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  • A special feature of the Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration is the fact that it combines studies of Business Administration and Economics. It thus offers a broad academic basis as well as the necessary foundation for the continuation of studies in the various master programs. The Bachelor Program stretches over six semesters. The scope of studies covers both economics and business administration in their breadth and interconnections. We advise students to avoid selecting a narrowed academic concentration too soon.

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  • The 20 learning weeks are organized in distinct modules that each focus on a specific aspect and / or level of Business Engineering or underlying disciplines, respectively. Initially, the entire program was developed independently from other Executive MBA programs and comprised one four-week and 14 one-week modules. Since selected modules of the Executive MBA in Business Engineering are identical with modules of other Executive MBA programs, a program structure comprising ‘general’ and ‘spe- cific’ modules was adopted.

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  • Summarizing the offers made, we are proud to say that not only is the university one of the biggest training schools for business administration and engineering, but it also is one of the most re- spected, as shown by recent rankings. The university ranking system developed by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) places our department in the top group with regard to reputation of professors, laboratory equipment and study conditions.

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  • Given the employability objective that was highlighted by the «Bologna Declaration», the Spanish Accounting and Business Administration Association (AECA) (2) promoted a study about higher education in ‘Business Administration’ (García and Vico 2004) that analysed to what extent the different subjects of the degree are well adapted to the demands of the labour market.

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  • What we have detailed in this section, in terms of modules, areas and subjects, is not a drastic change from the previous system, although perhaps, it is slightly better structured and links better with the demands of the labour market. However, what would represent a vast improvements is the focus on competences if we manage to pass on not just facts to the students, but also knowledge, and particularly know-how that not only relates specifi cally to ‘Business Administration’, but that can, more generally, be transferred to any fi eld of knowledge....

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  • We have discussed the existence of a diversity of undergraduate degrees in the area under analysis. However, the most well-known and generalised across Spanish universities is the degree in «Business Administration». This last degree will consists of fi ve modules: basic knowledge, quantitative methods, economic analysis and business environment, business administration and professional profi les. We have also discussed the areas that integrate each of the modules, and, as an example, we have shown the subjects that compose one of the areas.

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  • Business leaders can no longer afford to continue doing business without the critical skills necessary for success. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is intended to strengthen the fundamentals of business, emphasizing practical skills important to the "real world" of corporate and business administration in a manner that is applicable to the regional and business challenges of the participant. In an increasingly competitive global environment, organizations need to develop managers capable of dealing with complexity and change.

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  • The Master of Science is not the same as the Master of Advanced Studies The new consecutive Master’s degree counts as a second level of higher educa- tion and should not be confused with the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) or an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree. Both the MAS and the EMBA are professional development programmes that require students to have several years of practical experience. The consecutive Master’s degree, however, demands a higher workload and features more stringent academic requirements....

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  • Against this previously explained background of European developments and full adoption in Spain, different initiatives were started in several university and professional sectors of the country to study the existing situation, aiming at building knowledge that will permit undertaking the reform in the best possible way. Some of these initiatives refer specifi cally to ‘Business Administration’ studies. We refer to them in this section. In the next section we will review the specifi c actions already underway in Spanish Universities. ...

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  • Academic and practical orientation Any attempt to harmonize an academic and a practical orientation might seem contradictory at first. However, Lucerne School of Business is committed to aligning these two approaches as follows: Students develop competencies by completing academic work, participating in practical research projects, and writing a Master’s thesis on a particular topic relevant to an applied field. With regard to research projects, they collaborate closely with industry partners.

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  • An entrepreneur is one who manages, organizes, and assumes the risk of a business. The entrepreneur starts a business because of a plan or idea that he or she believes will work. The Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy defines a small business as one that is independently owned, is locally operated, is not dominant in its field of operation, grosses less than $3 million annually, and has fewer than 500 employees.

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  • Documentation for the language of business marketing rest of the artwork for the company money and time to market research to explore the market demand, consumers from products that provide consistent service pack, steamed more leads

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  • Each group member should document their activities. This is important as human memory is shaky at best and it is likely that each team member will be required to recall details of their activity. There is nothing more frustrating to a manager than to hear an employee say, "I can't remember what I did." If one can't remember, how can the team trust that what they did was correct? Documentation is the responsibility of the team members and will often be a saving grace for them. It is likely that surprises and conflicts may occur during the course of the...

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  • Small businesses’ share of private-sector employment is a constant shuffle of employer-employee matches. Some employees may even consider the size of the firm in their decision to accept an employment offer or to jump ship. But even though economists may think in terms of individuals choosing to work for small or large firms, it’s more likely that workers choose an occupation and then a job that an employer offers. Some occupations are in greater supply in small firms than large firms. For instance, someone choosing to be a dental hygienist would tend to work for a small...

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  • Many studies have shown that a good way to improve customer retention is to sell more products to the same custo- mers, i.e. extend the portfolio of products or services bought from a given supplier. Of course, given a specific custo- mer profile, companies would like to know what is the next most-likely product or service a customer is going to buy. In analytical CRM, we build cross-sell/up-sell models, also known as NPTB (next product to buy) models. These enable marketing analysts to target customers with the most appropriate product.

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  • Our labor market is getting big things from big swings. Establishments with quarterly employment swings of 20 or more employees have consistently been the net employment driver over time. From 1992 to the beginning of 2009, establishments with employment changes of 20 or more accounted for 57 percent of the net employment change. Businesses with small employment changes (1-4) accounted for 14 percent of total employment change (see Figure 5).

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  • The advent of the Internet, digital connectivity, the explosion and use of e -commerce and e- business models in the private sector are pressuring the public sector to rethink hierarchical, bureaucratic organizational models. Customers, citizens and businesses are faced every day with new innovative e -business and e -commerce models implemented by the private sector and made possible by ICT tools and applications, are requiring the same from governmental organizations.

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  • The private sector consists of small businesses and large businesses. And the government often defines small as firms with fewer than 500 employees. 4 Using this definition, one-half of the private sector is populated by small businesses and the other half by large businesses. Or, put another way, in 2006, 60 million people were employed by smalls, and 60 million by large.

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  • The study undertaken by AECA starts by researching into i) the existing higher education degrees offered by Spanish universities, and ii) the jobs demanded and advertised by Spa- nish fi rms. Using this information, the study analyzes how well the content of the studies of the degree in «Business Administration» respond to the demands of the labour market. Based on this analysis, the study proposes new curricula that would be better adapted to the requests of the labour market, considering also the specifi c, generic and transferable competences of the degree....

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