Design of control systems

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  • The proposal presents the design of a voltage con-troller for a three-phase inverter. At first, the state-space model of the inverter with uncertainties and system pa-rameters variation taken into account is constructed. The proposed controller combines a feedback component and a disturbance compensator. The first one is accomplished using LQR control law which can be approximated by reinforcement learning algorithm.

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  • This paper presents a designing and implementing circuit of wireless charging of the parking management system based on Radio frequency identification (RFID) technique and STM32F103 as the control kernel. The advantage of digital modulation technique in applied radio signals is used to identify specific targets and read-write relevant data. Communication is established between the parking space reader and the onboard responder.

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  • The basement of a high-rise building is the optimal space for technical systems and parking. However, the construction in narrow urban areas usually has many unstable hazards. In this study, a numerical model has been established and calibrated using the finite element method on Plaxis 2D software that allowed well control of the design and construction processes of the Madison Building basement.

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  • This paper introduces the process of designing a Kalman filter to improve the accuracy of MPU6050 data which is used to determine motion trajectory and position of a solar tracking system. Quality of unfiltered data, filtered data and the simulation, testing results will be detailed in the article.

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  • This paper presents a complete process in designing and manufacturing a marine buoy integrated with a radiation sensor. The radiation detector can measure both dose rate and radiological spectrum. The ORMS also combines multimodal data transmission and various programmed software for data processing, signal transmission, and system control. Therefore, the proposed configuration system has potential application in terms of performance and maintenance.

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  • This study aims to provide energy-efficient and cost-saving designs for buildings by performing the cloud-based building energy simulation. Particularly, the analysis of the impact of changing building parameters on energy consumption and energy cost was performed in this study. Considered building parameters includes building orientation, wall construction, window-to-wall ratio (WWR), lighting efficiency, daylighting and occupancy controls, and, heating ventilation, and air conditioning system.

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  • Our focus in this study is on the design and synthesis of a light-responsive peptide-based nanocarrier in order to develop effective and biocompatible drug delivery systems. The synthesized nanocarrier is basically composed of peptide amphiphiles comprising a micelle forming a Pro-Pro-Pro-Lys-Lys-Lys peptide sequence with an attached anthracene fluorophore. Anthracene containing an inner core of the micelle can serve as a storage site for poorly watersoluble drugs.

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  • This paper presents a new control strategy for grid-connected Z-source inverter which is a part of the residential photovoltaics (PV) system. The control system consists of a DC control loop, which is designed based on the exact linearization method to guarantee that the DC input voltage of the ZSI quickly tracks the reference value which is given by the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm.

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  • This paper presents a design and manufacture of control and monitoring system of heat experimental equipment for high-speed vertical spindle bearing based on PLC, WinCC and Webserver. This experimental device with supervisory control solution allows easy implementation of the test mode and data collection to plan out the appropriate lubrication mode. The system includes motor control and monitoring, observing of sensors, alarm and reporting at local and on site remotely. This solution can be applied to other industrial equipment to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

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  • The blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a control mechanism that limits the diffusion of many substances to the central nervous system (CNS). In this study, we designed an in-vitro 3-dimensional BBB system to obtain a fast and reliable model to mimic drug delivery characteristics of the CNS. A support membrane of polycaprolactone nanofiber surfaces was prepared using electrospinning. After confirming the fiber morphology and size, endothelial cells (HUVEC) and glial cells were cultured on either side of this membrane.

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  • A human centered design approach, based on cognitive task analysis methods, was used to observe the operators training on the nuclear power plant simulator of the Human System Interface Laboratory (LABIHS). A new prototype of the interface including graphics, alarms and digital procedures was designed as an alternative to the current hardcopy procedure manuals. This paper will evaluate the prototype based on human-computer interaction evaluation techniques and suggest improvement in a stimulating emergency.

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  • Lecture Software Engineering - Chapter 15: Real-time software design, objectives: To explain the concept of a real-time system and why these systems are usually implemented as concurrent processes; To describe a design process for real-time systems; To explain the role of a real-time operating system; To introduce generic process architectures for monitoring and control and data acquisition systems.

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  • This paper proposes a servo controller design and fault detection algorithm for speed control of conveyor system (CS). Firstly, modeling for a CS is described. Secondly, the robust servo controller based on polynomial differential operator is applied to track the trapezoidal velocity profile reference input. Thirdly, a fault detection algorithm based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is proposed.

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  • This paper proposes an effective controller for grid connected wind turbine based permanent magnet synchronous machine for improving unbalanced voltages. In this paper, we proposed a comparative analysis under different controllers like PI and Fuzzy Controller to PMSG system. A control structure is designed based on the positive sequence reference signals.

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  • The ARM controller sends the data to the Personal Computer through the serial port and software is developed to calculate enthalpy values. A comparison of the results obtained with the literature data showed good agreement. The designed system can be used as an alternative for the measuring heats of mixing of binary liquid mixtures. The paper deals with the design aspects both hardware and software features of the system.

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  • This paper presents build a finite time observator (FTO) and applies it to the Almega 16 robot motion system. The main content of the article is to design a FTO so that the observation of the external noise of the Almega 16 robot motion system will converge to the desired true value over a period of time. finite, is done by estimating the external noise quantities and then feeding them into the available Robot controller.

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  • In this paper, a control algorithm for controlling the position of the EHA is designed. In this controller structure, the system uncertainties are lumped into two unknown time-varying functions. The boundary of one of the unknown functions is not available. An approximate technique is used to express the unknown function as a finite combination of basis function.

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  • This paper presents model predictive current control of a grid-connected two-level voltage-source three-phase inverter for a photovoltaic(PV) system. The output of a solar array is fed to a DC-DC boost converter to make a DC link voltage that is fed to theinverter. In this PVsystem, the theory of model predictive control (MPC) is applied to design an effective controller for the grid-connected currents.

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  • In the mechanisms and machines operating at high speeds, the elastic vibration of links is inevitable. In this paper the dynamic modeling and controller design for a flexible four-bar mechanism are studied. The fully coupled non-linear equations of motion are obtained by using the Lagrange’s equations with multipliers for constrained multibody systems. The resulting differential-algebraic equations are solved using numerical methods. A simple PD controller is designed to reduce the influence of the elastic link on the desired motion.

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  • Knowledge of the natural and potential variation in the tolerance of natural enemies to pesticides may improve the design of robust IPM strategies by extending the role of biological control in some agricultural systems and by increasing the number of available compounds to control diseases and key, secondary, and invasive pests. There are a number of excellent revisions on pesticide resistance in natural enemies.

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