Lighting systems

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  • Bạn muốn chụp macro bằng đèn flash? Chiếc đèn gắn sẵn trên máy không giúp gì được bạn trong trường hợp này vì với cự ly quá gần nó sẽ làm "cháy" ảnh của bạn. Tuy nhiên bạn có thể mua thêm đèn flash chuyên dùng cho macro như chiếc Cool Light của Nikon dùng cho các máy dCam. Với các máy dCam có thể gắn thêm đèn flash bên ngoài thì bạn đừng bao giờ dùng flash trực tiếp mà nên phả đèn vào một tấm phản xạ. Kỹ thuật chụp macro bằng flash NTL sẽ nói trong một bài...

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  • Booklet 1 of the series of publications is intended for all those who want to delve into the topic of light and lighting or wish to familiarize themselves with the basics of lighting technology. It also forms the introduction to a series of publications designed to provide useful information on lighting applications for all those involved in planning or decision-making in the field of lighting. One of the principal objectives of all publications is to promote awareness of a medium which we generally take for granted and use without a second thought.

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  • Basics of light and lighting presents about Preface – What is good lighting? What is light? Behaviour; Colour; Sources; Photometrics; Lighting; Vision; Lighting quality; Lighting systems; Luminaires; Lighting and the environment.

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  • There is a simple recipe for preventing accidents: see and be seen. But vision is a complex process. Road lighting needs to take account of that. Daylight illuminance ranges from 5,000 to 100,000 lux (lx). On a moonlit night, it reaches 0.25 lx at most. The fact that we can “see” over this vast brightness range is due to the eye’s ability to adapt.

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  • Light sources should be as small as possible, produce light efficiently and have a long life. The demands of architects, light planners and operators of lighting installations have formed the basis of the research and development work of the lighting industry. Today more light sources with these properties are on the market than ever before in the history of artificial light. Until now, however, no filament or discharge lamp has combined all three properties. Only light emitting diodes (LEDs), also called light diodes, achieve this.

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  • Cosmetics promise beauty, clothes signal lifestyle – even a wholemeal bread roll stands for a philosophy today. Long gone are the days when merchandise was bought just to meet needs. Shopping today is an emotional activity, a stimulating recreational experience. And lighting helps shape that experience. In a modern retail store, lighting performs a dual function: it helps busy shoppers quickly get their bearings and creates a myriad of inspirational environments packed with ideas for the shopper’s personal lifestyle.

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  • From soccer stadiums to fitness centres – sports and leisure amenities are a big investment, costly to build and costly to run. And the soundness of that investment hinges on how much the amenities are used. It takes more than just architectural allure to ensure acceptance, however. Users need to feel comfortable, especially recreational users, most of whom only have time for sport in the evenings, i.e. when it is usually dark. That is where lighting comes in.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'lighting with artificial light 08', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, điện - điện tử phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Light and dark, hot and cold or the cyclical change of the seasons: the rotation and inclination of the Earth give rise to constantly recurring changes that, in the course of evolution, have resulted in human beings developing a circadian system – a system of internal clocks that anticipate such changes. Like the complex movement of a clock, it controls and coordinates the 24-hour variation of all bodily functions.

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  • One of the most important things in life is having a place where we really feel at home. It makes no difference whether it we own it or rent it or whether it is an apartment or a house: what matters is the sense of security and wellbeing we feel within its walls. The right lighting concept plays a crucial role here. Science defines light as the band of electromagnetic radiation that is perceptible by the human eye. The designer sees it as a tool offering innumerable possibilities for crafting living space to suit personal needs and preferences....

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  • Optimal production results depend crucially on the level of employee commitment. Correct lighting helps boost motivation, prevents fatigue, maintains health and guards against accidents at work. According to DIN EN 12464-1 “Lighting of indoor work places”, the objectives of lighting are to ensure visual comfort and visual performance.

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  • Street lighting and other forms of exterior lighting normally found in cities ensure that the basic requirements of residents and visitors are met: an adequate level of lighting facilitates orientation and provides security after dark.

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  • There is a very old saying that all cats look grey at night. Today, thanks partly to the growing trend to furnish private homes and gardens with sophisticated outdoor lighting, that saying is no longer as true as it once was. Facades subtly accentuated by light and encircled by greenery imbue such buildings with an inviting, homely atmosphere. Illuminated gardens extend the domestic living space outwards, illuminated boundaries enable the space to be experienced as a whole, even in winter.

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  • Correct lighting has long been identified as a crucial factor for health and safety at work. The message that every lighting criterion needs to be duly considered in the design of a plant or facility is communicated in a variety of ways. But attention generally focuses on interiors. It is often forgotten that a considerable amount of work is performed outdoors – at workplaces with no or insufficient natural lighting. Outdoor workplace lighting needs to meet specific requirements – requirements that differ from those of both classical interior lighting and road lighting....

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  • New lighting quality standards Within the framework of European harmonisation, new standards are being developed to replace national ones. Against the backdrop of the revision and reformulation of requirements that this entails, professionals have been debating a new extended concept of quality. The extended concept of lighting quality The practice of defining lighting quality on the basis of certain quality features has stood the test of time.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Efficient and Low-Cost 3D Structured Light System Based on a Modified Number-Theoretic Approach

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  • Solar energy, light and heat radiation from the Sun, has been exploited by humans since ancient times using a variety of technology development than ever before. Solar radiation along with secondary resources of energy like wind and solar energy, water power and biomass, make the most of renewable energy available on earth. Only a tiny fraction of the available solar energy is used.

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  • The inspiration for Building Systems for Interior Designers came when I tried to teach interior design students about all the ways buildings support our activities and physical needs—without an adequate textbook. I needed an approach that supported the special concerns of the interior designer, while connecting those issues to the work of the rest of the building design team.

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  • This report describes work that I did on embedded control data communication using the domestic powerline circuitry as channel medium. A home automation system was implemented. In the modern home filled with electronic apparatus and appliances, it is useful for the owner to exercise some form of centralised control over the functions in the house. Currently, when the owner needs to turn on the driveway and living room lights before arming the alarm and going to bed, he has to walk to the garage, then to the front door, then to the alarm box, then to bed....

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  • The wireless era was started by two European scientists, James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. In 1864, Maxwell presented Maxwell's equations by unifying the works of Lorentz, Faraday, Ampere, and Gauss. He predicted the propagation of electromagnetic waves in free space at the speed of light. He postulated that light was an electromagnetic phenomenon of a particular wavelength and predicted that radiation would occur at other wavelengths as well. His theory was not well accepted until 20 years later, after Hertz validated the electromagnetic wave (wireless) propagation.

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