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  • The thesis "Doctoral thesis of Philosophy: Contemporary working capital practices in Australia" reports how fundamental factors such as firm size, company performance, credit ratings, industry, and education, gender, and age of the working capital manager play a vital role in the management of these areas. This paper’s major contribution lies in its examination of the behavioural aspects of working capital managers.

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  • The increasingly important role played by family firms in China’s fledging capital market calls for a better understanding of how it works and is governed. This study aims to explore how corporate governance issues in family firms are tackled from the perspective of investor protection. The thesis addresses the question by first presenting theoretical models showing the relations among investor protection, family governance, and agency costs in family firms.

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  • This book is a straightforward and practical ‘how to teach’ book. It is intended for those teaching in either schools, colleges, universities or work-based learning – indeed for anyone interested in learning and teaching. Ebook Teching today: A practical guide (Fourth edition) - Part 1 presents the following content: Part 1 the learner’s practical and emotional needs, part 2 the teacher’s toolkit.

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  • We assessed the measurement properties of the German Work Role Functioning Questionnaire (WRFQ) after its cross-cultural adaptation of the Dutch version. The WRFQ is a generic role-specific instrument that measures how a particular health status influences the ability to meet work demands.

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  • In this chapter you should be able to: Explain what aggregate planning is and how it is useful, identify the variables decision makers have to work with in aggregate planning, describe some of the strategies that can be used for meeting uneven demand.

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  • "Tourism Management: Managing for change" will be essential reading for anyone interested in tourism - including tourists - and who want to understand how the business works, how it makes profits and what are the effects of its activities on destinations. The book examines all the key trends now affecting the tourism industry from the impact of technology to the way low-cost airlines have trans-formed the market for leisure travel. Please refer to part 2 of the ebook for details!

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  • (BQ) Natural Grammar takes one hundred high-frequency English keywords (such as thing, but and get) and shows you how they work, the phrases they generate and the links they make. It expands learners' language and natural fluency. On completion of ebook Natural grammar: The key words of English and how they work – Part 1 students will know how to use: a/an, all, am/is/are, and, any, as, ask, at, back, be, been,...

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  • (BQ) The Good Grammar Book teaches all the grammar needed for speaking and writing in English. It explains the rules, shows how the language works, and gives plenty of practice. It can be used either with the course book in class or as extra practice at home. This book is divided into 2 parts, part 1 presents the following main contents: Be and have, present tenses, talking about the future, past tenses, perfect tenses, modal verbs, passive, questions and negatives, infinitives and -ing forms, special structures with verbs, a/an and the.

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  • The ‘Ephemeral Laboratory’ seeks to create a methodology for myself and other practitioners working within the field of ephemeral architecture. It tests the proposition that a robust armature can be developed to act as a common methodological device in the design, curation and orchestration of a diverse range of temporal engagements with participants and other practitioners within a variety of public realms.

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  • Objectives of book "Data warehousing and data mining" is: study data warehouse principles and its working; learn Data mining concepts and understand Association Rule Mining; study Classification Algorithms; gain knowledge of how data is grouped using clustering techniques.

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  • People- to some extent- are largely or partly affected by emotions in life as well as in work. Emotion exhaustion definitely influences the quality of the job of the employees. Authors intend to examine the factors that can possibly affect emotional exhaustion and the relationship between emotional exhaustion and work engagement.

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  • Lecture Probability Theory - Lecture 5: Function of a Random Variable. Let Y be a random variable, discrete and continuous, and let g be a function from R to R, which we think of as a transformation. For example, Y could be a height of a randomly chosen person in a given population in inches, and g could be a function which transforms inches to centimeters, i.e. g(y) = 2.54 × y. Then W = g(Y) is also a random variable, but its distribution (pdf), mean, variance, etc. will differ from that of Y.

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  • The document "Excel VBA programming for Dummies (2nd Edition)" has present the content: introducing VBA, how VBA works with Excel, programming concepts, communicating with your users, putting it all together, the part of tens, VBA programming examples, creating worksheet functions ,...

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  • Lecture Introduction to computing - Lesson 3: The World Wide Web. After studying this lesson, you will become familiar with one of the most popular activities on computers – the World Wide Web; become familiar with the Web’s structure; how the Web works; about its genesis, its evolution, and where it is going;...

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  • This work aims to shed light on this literature, analysing both the affordability and the accessibility energy problem of Argentine households. To do so, we use micro-data from an expenditure-survey. First, we measure the energy affordability problem by calculating the Boardman indicator. Second, we estimate two logit models to show how likely it is that the affordability energy problem explains the choice of facilities for cooking and heating that can indicate an energy accessibility problem.

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  • This study sheds light on self-selected loan groups formed under a microcredit group-lending program and estimates how and the extent to which post-determined group-related factors reflecting the group atmosphere and rivalry among the group members affect the economic achievements of the loan users. Based on data from Maharashtra State, India, this study finds that social homogeneity and monitoring among members work as building blocks to increase the household income of a loan user, while fairness and frequent meetings with other members work as stumbling blocks.

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  • Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. Understanding how grammar works is fundamental for all writers. It can be argued that good grammar knowledge will not necessarily make us a better writer, but it will help make us a more effective writer. This article aims to discuss roles of grammar in academic writing.

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  • The goal of the topic is to: This dissertation is about work-life balance of the employees who are working in head office of Agribank in Hanoi and how it is influenced by the factors.

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  • In this work, we investigate a minimal SU SU U U (3) (3) (1) (1) C LXN(3-3-1-1) model and argue how it improves the phenomenological and theoretical aspects of the known minimal 3-3-1 model. The lepton content includes only the standard model leptons, which form (3)L SU (anti)triplets, and the right-handed neutrinos, which transform as (3)L SU singlets, in order to cancel the B L − anomalies. We show that the electroweak and B L − interactions are unified, similarly to the electroweak theory, at the TeV scale.

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  • The present study investigates teachers‘ perceptions of the values of the CEFR, the perceived readiness and necessity of its application, and the work involved in its application process. Also, it explores teachers‘ responses to the use of the CEFR to renew the general English curriculum, reflected in how they changed their teaching activities, adapted the assigned textbooks and modified their assessment practice. The study was a case study applying the mixed method sequential explanatory model (Creswell & Clark, 2007).

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