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  • The book deals with several aspects of soil erosion, focusing on its connection with the agricultural world. Chapters' topics are various, ranging from irrigation practices to soil nutrient, land use changes or tillage methodologies. The book is subdivided into fourteen chapters, sorted in four sections, grouping different facets of the topic: introductive case studies, erosion management in vineyards, soil erosion issue in dry environments, and erosion control practices.

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  • Soil erosion affects a large part of the Earth surface, and it represents one of the most relevant environmental problems worldwide. Intense land degradation processes that destroyed civilizations in the past are still going on at present. Accelerated soil erosion is one of the main soil threats, as the natural balance between soil formation and loss may be seriously compromised, leading to desertification and permanent loss of fertility and protective function. Soil erosion is not only related to agricultural activities and farming practices, but also to land management in general....

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  • Soil erosion is a hazard traditionally associated with agriculture in tropical and semi-arid areas and is important for its long-term effects on soil productivity and sustainable agriculture. It is, however, a problem of wider significance occurring additionally on land devoted to forestry, transport and recreation. Erosion also leads to environmental damage through sedimentation, pollution and increased flooding. The costs associated with the movement and deposition of sediment in the landscape frequently outweigh those arising from the long-term loss of soil in eroding fields.

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  • Soil loss for erosion is a natural phenomenon in soil dynamics, influenced by climate, soil intrinsic properties, and morphology, that can both trigger and enhance the process. Anthropic activities, like inappropriate agricultural practices, deforestation, overgrazing, forest fires and construction activities, may exert a remarkable impact on erosion processes or, on the other hand, contribute to soil erosion mitigation through a sustainable management of natural resources.

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  • Toe erosion, especially in stormy conditions, is one of the common mechanism causing the failure and instability of the sea dikes and revetments. The erosion intensity becomes more serious at the beaches which is under the impacts of typhoons. Reliable forecasts about the intensity of toe erosion of sea dikes in stormy conditions have important ecnomomic and technical meaning in the design and construction of sea dikes.

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  • Haiphong is a major industrial and port city in Vietnam. It plays an important role in the coastal shipping routes in the northern part of Vietnam. In recent years, the eposition and erosion of the coastal zone of Haiphong has increased in terms of intensity and scale, which has seriously influenced the socialeconomic activities of the area.

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  • In the paper, the primarily results of the above mentioned simulations (as waves, currents, sediments transports and bottom - coastal lines evolution) has been shown. Based on the obtained results, there is a strong correlation between the protrusion magnitude and the southward moving of the erosion areas.

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  • The main objective of this study is to assess and simulate impacts of climate change on erosion and water flow in the basin. Using a GIS database and Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model, the water flow and soil loss were assessed with data in period 1980-1999 called the based period, then simulated until 2100 considering the medium emission scenario (B2).

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  • Phu Quoc Island locates in Gulf of Thailand, Southern Vietnam. Several years ago, due to the effect of climate change and the development of beach tourism, beach erosion in the Western beach occurred seriously.

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  • Rainfall erosivity of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) is influenced by the type, amount, and intensity of storm. In this research, rainfall data from 18 recording rain gauge stations were collected and analyzed.

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  • The rainfall erosivity index is one of the most important factors influencing soil erosion. For this reason, investigating the accuracy of rainfall erosivity indices is very important in different climatic regions. The objective of this research was to investigate different rainfall erosivity factors and determine the most appropriate ones for use in the central and northeastern parts of Iran.

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  • Significant errors when sampling from collection tanks installed at the lower end of soil erosion plots may lead researchers toward wrong conclusions. Limited research has been found on sampling accuracy. In this study, a cylindrical sampler is introduced as a new sampling device and its sampling accuracy is investigated and compared with 2 other manual methods, namely bottle and pipette.

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  • In this research, the applicability of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) techniques was tested to assess soil erosion risk with the ICONA erosion model. This study was carried out in the Ankara-Beypazari area because of its variety of diverse landforms, land uses and land covers.

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  • Studies of clay mineralogy and related chemical composition are rarely connected with implications for soil management in the field. However, this study attempts to manifest the practical utilization of analytical data for determining the susceptibility to soil erosion.

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  • The main objective of this study was to determine the soil erosion risk in Gölbafli Environmental Protection Area and its vicinity using the CORINE model. The model consists of 6 steps, each of which using different overlaying combinations of soil texture, depth, stoniness, climatic data, land use and land cover information.

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  • Soil erosion is one of the major threats to the conservation of soil and water resources in the semi-arid and arid regions of Turkey. Therefore, there is a need to accurately assess soil erosion and accordingly determine the specific control activities adaptable to these conditions.

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  • The Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model and the Agricultural Non-Point-Source Pollution Model (AGNPS) were used in conjunction with a geographic information system (GIS) database to predict runoff and sediment discharges for Rock Creek watershed, an agricultural watershed in Ohio, USA.

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  • Agrodok 11 Erosion control in the tropics Hil Kuypers Anne Mollema Egger Topper Agromisa Foundation, Wageningen, 2005. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by print, photocopy, microfilm or any other means, without written permission from the publisher.

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  • 2 How to recognize erosion The previous chapter explained how erosion can impede development of large areas and even whole countries. Now an attempt will be made to illustrate the ways in which a farmer is confronted with the physical characteristics of erosion in the daily work.

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  • The papers in this book provide new information on several aspects of soil erosion and applications of the National Resources Inventory (NRI). They were commissioned following a planning workshop in July 1984 and were presented in December 1984 during a national convocation, “Physical Dimensions of the Erosion Problem.” The workshop and convocation were held by the National Research Council's Board on Agriculture in response to a request from the Soil Conservation Service of the U.S.

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