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  • This article aims at analyzing factors that influence on consumers’ behavioral intentions to reduce plastic waste. As an application of TPB, this research was conducted to find the relationship between environmental knowledge, attitude, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control with behavioral intentions. The authors used questionnaires from 726 consumers in Hanoi, Vietnam, the authors used SPSS version 20.

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  • The research aims to find out the factors influencing teachers’ behavioral intention and usage behavior of information technology (IT) in lectures based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) with structural equation modeling (SEM) supported by AMOS 20 software.

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  • This study begins with the desire to better understand the construction of university reputation. The framework of university reputation and student behavioral intention is formed by the relationship between student trust, student identity, and student commitment. Vietnam's higher education sector plays an essential role in education; this sector has been encountering various problems, and university reputation is a key pillar in educational management theory.

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  • This study limits research on the university reputation and its related factors to the perceptions of university graduates in Vietnam. The components considered in the model include social contributions, leadership, environments, student guidance, funding, research and development, student trust, student identity, student commitment, university reputation and behavioral intention of learners.

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  • The study explores the case of express bus companies in Tay Ninh province, Vietnam. By using the structural equation model approach to analyze the data collected from 295 passengers, who have experience in using the express bus, the results reveal that service quality has a significantly positive relationship with both perceived value and corporate image. Specifically, customer satisfaction and organizational image also positively influence behavioral intention.

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  • This study investigates the mechanism by which customers’ affective and cognitive states drive their behavioural intentions towards upscale restaurants. With stimulus-organism-response (SOR) theory as a backbone, two competing mediation scenarios; one-step versus two-step mediation are examined. A dataset of 425 conveniently selected valid responses was used to test the models. Structural equation modelling shows that customer behavioural intentions were better explained by a cognitive-affective mediated model than by one-step mediated model.

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  • The results of Structural equation modeling (SEM) indicate that Perceived financial cost, Perceived risk and Subjective norm are the most influencing factors that affect people’s behavioral intention to adopt (or continue to use) mobile banking. Findings of this study have greater significance for the mobile banking service providers and policy makers of Bangladesh to design mobile banking services in such a way so that access and usage of this service can be increased which ultimately will have a positive impact on the country’s financial inclusion campaign.

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  • Credibility has been argued to enable firms to enhance their relationships with their respective customers and would lead to higher satisfaction and commitment among customers and make them stay with the current brand. By analyzing 147 data from telecommunication service users in Iran using SEM, this study found 1) brand credibility is positively related to satisfaction, loyalty commitment, and continuance commitment; and 2) higher satisfaction and commitment would lead to lower switching propensity among customers.

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  • This study is employed with the objective of exploring how Cambodian user behavior intention is affected by perceived transaction convenience, perceived transaction speed, social influences, and facilitating condition.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "consumer behavior & marketing strategy" has contents: introduction to consumer behavior and marketing strategy, a framework for consumer analysis, introduction to affect and cognition, consumers' product knowledge and involvement, attention and comprehension, attitudes and intentions, consumer decision making.

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  • Research purposes: On the one hand, the research investigates the consumer behavior model, and the external and internal factors of the consumer’s “black box” that have impacts on the consumer’s behavioral intentions towards mobile services. On the other hand, based on theresults of the investigation of the Vietnamese consumer behaviors, the research provides an analysis of the orientation of the marketing mix employed by the Vietnamese mobile enterprises over the past time and proposes a new orientation to these enterprises for thecoming time.

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  • Materialism and green purchase intention: A study of urban Vietnamese consumers. This study focuses on examining the impact of three components of materialism on green purchase intention for urban consumers in Vietnam, an emerging economy. An extended Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is applied as the conceptual framework for this study.

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  • this paper is conducted in order to evaluate the factors influencing the intention to use fb of generation y (gen y). basing on the technology acceptance model - tam (davis, 1989), our research model is recommended with five factors directly or indirectly affecting the intention to use fb of gen y.

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  • The thesis aims to build a legal framework that affects the behavior of viewing ads on social networks in Vietnam, in which the focus is more focused and the conditions that help convert attitudes into intentions. Advertising on social networks.

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  • Scientific realism has been advanced as an interpretation of the natural sciences but never the behavioral sciences. This exciting book introduces a novel version of scientific realism--Measured Realism--that characterizes the kind of theoretical progress in the social and psychological sciences that is uneven but indisputable. Trout proposes a theory of measurement--Population-Guided Estimation--that connects natural, psychological, and social scientific inquiry.

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  • Walnut trees shade the streets of Davis, California. They also provide food for the crows that roost near Davis. Crows crack walnuts by dropping them from heights of 5–10 meters or more onto sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. Occasionally they drop walnuts in front of approaching cars, as if using the cars to crush the nuts for them. Do crows intentionally use cars as nutcrackers? Some of the citizens of Davis, as well as some professional biologists (Maple 1974, in Cristol et al.

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  • Applied TPB model to study the intention of returning tourists in Jinju, South Korea can be affected by interventions that produce change in attitudes, subjective norms, and perceptions of behavioral control; and that past travel choice contributes to the prediction of later behavior only if circumstances remain relatively stable.

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  • Drawing on the theory of planned behavior in entrepreneurship, the research proposes a model linking educational determinants, perceived entrepreneurial behavior control and entrepreneurial intentions. The model was tested with a sample of 163 students at the National Economics University.

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  • The study was conducted in a peri-commune of Ha Noi, Le Chi Commune in order provide useful information for understanding better farmers waste treatment intention. Through applying behavioral approach, study had interviewed 85 households to obtain necessary information for correlation models.

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  • The purpose of this study is to discuss and test the direct and moderating effects of attitudes, social norms, perceived behavioral control (PBC), past behavior, and habit strength in explaining Vietnamese consumers’ intention to consume fish.

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