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  • Learn the Coding Secrets of Master iPhone Designers and Developers iPhone Cool Projects Gary Bennett | Wolfgang Ante Neil Mix | Steven Peterson | Mike Ash | Benjamin Jackson | Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld ..iPhone Cool Projects DAVE MARK, SERIES EDITOR GARY BENNETT WOLFGANG ANTE MIKE ASH BENJAMIN JACKSON NEIL MIX STEVEN PETERSON MATTHEW “CANIS” ROSENFELD .iPhone Cool Projects Copyright © 2009 by Gary Bennett, Wolfgang Ante, Mike Ash, Benjamin Jackson, Neil Mix, Steven Peterson, Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld All rights reserved.

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  • Most modern programming languages provide support for some type of object that can hold a variable number of elements. These objects are referred to as collections, and they can have elements added and removed with ease without having to worry about proper memory allocation. If you’ve programmed with classic ASP before, you’re probably familiar with the Scripting.Dictionary object, a collection object that references each element with a textual key. A collection that stores objects in this fashion is known as a hash table.

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  • At cats' green on the Sunday he took the message from the inside of the pillar and added Peter Moran's name to the two names already printed there in the "Brontosaur" code. The message now read: “Leviathan to Dragon: Martin Hillman, Trevor Allan, Peter Moran: observe and tail.” What was the good of it John hardly knew. He felt better, he felt that at last he had made an attack on Peter Moran instead of waiting passively and effecting no retaliation. Besides, what was the use of being in possession of the key to the codes if he never took...

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  • (bq) in this new book, justin covers a large range of topics that an enterprising young hacker would need to get off the ground. he includes walkthroughs of how to read and write network packets, how to sniff the network, as well as anything you might need for web application auditing and attacking. he then spends significant time diving into how to write code to address specifics with attacking windows systems.

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  • The prediction model was developed using training data, and validated using independent test data. The data was generated from simulations of the optimized power reactor 1000 (OPR1000) using MAAP4 code. The informative data for training the FNN model was selected using the subtractive clustering method. The prediction performance of the reactor vessel water level was quite satisfactory, but a few large errors were occasionally observed.

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  • A PEAR-ified version of Useful Inc's XML-RPC for PHP. It has support for HTTP/HTTPS transport, proxies and authentication. This release is security related, and solves the recently discovered, and widespread remote-code-execution vulnerability. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

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  • ASP.NET makes application development much easier than it was with classic ASP, and hence it has dramatically improved developers' productivity. ASP.NET enables you to provide richer functionality to your Web applications by writing the least amount of code. The best part is that ASP.NET enables you to select any of the available .NET programming languages. So, unlike classic ASP, in which you had to depend on interpreted VBScript and JScript languages, ASP.NET provides a wide choice of programming languages....

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  • Digital communications is a rapidly advancing applications area. Significant current activities are in the development of mobile communications equipment for personal use, in the expansion of the available bandwidth (and hence information carrying capacity) of the backbone transmission structure through developments in optical fibre, and in the ubiquitous use of networks for data communications.

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  • The extensively revised and updated edition provides a logical and easy-to-follow progression through C++ programming for two of the most popular technologies for artificial intelligence--neural and fuzzy programming. The authors cover theory as well as practical examples, giving programmers a solid foundation as well as working examples with reusable code.

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  • This module explains how to use methods, parameters, and overloaded methods. It also explains that breaking program logic into functional units is good design and makes it easier to reuse code. The module begins with an explanation of what methods are, how they are created, and how they can be called. The module briefly describes private and public access modifiers (which are discussed more fully in later modules). The module concludes with an explanation of method overloading and the rules regarding method signatures....

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  • Threats and Mitigation Conventional Cryptography and Kerberos Public Key Cryptography and SSL Windows Security 101: Basics Windows Security 102: Impersonation and Delegation Code Access Security Part 1, Policy Code Access Security Part 2, Enforcement Securing Web Applications Securing Web Services Securing System.Runtime.Remoting Securing COM+ Dumb Code: avoid writing code with silly security holes

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  • Các HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) là một giao thức ứng dụng cấp cho phân phối, hợp tác, hệ thống thông tin hypermedia. Nó là một giao thức chung chung không quốc tịch có thể được sử dụng cho nhiều nhiệm vụ (ví dụ, máy chủ tên đối tượng và phân phối hệ thống quản lý) ngoài việc sử dụng nó cho các siêu văn bản thông qua phần mở rộng của các phương pháp theo yêu cầu của nó, các mã lỗi, và phần đầu...

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  • This best-selling, easy to read book offers the most complete discussion on the theories and principles behind today's most advanced communications systems. Throughout, Haykin emphasizes the statistical underpinnings of communication theory in a complete and detailed manner. Readers are guided though topics ranging from pulse modulation and passband digital transmission to random processes and error-control coding. The fifth edition has also been revised to include an extensive treatment of digital communications....

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  • I gave them as good a brain dump as I could on each topic. They sat raptly and asked intelligent follow-up questions. These were smart kids, mind you: usually top computer science graduates and plenty of experienced programmers. But for all their coding skills, they didn’t really know the first thing about making a business successful. Which is OK. They’ll learn. It’s not that hard. The hardest part is realizing that even though you’re making an Internet company, writing the code and getting it to work is only a small part of the effort, and not necessarily the most critical one.

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  • Exploiting Softwareis loaded with examples of real attacks, attack patterns, tools, and techniques used by bad guys to break software. If you want to protect your software from attack, you must first learn how real attacks are really carried out.

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  • This book explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of IS-95 CDMA systems. You will discover why mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich 2nd generation system. You will also discover how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multimedia systems. This book starts with the system components and basic services that the IS-95 CDMA system can provide.

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  • No programmer, no matter how good (s)he is, writes bug−free code all the time. And so, most programming languages come with built−in capabilities to catch errors and take remedial action. This action could be something as simple as displaying an error message, or as complex as heating your computer's innards until they burst into flame (just kidding!) Over the next couple of pages, we're going to look at some of the error−management techniques available in JSP, and also demonstrate some of the JSP directives used to integrate standalone JavaBeans into your JSP scripts....

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  • Một trong những điều tốt nhất về cách sử dụng Mozilla như là một khuôn khổ phát triển ứng dụng là bạn không cần phải tham gia bằng nguồn Mozilla code để tạo ra một ứng dụng Mozilla. Một Mozilla nhị phân đơn giản mà bạn tải về và cài đặt là nền tảng phát triển duy nhất mà bạn cần. Bạn có thể tạo và sử dụng hầu hết các thủ tục và các mẫu mô tả trong cuốn sách này với một phiên bản biên dịch sẵn của trình duyệt. ...

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  • Ever since Sun Microsystems (aka "the dot in dot−com") came up with Java, the geeks have been screaming themselves hoarse about the wonders of this technology. Terms like "platform−independent code" and "write once, run anywhere" have been given so much airplay that even novice Java developers are aware of them, and the language is also popular with talk−show pundits and Internet consultants, who tout it as the solution to almost all problems of cross−platform compatibility.

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  • The Developer exam is challenging. There are a lot of complex design issues to consider, and a host of advanced Java technologies to understand and implement correctly. The exam assessors work under very strict guidelines. You can create the most brilliant application ever to grace a JVM, but if you don’t cross your t’s and dot your i’s the assessors have no choice but to deduct crucial (and sometimes substantial) points from your project.

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