properly created dashboards are graphical representations that put data in a context for your audience, and they look really cool! How cool? You’ll find out when you see the dazzling examples in Excel 2007 Dashboards & Reports For Dummies. And, before long, everyone’s eyes will be riveted to your dashboards and reports too!

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  • From the interior of the Sun, to the upper atmosphere and near-space environment of Earth, and outward to a region far beyond Pluto where the Sun’s influence wanes, advances during the past decade in space physics and solar physics—the disciplines NASA refers to as heliophysics—have yielded spectacular insights into the phenomena that affect our home in space. This report, from the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Committee for a Decadal Strategy in Solar and Space Physics, is the second NRC decadal survey in heliophysics.

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  • revised and updated Second Edition of the guide that lets you turn your adequate practices into Best Practices Accounting Best Practices provides you with the most advanced techniques and strategies available today to help your business cut costs and improve accounting operations-regardless of your company's size or holdings. Accounting expert Steven Bragg has updated the Second Edition to include fifty new best practices, expanded appendices, and a new chapter on finance.

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