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  • Project name "Use Case Model" provide a short description of the software being specified and its purpose, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals. Relate the software to corporate goals or business strategies. If a separate vision and scope document is available, refer to it rather than duplicating its contents here.

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  • Chapter 4: Overview of Use-Case-Driven Process: Transform use-case model into analysis model (1/4); Transform use-case model into analysis model (2/4); The analysis model grows incrementally, for each iteration, select a set of use cases

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  • Use case là một khái niệm hữu ích giúp phân tích viên hiểu được hành vi của hệ thống. Nó giúp ta ghi nhận các yêu cầu từ quan điểm người dùng. Nội dung chính trong bài học này: + Biểu diễn một mô hình use case (use case model) + Trực quan hóa mối quan hệ giữa các use case + Tìm hiểu vai trò của các use case diagram trong quá trình phát triển + Tạo và ứng dụng các mô hình use case + Xem xét bức tranh tổng thể của UML...

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  • Ecotoxicological models have been applied increasingly to perform chemical risk assessments since the first models of this kind emerged about 25 years ago. The first ecotoxicological models were applied to very specific cases — for instance, cadmium contamination of Lake Erie or mercury contamination of Mex Bay, Alexandria. The models were inspired by the experience gained in ecological modeling and therefore contained good descriptions of ecological processes. Slightly later, the so-called fate models emerged, which were first developed by McKay and others.

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  • Tập hợp các ký pháp đồ hoạ được sử dụng để mô hình hoá hệ thống hướng đối tượng. UML có 4 biểu đồ cơ bản: Ca sử dụng (Use Case): mô tả tương tác của ứng dụng với môi trường bên ngoài. Biểu đồ lớp (Class Diagram): mô tả cấu trúc của lớp và mối quan hệ giữa các lớp. Biểu đồ trình tự (Sequence Diagram): Mô tả tương tác giữa các lớp theo trình tự thời gian và các thông điệp.

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  • Activity Based Costing Model to Cost Academic Programs and Estimate Costs for Support Services in California Community Colleges In either case, however, we can expect little effect of expansions of Tiebout choice on school efficiency, as in the former even markets with only a few districts can provide market discipline and in the latter no plausible amount of governmental fragmentation will create efficiency-enhancing incentives for school administrators.

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  • Information Systems are the software and hardware systems that support data‐ intensive applications. One of the most critical stages of an Information System development cycle is the System Design stage. During this stage the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and system data are defined and modeled in order to fulfill the respective requirements that the developed Information System should meet. For accomplishing this task a number...

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  • This book demonstrates applications and case studies performed by experts for professionals and students in the field of technology, engineering, materials, decision making management and other industries in which mathematical modelling plays a role. Each chapter discusses an example and these are ranging from well-known standards to novelty applications. Models are developed and analysed in details, authors carefully consider the procedure for constructing a mathematical replacement of phenomenon under consideration. ...

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  • For instance, based on the pure management fee model described above, a fund with a 1.5% management fee and fixed expenses of $600,000 would break even at $40 mil- lion in AUM. By decreasing fixed expenses by $60,000, or 10%, the fund’s breakeven AUM drops by $4 million to $36 million. Stated differently, $15,000 in fixed expenses equates to $1 million in AUM.

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  • INFORMATION SYSTEM QUALITY : AN EXAMINATION OF SERVICE-BASED MODELS AND ALTERNATIVES If both peer group and school effectiveness are important to parents, then, the Tiebout mechanism rewards effective administrators only when there are many districts. Model (3) suggests that in this case the test score gap between high- and low-income schools will tend to be larger in markets with a great deal of interdistrict competition than in those with less Tiebout choice. I test for this in the empirical analysis below....

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  • This paper proposes a novel method for learning probability models of subcategorization preference of verbs. We consider the issues of case dependencies and noun class generalization in a uniform way by employing the maximum entropy modeling method. We also propose a new model selection algorithm which starts from the most general model and gradually examines more specific models.

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  • Mathematical Modeling I – preliminary is designed for undergraduate students. Two other followup books, Mathematical Modeling II – advanced and Mathematical Modeling III – case studies in biology, will be published. II and III will be designed for both graduate students and undergraduate students. All the three books are independent and useful for study and application of mathematical modeling in any discipline.

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  • This emphasis on the spectacular and exotic, consistent with an oppositional or marginal view of the consumer, is often also emphasised in academic writing on counterfeiting. Consumers of counterfeits are often represented through anecdotal narratives which serve as a proxy for deeper understanding of consumer motivations. For example, Lasica (2005) illustrates his work with case studies which potentially confuse everyday users with vanguard consumers.

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  • We study the issue of porting a known NLP method to a language with little existing NLP resources, specifically Hebrew SVM-based chunking. We introduce two SVM-based methods – Model Tampering and Anchored Learning. These allow fine grained analysis of the learned SVM models, which provides guidance to identify errors in the training corpus, distinguish the role and interaction of lexical features and eventually construct a model with ∼10% error reduction.

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  • We present a syntax-based statistical translation model. Our model transforms a source-language parse tree into a target-language string by applying stochastic operations at each node. These operations capture linguistic differences such as word order and case marking. Model parameters are estimated in polynomial time using an EM algorithm. The model produces word alignments that are better than those produced by IBM Model 5. is conditioned only on word classes and positions in the string, and the duplication and translation are conditioned only on the word identity. ...

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  • We provide a general account of parallelism in discourse, and apply it to the special case of resolving possible readings for instances of VP ellipsis. We show how seyeral problematic examples are accounted for in a natural and straightforward fashion. The generality of the approach makes it directly applicable to a variety of other types of ellipsis and reference. 1 The Problem of VP Ellipsis Whereas one might expect there to be as many as six readings for this sentence, Dalrymple et ai. (1991, henceforth DSP) note that it has only five readings; the reading is absent in which...

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  • Most individuals were identified by name, sex and date of birth. However, many Aussiedler change names during the first years of stay in Germany complicating simple identification by name. To minimize this problem the name matching procedure was done phonetically. For some individuals, city of residence was used as an additional variable to ensure correct identification. 43 cases were excluded from the analysis because they were already diagnosed in their country of origin.

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  • This book focuses primarily on speech recognition and the related tasks such as speech enhancement and modeling. This book comprises 3 sections and thirteen chapters written by eminent researchers from USA, Brazil, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, Mexico, Slovakia and India. Section 1 on speech recognition consists of seven chapters. Sections 2 and 3 on speech enhancement and speech modeling have three chapters each respectively to supplement section 1.

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  • In Africa after independence, many countries attempted to ‘modernize’ their agricultural sectors through large-scale farming, providing subsidized credit, machinery, and land. These efforts almost universally failed (Eicher and Baker 1992). One of the largest and most well-documented cases was mechanized large scale sorghum and sesame production in Sudan that originated in attempts by financiers from the Gulf following the 1970s oil price spike, to transform the country into a regional breadbasket.

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  • German case syncretism is often assumed to be the accidental by-product of historical development. This paper contradicts this claim and argues that the evolution of German case is driven by the need to optimize the cognitive effort and memory required for processing and interpretation. This hypothesis is supported by a novel kind of computational experiments that reconstruct and compare attested variations of the German definite article paradigm.

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