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  • Listen and read paragraph, vocabulary, grammar, answer the question,... As the main contents of the presentation "The Audio - Lingual Method". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • This paper explores the role of information retrieval in answering “relationship” questions, a new class complex information needs formally introduced in TREC 2005. Since information retrieval is often an integral component of many question answering strategies, it is important to understand the impact of different termbased techniques.

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  • We consider the problem of answering complex questions that require inferencing and synthesizing information from multiple documents and can be seen as a kind of topicoriented, informative multi-document summarization. The stochastic, graph-based method for computing the relative importance of textual units (i.e. sentences) is very successful in generic summarization.

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  • This paper regards Question Answering (QA) as Question-Biased Term Extraction (QBTE). This new QBTE approach liberates QA systems from the heavy burden imposed by question types (or answer types). In conventional approaches, a QA system analyzes a given question and determines the question type, and then it selects answers from among answer candidates that match the question type. Consequently, the output of a QA system is restricted by the design of the question types.

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  • Online forum discussions often contain vast amounts of questions that are the focuses of discussions. Extracting contexts and answers together with the questions will yield not only a coherent forum summary but also a valuable QA knowledge base. In this paper, we propose a general framework based on Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) to detect the contexts and answers of questions from forum threads. We improve the basic framework by Skip-chain CRFs and 2D CRFs to better accommodate the features of forums for better performance.

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  • In this paper, we discuss how to utilize the co-occurrence of answers in building an automatic question answering system that answers a series of questions on a specific topic in a batch mode. Experiments show that the answers to the many of the questions in the series usually have a high degree of co-occurrence in relevant document passages.

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  • The second edition of the New CFO Financial Leadership Manual is designed to give the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) a complete overview of his or her place in the corporation, and to provide strategies for how to handle strategic decisions related to a variety of financial, tax, and information technology issues. Some of the questions that Chapters 1 through 4 answer include: What should I do during my first days on the job? What are my specific responsibilities? How do I reduce my foreign currency exposure? How do I increase the company’s return on assets?...

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  • One mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way, and Mr. Friedman certainly succeeds in that goal," the Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz wrote in The New York Times reviewing The World Is Flat in 2005. In this new edition, Thomas L. Friedman includes fresh stories and insights to help us understand the flattening of the world. Weaving new information into his overall thesis, and answering the questions he has been most frequently asked by parents across the country, this third edition also includes two new chapters--on how to be a political...

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  • TOEFL - Listening. Now get ready to answer the questions. Confirm .... TOEFL - Reading Comprehension. 1 of 4. More Available. Questions 1 to 4 ...

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  • You may take notes while you listen. You may use your notes to help you answer the questions. Your notes will not be scored. In some questions, you will see this icon. This means that you will hear, but not see, part of the question.

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  • The questions typically ask about the main idea and supporting details. Some questions ask about a speaker's purpose or attitude. Answer the questions based on what is stated or implied by the speakers.

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  • This book will work well in combination with almost any basic grammar and usage text. You will probably find it most helpful to give students a brief lesson in the particular operation they'll be learning—capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, sentence structure, style—and then have them spend the remainder of the session actually answering the questions in the sets.

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  • TOEFL Practice Online can help you become familiar with the tools available in the TOEFL iBT and what it is like to answer the questions under timed conditions. This Official Guide will help you understand language skills you will need to succeed on the test and in the classroom.

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  • Then you uuilf wrile a response to a question thai asks you aboui the relationship ths lecture you heard and the reading passage. Try to answer the question at completely as possible usrng information from the reading passage and the lecture.

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  • By mastering the skill of active reading, you'll be able to not only find the most important informa¬tion in a passage but also effectively answer the questions that follow. After all, you get no points on the TOEFL for simpJy rending the passages; you get points only for answering the questions.

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  • The question doss not ask you to express your persona) opinion. Vou wiff be able lo see the reading passage again v/hen it is time lor you to write You may use your notes to help you answer the question. You will have 20 minutes to wrlle your response.

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  • Opinion Question Answering (Opinion QA), which aims to find the authors’ sentimental opinions on a specific target, is more challenging than traditional factbased question answering problems. To extract the opinion oriented answers, we need to consider both topic relevance and opinion sentiment issues. Current solutions to this problem are mostly ad-hoc combinations of question topic information and opinion information.

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  • This paper presents a language-independent probabilistic answer ranking framework for question answering. The framework estimates the probability of an individual answer candidate given the degree of answer relevance and the amount of supporting evidence provided in the set of answer candidates for the question. Our approach was evaluated by comparing the candidate answer sets generated by Chinese and Japanese answer extractors with the re-ranked answer sets produced by the answer ranking framework. ...

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  • Choose ONE of the words or phrases given in the box to fill in the blank of each of the following sentences garlic to your diet! 16. What did the diet of the ancient Greeks mainly include? 17. Does beef have more fat than chicken? 18. Which countries do these foods: Aioli and tzatziki come from? 19. What do they all have in common? 20. According to the passage, what should we eat more often in order to reduce the risk of heart attack? 3. Read the passage and answer the questions below it A key word in the modern American vocabulary is “stress”. Stress is the...

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  • IELTS Listening has four sections, each with 10 items (or questions). Each item is worth one mark. The items are designed so that the answers appear in order in the listening passage. During the test, time is given for candidates to read the questions and write down and check their answers. Answers are written on the Question Paper as candidates listen. When the tape ends, ten minutes are allowed for candidates to transfer their answers onto an Answer Sheet.

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