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  • Objective of the research To strengthen and improve the effectiveness of life skills education for high school pupils by the way of integrating the life skills education with out-of-class-hour educational activities in high schools.

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  • Research objectives: On the basis of theoretical studies and practical management of extracurricular educational activities, proposing measures to manage extracurricular educational activities oriented socialization at high schools in o Chi Minh City; researching establishments of the theory about managing the extracurricular educational activities oriented socialization at high schools.

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  • Time management skill is very essential to students in their study or in other extracurricular activities, and needs more serious concern. The object of the research was to evaluate time management skill of the 3rd year students of FFL-HUT to see if it is good or not, because they have been facing a large amount of time-consuming assignments. Data were gathered using two methods: content analysis on requirements of ESP subjects, on relevant materials, and questionnaire survey on selected 3rd year students of FFL-HUT....

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  • Recent policy attention and research have focused on children's school commuting. Concerns include children's health and safety, traffic congestion, environmental impacts of transportation, and parents' time chauffeuring children. Popular responses aim to increase rates of commuting by bicycle and walking (Rosenthal, 2009), but rarely do these initiatives directly account for other policies, such as school choice, that also impact school transportation.

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  • One of the benefits of applying to clinical and counseling psychology programs is that you earn the right to commiserate about it afterwards. It was a night of anecdotes and complaints (while doing laundry) that led us to review our travails and compare notes on the difficulties we each experienced during the admission process. We emerged from three diverse backgrounds: one of us (T.J.M.) graduated from a large state university, took time off, and then entered a doctoral program; one of us (M.A.S.

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  • You’re dying to get an interview with Goldman, Morgan Stanley, or Merrill. The resume submission deadline is only days away. You know that hundreds of your classmates are vying for a spot on the same crowded interview schedules. How will your resume stand out among the crowd? You know there’s no way you’ll be able to add another extracurricular presidency to your list of “Other Activities” by next week. Even you can’t read your resume fo!2nd EditionHelping you make smarter careerr more than 10 seconds without your eyes rolling into the back of your head.

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