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  • World cocoa price has fallen by some 48% over the past three years, with direct impacts on the incomes, health and nutrition of cocoa producers and their family in the two major producing countries: Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, with some 41% and 22% of world output, respectively. The impact of the price drop has been far different in the two countries because of the greater age of plantations, market liberalisation, presence of free agents in the marketing channel, and much greater socio-political instability in one country: Côte d’Ivoire.

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  • Species diversity and abundance of vespid wasps (Vespidae: Hymenoptera) in Cai Kinh, Lang Son province, Vietnam, is examined. A total of 43 species in 22 genera of vespid wasps are recognized in the study area. They are 16 social wasp species belonging to 2 subfamilies, Polistinae (13 species) and Vespinae (3 species), and 27 solitary wasps belonging to the subfamily Eumeninae.

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  • Vital status was known for 77.4% of individuals in the Saarland cohort. Mean follow up time was 8 years. 87% of individuals lost to follow-up were censored on the day of leaving the study area because they moved to another Federal State. Since the Saarland is a relatively small state people are much more likely to move into another state than in the NRW. During the observation period 780 (4.2%) persons died. Cause of death is known for all types of cancer. Between 1990 and 2005, 448 members of the Saarland cohort were diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm (ICD-9: 140-208; except 173)....

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  • The objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of epidemiology, bridging the gap between standard textbooks of epidemiology and publications for specialists with a narrow focus on specific areas. It reviews the key issues, methodological approaches and statistical concepts pertinent to the field for which the reader seeks a detailed overview. It thus serves both as a first orientation for the interested reader and a starting point for an in-depth study of a specific area, as well as a quick reference and a summarizing overview for the expert....

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  • This volume is one of a series of handbooks prepared by Foreign Area Studies (FAS) of The American University, designed to be useful to military and other personnel who need a convenient compilation of basic facts about the social, economic, political, and military institutions and practices of various countries. The emphasis is on objective description of the nation's present society and the kinds of possible or probable changes that might be expected in the future.

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  • The department offers formal training in occupational and environmental health, with particular strength in the areas of the application of biomarkers of exposure, dose, and susceptibility; molecular, occupational, and environmental epidemiology; and occupational and environmental policy and management. Occupational and environmental health faculty members are engaged in a wide range of research projects, primarily in human research studies utilizing epidemiological methods, often with a focus on disease etiology and causal pathways.

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  • This comprehensive business guide features industry-specific chapters and detailed provincial information covering the latest statistics and information on China, illuminating a vast array of business opportunities in the region. In-depth descriptions and analyses of China's business environment—with an update on the development of the western region, comprising 13 administrative regions—and accompany suggestions for ways to tap the huge market potential of the booming northeastern area.

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  • Socioeconomic status, poverty, and race have been found to be correlated with ACSC rates [8-10]. Several studies have examined the associations between ACSCs and demographics using small areas of analysis (typically ZIP code) and have found that ACSCs are higher in lowincome areas and areas with higher concentrations of racial and ethnic minorities [11,12]. The elderly population has not been studied much in this context, because they are thought to be relatively well-insured.

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  • In the area of sport and exercise students and researchers often face important questions. For example, in sport psychology, a student may be interested in examining whether the pre-competitive anxiety levels of a group of athletes can be predicted by a number of psychological variables. In exercise physiology, another student may want to examine the degree to which a particular training programme has improved the aerobic capacity of a group of runners.

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  • The relationship of structure to function has been substantially studied. Over the years, research results in this area of interest have well demonstrated this relationship. While physique essentially encompasses the study of body structure, body size, and body composition, fitness and performance are descriptives of the applied interaction of morphological, muscular, cardiovascular, motor, and metabolic component capacities, abilities, and skills that are developed and acquired through exercise and physical training programs....

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  • Study design & area: This is a descriptive epidemiological study in which HCWs such as doctors, nurses, radiographers, laboratory scientists, laboratory assistants, ward maids and students who were involved in the management of TB patients were screened for pulmonary TB (PTB). The study was carried out at the two designated DOTS centers, the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, a tertiary health care facility and Jericho Chest Hospital (JCH) which serves as a referral secondary health care center. The two health institutions are located within Ibadan metropolis.

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  • We outline a model of generation with revision, focusing on improving textual coherence. We argue that high quality text is more easily produced by iteratively revising and regenerating, as people do, rather than by using an architecturally more complex single pass generator. As a general area of study, the revision process presents interesting problems: Recognition of flaws in text requires a descriptive theory of what constitutes well written prose and a parser which can build a representation in those terms. Improving text requires associating flaws with strategies for improvement.

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  • Most linguistic studies of human-computer communication have focused on the issues of syntax and discourse structure. However, another interesting and important area is the lexical semantics of c o m m a n d languages. The names that users and system designers give the objects and actions of a computer system can greatly affect its usability, a n d the lexical issues involved are as complicated as those in natural languages.

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