Cyclic homology

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  • We prove a blow-up formula for cyclic homology which we use to show that infinitesimal K-theory satisfies cdh-descent. Combining that result with some computations of the cdh-cohomology of the sheaf of regular functions, we verify a conjecture of Weibel predicting the vanishing of algebraic K-theory of a scheme in degrees less than minus the dimension of the scheme, for schemes essentially of finite type over a field of characteristic zero. Introduction The negative algebraic K-theory of a singular variety is related to its geometry. ...

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  • In this article we study several homology theories of the algebra E ∞ (X) of Whitney functions over a subanalytic set X ⊂ Rn with a view towards noncommutative geometry. Using a localization method going back to Teleman we prove a Hochschild-Kostant-Rosenberg type theorem for E ∞ (X), when X is a regular subset of Rn having regularly situated diagonals. This includes the case of subanalytic X. We also compute the Hochschild cohomology of E ∞ (X) for a regular set with regularly situated diagonals and derive the cyclic and periodic cyclic theories. ...

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  • Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), via its guanylyl cyclase A (GC-A) recep-tor and intracellular guanosine 3¢,5¢-cyclic monophosphate production, is critically involved in the regulation of blood pressure. In patients with chronic heart failure, the plasma levels of ANP are increased, but the car-diovascular actions are severely blunted, indicating a receptor or postrecep-tor defect.

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  • Regeneration-induced CNPase homolog (RICH) is an axonal growth-associated protein, which is induced in teleost fish upon optical nerve injury. RICH consists of a highly acidic N-terminal domain, a catalytic domain with 2¢,3¢-cyclic nucleotide 3¢-phosphodiesterase (CNPase) activity and a C-terminal isoprenylation site.

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