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  • Whether or not investing in SRI funds carries a price in terms of a reduced financial performance is an essential question for those investors who are concerned about the ethical consequences of their investments and, at the same time, want to obtain an adequate financial return from those investments. Previous research on socially responsible investment (SRI) mutual funds has, thus, focused on comparing the financial performance of SRI and conventional funds. In this paper, we make four main contributions to the debate on the financial performance of SRI funds.

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  • As can be seen from this table, measures on SEF compliment other measures and could amplify their impact too. The impact of the various measures together is likely to be stronger than their impact individual. Notably, measures by the EIF to provide seed finance via fund of fund structures to funds targeting social business could strongly complement steps to create a EU framework for such funds, by increasing investments into such funds.

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  • Many of the core functions of audit committees set out in this guidance are expressed in terms of ‘oversight’, ‘assessment’ and ‘review’ of a particular function. It is not the duty of audit committees to carry out functions that properly belong to others, such as the company’s management in the preparation of the financial statements or the auditors in the planning or conducting of audits. To do so could undermine the responsibility of management and auditors.

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  • The contributions brought by our approach are threefold. First, we account for luck by measuring the proportion of lucky funds at different significant levels. Second, we examine how the F DR varies as the significant level rises. This indicates whether funds with genuine differential performance are concentrated or more dispersed in the tails of the cross-sectional alpha distribution. Third, we provide explicit estimates of the proportion of funds in the population which have truly positive and negative alphas (as opposed to significant only)....

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  • In a more challenging, mature, and increasingly transparent market, this is unlikely to continue to be the case as it is increasingly possible to assembl performance records. Investors are becoming more assertive, and regulations/directives are playing an increasingly important role in the need for disclosure and accountability. The question of how manager performance is rewarded is therefore a key issue for the industry: do performance-related fees, for example, adequately distinguish between risk taking (higher beta) and genuine skill/out-performance (alpha)? ...

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  • The matrices that follow are designed as guidelines to assist readers in setting their own bench- mark requirements for SIEM system testing. While this is a benchmark checklist, readers must remember that benchmarking, itself, is governed by variables specific to each organization. For a real-life example, consider an article in eSecurity Planet, in which Aurora Health in Michigan estimated that they produced 5,000–10,000 EPS, depending upon the time of day. 4 We assume that means during the normal ebb and flow of network traffic.

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  • In language learning, the use of strategies “has been observed to produce a positive effect on student achievement” (Flaitz & Feiten, 1996, pp.211). The term learner strategies refers to “language learning behaviors learners actually engage in to learn and regulate the learning of a second language” (Wenden, 1987, p.6), and also refers to what learners know about the strategies they use and what they know about other aspects of their language learning (Wenden, 1987).

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  • While 23% said social media did give them some ability to monitor what was being said, only 9% said that the ability to measure the frequency of discussion about the organization was a current benefit and only 18% said they were able to identify positive and negative comments. In short, many organizations’ activities seem more focused on “making noise” about their company and products, and less on understanding and participating in the conversations already going on about them on the Web.

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  • Maintaining a close policy dialogue with the partner government is a central feature of both Budgetary Aid and Sector Programmes. The key point being that these aid modalities achieve their objectives by adopting governments’ policies, budget systems and service delivery structures. Consistent dialogue – supported sometimes by external audits and reviews – represents the main vehicle for monitoring the effectiveness of government systems and ensuring that they are continuously improved.

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  • Documents will be filed and controlled in accordance with the project Document Control Plan (Appendix D). All documents will be maintained for the duration of the contract and organized, indexed, and delivered to WSDOT upon Final Owner Acceptance (FOA), as well as within five business days of receipt of a request from WSDOT. Files will be maintained in an organized and controlled manner at the Design-Builder’s project office, and the QO field office.

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  • Witasek's own explanation of what he calls the phantasy- modification is formulated in terms of the Meinongian theory of judgments and assumptions. Every non-modified presentation is bound up with a moment of conviction in the existence of its object (that is with a disposition to make judgments of a certain sort). In a modified presentation this moment is cancelled.

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  • The database community has insulated itself from the information retrieval community, and has largely eschewed dealing with messy data types like time and space (not everyone has, just most of us.) We had our hands full dealing with the “simple stuff” of numbers, strings, and relational operators on them. But, real ap- plications have massive amounts of text data, have temporal prop- erties, and have spatial properties. The DBMS extensibility offered by integrating languages with the DBMS makes it relatively easy to add data types...

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  • The sample topic below is similar to the topic students will be assigned in the Essay Section of the test. The topic is followed by six sample student essays at score points (1-6). Each essay is followed by comments on the scoring. Directions: You will have 45 minutes to plan and write an essay on the topic assigned below. Before you begin writing, read the passage carefully and plan what you will say. Your essay should be as well organized and as carefully written as you can make it. “Advertisers frequently use the testimony of a celebrity to...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Expression-based discovery of candidate ovule development regulators through transcriptional profiling of ovule mutants

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  • River Malewa and River Turasha are the only rivers in the drainage basin. The Malewa River drains off Sattima, its headwaters reaching up to the highest upland valleys. It plunges down the Sattima Escarpment onto the Ol Bolossat plain through a magnificent steep walled gorge, with walls nearly 1,000 feet high, the Malewa ndogo gorge. The river cuts a deep trench across the Ol Bolossat plain passing very close to the south end of the lake and separated from it by a divide of very low relief probably not more than 30 feet. The river turns south and cuts...

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  • The Business Practicum unit will give you invaluable business experience and two credit points towards your degree, for study outside the classroom. You will observe and participate in a range of real world business experiences related to your studies, which is likely to enhance your employability and prospects for promotion. While undertaking the practicum placement, on average two days per week throughout the trimester, you will work with an academic supervisor to provide guidance and help you link your practical work with the academic requirements of the unit.

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  • Scratches and stonechips, although insignificant in terms of physical damage, can greatly detract from the overall looks and the value of almost any car. With a little time and attention to detail most damage of this type can be repaired with the minimum of cost. Check that the damage is confined to the paint/primer layer itself, i.e. there is not a shallow dent beneath the paintwork damage! Smooth out the scratched/chipped area with wet/dry abrasive paper 180 grit, finishing with 320 grit until a level surface is achieved, with a visible "contour" at least 1cm wide showing...

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  • The table in Figure 4 summarizes the models discussed above. These components provide a starting point for our research. In fact, there are too many to test within the scope of this project, so some choices must be made. The main consideration is that some properties, such as complexity, dominance (providing a focal point), and grouping, may lend themselves more easily to the visualization environment than others. A secondary consideration is the techniques for manipulating the chosen properties. Section 3 surveys aesthetic techniques that have been developed in computer graphics....

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  • Secondly, seeking out paid work should always be the choice of women themselves. Policies adopted by conservative government administrations such as workfare, which force social assistance recipients into the workforce, ìÖcreate a source of low-wage and free labour by providing subsidies to the private sector and forcing recipients to volunteer in exchange for assistanceî. 22 These polices are based on a distrust of those living in poverty, and do not empower, but malign people into working for pay.

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  • Within this report, the term “equipment” has been interpreted to mean the main types of equipment used in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. This follows the precedent established in RP 91 (EC (1997b)). It is important to be aware that treatment of the whole installation is outside the scope of this report. Thus, the requirements for an acceptable physical building with shielding that will adequately protect staff, the public and patients, power supplies and ventilation have not been addressed.

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