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  • Part 1 of book "Introduction to machine learning" provide with knowledge about: a taste of machine learning; probability theory; basic algorithms; density estimation; limit theorems; panzer windows; exponential families; maximum likelihood estimation;...

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  • The book "Basic legal English" has been written to assist law students in learning and becoming more familiar with the English language in a legal context. The book consists of nine units that cover different topics related to various legal disciplines. Part 1 on this book include 4 units: Unit 1 - Constitutional Law, unit 2 - Administrative Law, unit 3 - Civil Law - Marriage and Family Law, unit 4 - Criminal Law.

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  • The experience of English teaching, especially speaking class, comes from the actual classroom and that is not a good news for a new teacher, who does not have it but urgently needs to acquire the basic knowledge. This writing provides the reasons why the level of interesting acts as a crucial point in the succeeding of a class. Furthermore, some methods of teaching speaking are going to be viewed and discussed to strengthen the point of view that intrinsic motivation should be applied in the class.

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  • Lecture Macroeconomics in context: A European perspective - Chapter 2: Useful Tools and Concepts.

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  • Comparative Education is a fully established academic field of study that examines education in one country (or group of countries) (Comparative Education, n.d.). The United States Education system is considered as one of the most developed education system in the world. The purpose of this paper is to closely investigate and describe the basic characteristics of the The U.S. Higher Education system. Besides, we also look at the Vietnamese Higher Education System.

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  • On the basis of analyzing and synthesizing documents, especially the research results on the actual situation of the teaching and learning process, the organization and management of facilities at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, we determined the basic causes that directly affect the learning outcomes of students in the Faculty of Physical Education.

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  • This book has been written to assist law students in learning and becoming more familiar with the English language in a legal context. In this way, this publication offers law students stimulating and enjoyable instruction designed to progressively enhance relevant and meaningful communication skills in oral and written legal English.

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  • The increasing demand of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has resulted in the need for a lingua franca of science, technology, education, and business. The field of ESP has promptly flourished recently to play an important part in English language teaching and research. Accordingly, the desires to master technical terms to meet job requirements force people to know ESP rather than basic English for daily communication.

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  • Lecture Digital switching and telecom networks. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about to learn about different basic components that are used in telephone exchanges; difference between an automatic exchange and manual exchange; learn about different types of electronic exchanges and about the software architecture used in an electronic exchange; to differentiate between a single stage and a multistage network;...

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  • Lecture Consumer behaviour learning objectives: Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the basic concepts of consumer behaviour describe how this knowledge can be used by marketers; Demonstrate ability to segment markets using consumer behavior concepts/constructs; Identify and illustrate how these concepts can be used to explain the decisions buyers make in the marketplace

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  • This article outlines the basic characteristics of human resource management in the world's leading developing countries: the United States, Japan and Singapore, then evaluates generally their advantages and limitations. After that, from which lessons learned from other developing countries, this paper gives some solutions which help Vietnam’s human resource management be effective.

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  • Lecture General Chemistry 1 - Chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions. After studying this section will help you understand: learn the basic postulates of Dalton’s atomic theory; describe the key experiments that led to the discovery of electrons and the nuclear model of the atom; tdentify the locations of metals and nonmetals in the periodic table,...

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  • Determination of genome-wide DNA methylation is significant for both basic research and drug development. As a key epigenetic modification, this biochemical process can modulate gene expression to influence the cell differentiation which can possibly lead to cancer.

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  • Stability is one of the most fundamental intrinsic characteristics of proteins and can be determined with various methods. Characterization of protein properties does not keep pace with increase in new sequence data and therefore even basic properties are not known for far majority of identified proteins.

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  • Basic mandarin level lesson 3 present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue, this pattern means to do something first, then do something later.

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 4" present verb-separable, this pattern means to be interested in something or doing something;

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 5" present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue, this 就够了literally means” it’s enough; 点都/也不 means “not at all”; it suggests strong negation...

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 6" present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue; means “actually” “in fact” or even “to be honest”; to confirm your speculation, you may use this 是不是 to ask for confirmation.

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  • Measuring DNA replication dynamics with high throughput and single-molecule resolution is critical for understanding both the basic biology behind how cells replicate their DNA and how DNA replication can be used as a therapeutic target for diseases like cancer.

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  • Chapter 2 - Business processes and accounting information. In this chapter you will learn: Explain the management cycle and the four basic business processes, describe the balanced scorecard approach and its four perspectives, discuss what internal controls are and why they are important, perform a two-column bank reconciliation.

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