Life and its organisms

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  • This is a radical book. It was radical when it was published in 1910, and it is radical today. When I first read The Science of Being Well, I thought, OF COURSE! This is brilliant! Everyone should read this book! You may have a similar reaction to this book if you’ve read Mr. Wattles’ first book, The Science of Getting Rich, or if you believe that both thought and behavior affect health.

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  • Hardware and Computer Organization is a practical introduction to the architecture of modern microprocessors for students and professional alike. It is designed to take practicing professionals "under the hood” of a PC and provide them with an understanding of the basics of the complex machine that has become such a pervasive part of our everyday life. It clearly explains how hardware and software cooperatively interact to accomplish real-world tasks.

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  • Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.[1] Biology is a vast subject containing many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines.

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  • Sometimes a word is worth a thousand words. Or an entire book. “Ethics” is one of those words, with no shortage of book-length treatments. The idea for a communication-centered investigation of ethics and its relationship to professional life arose during the opening session of George’s ethics class in the spring of 2003. Although the students weren’t terribly excited by the idea of ethics, they became much more animated when the discussion shifted to the term “morality.”

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  • Research has suggested a link between nutritional deficiencies in early (including prenatal) life, and the development of chronic diseases—cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and osteoporosis, among others—some decades later (World Health Organization 2000a, 2000b; Jacoby 2004). A possible link between early nutritional deficiencies and obesity has also been suggested, and it remains an area of ongoing research (Pan American Health Organization 2003).

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  • Understanding the biological basis of aging has fascinated people throughout recorded history, and is one of the great remaining scientific questions. The question has never been more important than now, as we anticipate the impact that a rapidly growing older population will have on the social, political, and medical landscape over the next 50 years. There is increasing evidence that aging involves damage to the genome, and it is certainly the case that such damage explains much of the coupling of most cancers to aging.

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  • Today, wireless networking is a reality from which IT managers cannot escape. Regardless of the size of an organization, where it is located, or what vertical market it serves, network users want it. No longer is wireless networking a fringe technology – it’s mainstream and it continues to expand at stellar growth rates within the enterprise marketplace.

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  • Inorganic mercury is toxic when humans or wildlife are exposed to high levels for a short peri- od of time. Organic methylmercury has a greater tendency to accumulate in the body over time, eventually causing harm, even in small amounts. Methylmercury has the three properties that make substances particularly harmful to humans and other organisms — it persists, it bioaccumulates, and it is toxic to most life forms. The health effects of mercury are described in more detail in the next chapter of this primer.

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  • The Internet’s rapid and profound entry into our lives quite understandably makes people wonder how, both individually and collectively, we have been affected by it. When major shifts in technology use occur, utopian and dystopian views of their impact on society often abound, reflecting their disruptiveness and people’s concerns. Given its complex uses, the Internet, both as a technology and as an environment, has had both beneficial and deleterious effects. Above all, though, it has had transformative effects.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "organization theory and design" has contents: using it for coordination and control; organization size, life cycle, and decline; organizational culture and ethical values; innovation and change; decision making processes; conflict, power, and politics.

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  • Study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Lactobacillus sakei as protective culture on extended storage of chicken breast fillets kept under refrigeration temperature. Chicken fillets were allotted in to two different treatment groups namely, T1 (as control) and T2 (with Lactobacillus sakei). Total viable count increased significantly in both the samples with the advancement of storage period. Coli titre count was found to be nil in all the samples throughout the storage period up to 12th day. No E. coli organisms could be isolated on 0, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th day in both the samples.

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  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a spectrum of airway diseases that has chronic bronchitis at one end and emphysema at other end. COPD is the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Most of the episodes (80%) of AECOPD are triggered by infections mainly affecting the lower respiratory tract by respiratory viruses, atypical bacteria and aerobic Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

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  • Organic nutrients are proven things that improving crop productivity, quality and yield which in turn enhance the quality and richness of the soil properties and make way for the healthier environment for the beneficial soil micro-organism. The organic nutrients which are interfered with healthier agriculture for the betterment of life; the organic nutrient source which are liquid biofertilizer, farm yard manure, vermicompost, banana pseudostem sap, panchagavya, beejamrut, amritpani etc which are playing very important role in the healthier crop production system.

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  • Anthropogenic activities such as industrial production, mining, agriculture and transportation are among the main causes for the increase of trace metal concentrations in the environment, especially in water bodies. In this study, we evaluated the chronic impacts of lead (Pb) and arsenic (As) on Daphnia magna, a crucial organism to aquatic ecosystems, at several concentrations (0, 5, 25, 50, 150 and 250 µgl-1 of Pb and 0, 5, 25, 50 µgl-1 of As) for 21 days. The organism’s life history traits, including survivorship, maturation, and reproduction, were recorded daily.

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  • Jaggery is the natural sweetener and available in solid, liquid & powder form. The micronutrients which are present in Jaggery has many nutritional & medicinal aspects like its anti carcinogenic & antitoxic activity. Jaggery has proved itself better as compared to white sugar. Jaggery is known to produce heat and give instant energy to a human body. Millets are highly nutritious and are known to have good nutritive value and therapeutic use. In developing countries like India with increasing urbanization, the demand for processed food is increasing popularly.

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  • Mycoplasmas are one of the smallest bacteria and are divided into two groups, haemotropic and non-haemotropic mycoplasmas. Hemotrophic mycoplasmas (hemoplasmas) are uncultivable cell wall-less bacteria, previously known as Haemobartonella and Eperythrozoon species. They are gram-negative, obligate red cell parasites and it is considered as pleomorphic. They can be seen as rod, spherical, or ring-shaped organisms and are found individually or in chains across the red cell surface. Hemoplasmas can cause acute hemolytic anemia in dogs and cats.

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  • The Study tries to elucidate the Work Life Positivity from an organizational perspective & several allied practices that are observed influential Employees in professional & personal imperatives in an enriching way and it also tries to cover the various effectual organizational outcomes by virtue of such practices.

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  • The Urban Environment is important for all of us, not least because so many of us live in cities. Cleaner city, healthy life and a better environment are important demands for city dwellers. Due to increase in urbanization rate, population density and per capita production of solid waste is also increasing. According to MSW Rules, 2000, every municipal authority is responsible for setting up a waste processing and disposal facility. Approximately 50 million metric tonnes (115,000 metric tonnes per day) of solid waste is generated every year by the urban population in India.

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  • Pelvic organ prolapse can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life by compromising physical, social, psychological and sexual function. Pelvic organ disorders and its consequences have higher economic burden to the patient as well to the country. Therefore, this systematic review and met- analysis aimed to estimate the burden of POP in Ethiopia.

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  • ‘‘An enlightening, practical, and valuable tool. Dick has taken the sometime confusing and frightening problem of performance appraisal and provided effective approaches and answers that can be adapted to any organization. It is a MUST for the human resources professional’s library.’’ —William K. Hill Human Resources Director City of Winston-Salem (NC) ‘‘Dick Grote clearly and eloquently presents a very practical guide for navigating the often-murky waters of the performance appraisal process.

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