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  • Ebook "Infrared spectroscopy of minerals and related compounds" provides an overview of the application of IR spectroscopy in mineralogical investigations, as well as modern trends in the IR spectroscopy of minerals. It includes the most important methodological aspects; characteristic IR bands of different chemical groups and coordination polyhedra; application of IR spectroscopy to the investigation of the crystal chemistry of amphiboles, phyllosilicates, tourmalines etc.;...

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  • Ebook "Calcium stable isotope geochemistry (Advances in isotope geochemistry series)" provides an overview of the fundamentals and reference values for Ca stable isotope research, as well as current analytical methodologies including detailed instructions for sample preparation and isotope analysis. As such, it introduces readers to the different fields of application, including low-temperature mineral precipitation and biomineralisation, Earth surface processes and global cycling, high-temperature processes and cosmochemistry, and lastly human studies and biomedical applications.

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  • Ebook "Medical geochemistry: Geological materials and health" includes a collection of chapters illustrating the application of geochemical methods to investigate the interactions between geological materials and fluids with humans. Examples include the incorporation and human health effects of inhaling lithogenic materials, the reactivity of biological fluids with geological materials, and the impact on nascent biomineral formation.

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  • Ebook Content delivery networks - Web switching for security, availability and speed: Part 2 includes content: Chapter 7 internet structure and function; chapter 8 web servers, cookies, and web caches; chapter 9 server load balancing; chapter 10 VRRP and HSRP; chapter 11 global server load balancing; chapter 12 content networking and security; chapter 13 application redirection; chapter 14 bandwidth management.

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  • There is an invisible elephant in this book: your application. And, it sits at the center of every topic we touch in each chapter we present. This book is for systems architects who are interested in building security into their applications. The book is designed to be useful to architects in three ways: as an introduction to security architecture, as a handbook on security issues for architecture review, and as a catalog of designs to look for within a security product.

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  • Ebook Asterisk the future of telephony (2nd edition): Part 2 includes content: Chapter 10: asterisk manager interface (AMI) and adhearsion, chapter 11: the asterisk GUI framework, chapter 12: relational database integration, chapter 13: managing your asterisk system, chapter 14: potpourri, chapter 15: asterisk: the future of telephony, appendix a: VoIP channels, appendix b: application reference, appendix c: AGI reference, appendix d: configuration files, appendix e: asterisk dialplan functions, appendix f: asterisk manager interface actions, appendix g: an example of func_odbc.

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  • Ebook AVVID & IP Telephony: Design & Implementation - Part 2 includes content: Chapter 6 DSPs explained, chapter 7 AVVID applications, chapter 8 advanced QoS for AVVID environments, chapter 9 AVVID dial plans, chapter 10 designing and implementing single site solutions, chapter 11 designing and implementing multisite solutions.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Mission-critical network planning" includes content: software application continuity; storage continuity; continuity facilities; network management for continuity; using recovery sites; continuity testing; carrier/service provider agreements;...

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  • Ebook Data Networks, IP and the Internet: Protocols, Design and Operation - Part 2 includes content: Chapter 9 managing the network; chapter 10 data networking and internet applications; chapter 11 the worldwide web (www); chapter 12 electronic mail (email); chapter 13 data network security; chapter 14 quality of service (QOS), network performance and optimisation; chapter 15 challenges ahead for IP.

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  • Rapidly and efficiently identifying critically ill infants for whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a costly and challenging task currently performed by scarce, highly trained experts and is a major bottleneck for application of WGS in the NICU. There is a dire need for automated means to prioritize patients for WGS.

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  • Advances in clinical genetic testing, including the introduction of exome sequencing, have uncovered the molecular etiology for many rare and previously unsolved genetic disorders, yet more than half of individuals with a suspected genetic disorder remain unsolved after complete clinical evaluation.

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  • Ebook "Mesenchymal stromal cells: Biology and clinical applications" have also been subject to controversy and increasing scrutiny as new mechanisms of action are reported and ever-expanding therapeutic applications pursued. In this book, leading authorities from all over the world, who are actively involved in this field, provide state-of-the-art knowledge of the basic biology, translational requirements and latest clinical experience with MSCs.

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  • Polygenic scores (PGS) can be used for risk stratification by quantifying individuals’ genetic predisposition to disease, and many potentially clinically useful applications have been proposed. Here, we review the latest potential benefits of PGS in the clinic and challenges to implementation.

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  • Ebook "Nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Keys for translational medicine and biology" intends to contribute to “translational medicine and biology”. By this, we mean a bi-directional process whose aim is to develop knowledge from basic science towards diagnostic and therapeutic applications and reciprocally to raise new questions for basic scientists. One general requirement for translational research is to establish a multidisciplinary knowledge base shared by the actors of various specialties.

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  • Ebook "Full-3D seismic waveform inversion: Theory, software and practice" introduces a methodology for solving the seismic inverse problem using purely numerical solutions built on 3D wave equations and which is free of the approximations or simplifications that are common in classical seismic inversion methodologies and therefore applicable to arbitrary 3D geological media and seismic source models. Source codes provided allow readers to experiment with the calculations demonstrated and also explore their own applications.

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  • Ebook "Digenetic trematodes (Advances in experimental medicine and biology, Volume 766)" is to present the major trematodes and their corresponding diseases in the framework of modern parasitology, considering matters such as the application of novel techniques and analysis of data in the context of host-parasite interactions and to show applications of new techniques and concepts for the studies on digenetic trematodes.

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  • Ebook "New advanced GNSS and 3D spatial techniques: Applications to civil and environmental engineering, geophysics, architecture, archeology and cultural heritage" provides the latest research on and applications of advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and 3D spatial techniques in the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geophysics, Architecture, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. It offers an updated reference guide on the above-mentioned topics for undergraduate and graduate students, PhDs, researchers, professionals and practitioners alike.

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  • Ebook "Advances and applications through fungal nanobiotechnology" has emerged as one of the key technologies, and an eco-friendly, as a source of food and harnessed to ferment and preserve foods and beverages, as well as applications in human health (antibiotics, anti-cholesterol statins, and immunosuppressive agents), while industry has used fungi for large-scale production of enzymes, acids, biosurfactants, and to manage fungal disease in crops and pest control.

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  • Ebook "Application of computational intelligence to biology" is a contribution of translational and allied research to the proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing. It explains how various computational intelligence techniques can be applied to investigate various biological problems. It is a good read for Research Scholars, Engineers, Medical Doctors and Bioinformatics researchers.

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  • Ebook "Model-based geostatistics (Springer series in statistics)" have written an expository text, emphasizing statistical methods and applications rather than the underlying mathematical theory. Analyses of datasets from a range of scientific contexts feature prominently, and simulations are used to illustrate theoretical results. Readers can reproduce most of the computational results in the book by using the authors' R-based software package, geoR, whose usage is illustrated in a computation section at the end of each chapter.

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