Limits on concentration

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  • During this century the human race will have to address the challenge of deeply transforming the world energy system to make it much more sustain- able and environmentally friendly than the one we currently have.

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  • The choice of verb features is crucial for the learning of verb classes. This paper presents clustering experiments on 168 German verbs, which explore the relevance of features on three levels of verb description, purely syntactic frame types, prepositional phrase information and selectional preferences. In contrast to previous approaches concentrating on the sparse data problem, we present evidence for a linguistically defined limit on the usefulness of features which is driven by the idiosyncratic properties of the verbs and the specific attributes of the desired verb classification. ...

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  • This paper deals with the phosphate limitation on growth, biomass, cell integrity and biochemical constituents of marine cyanobacterium, Lyngbya sp. BDU 90901. Lyngbya sp. BDU 90901 exhibited optimum growth (µ= 0.63), fresh biomass (3.3.7g/l), dry biomass (0.67g/l), chlorophyll-a (9.3 µg/ml), carotenoids (2.0 µg/ml), carbohydrate (600 µg/ml) at 25th day and protein (25 µg/ml) at 20th day of incubation.

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  • Housing loans are considered to be relatively less risky due to their collateralised nature (Fitch Ratings (2006)). Moreover, the Philippine government extends housing loans to households under its National Shelter Program, which is aimed at addressing the country’s chronic housing shortage.

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  • The main purpose of this work is to establish a method of elemental analysis by Proton-Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) technique on thick samples. Our study has been carried out at Hanoi University of Science (HUS) using a 5SDH-2 Tandem accelerator. The X-ray spectra were measured by a Si(Li) detector (FWHM = 139 eV at 5.9 keV) and analyzed off-line using GUPIX software. The validity of the proposed method has been checked through its application to NIST standard samples.

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  • By using the transfer matrix method (TMM) and numerical simulations, the designs of the sensor based on silicon waveguides are optimized and demonstrated in detail. We applied our structure to detect glucose and ethanol concentrations simultaneously. A high sensitivity of 9000 nm/RIU, detection limit of 2x10-4 for glucose sensing and sensitivity of 6000nm/RIU, detection limit of 1.3x10-5 for ethanol sensing are achieved.

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  • With the growing limitation in arable land and water resources, the development of agriculture sector is only possible by increasing resources use efficiency with the minimum damage to agro ecology through effective use of modern technologies. Among these, nano technology has the potential to revolutionize agriculture system. An investigation was initiated to examine the effect of nano scale zinc oxide particle on plant growth and development.

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  • The injudicious and indiscriminate application of pesticides to crops results in pesticide residues in food and food commodities with consequential hazards. The extent of hazard depends on the number of pesticide residues on crops and their toxicity. The main objective of this study was focused on determining the likely presence of pesticide residues in cereals and pulse samples in Sikrai Tehsil Dausa district, Rajasthan. The study was carried out for the year 2017 and 2018. 150 samples were taken from different farms and market analyzed using GC-MS/MS& LC-MS/MS.

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  • The mean ± S.E. values of seminal attributes evaluated for assessing the quality of freshly ejaculated neat semen from four Hariana bulls has been estimated. In the present study mean ejaculate semen volume ranges between 3.35 ± 0.14 to 5.38 ± 0.20 ml. Semen mass motility (0-5 scale) ranges between 3.13 ± 0.08 to 3.69 ± 0.09. Sperm concentration varies significantly among the four Hariana bulls and ranges between 1633.50 ± 33.58 to 1806.25 ± 31.56 millions/ml. Present study indicated that the percent sperm progressive motility amongst four Hariana bulls range between 72.0 0 ± 1.21 to 78.

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  • Excessive intake of fluoride, mainly through drinking water is a serious health hazard affecting humans as well as livestock worldwide. According to previous researches, the South-western region of Punjab is endemic for hydrofluoroisis and the fluoride concentrations beyond the standard level results in dental and skeletal fluorosis. This paper highlights the highest fluoride concentration in drinking water of Mansa and Bathinda districts of Punjab which comes under the South-Western region of Punjab.

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  • The present investigation was aimed to study the effect of vitamin C on electrolyte concentrations in blood and urine in water deprived goats during summer and winter seasons. Eighteen adult male goats were selected for the experiment during both seasons.In each season, there were two treatment groups: T1 and T2 group. In T1 group, water was restricted and subdivided into three experimental periods: in period 1 (day 1 to 7), goats were adapted to the water restriction regime by limiting access to water gradually from 15 to 3 hour per day.

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  • Palmvitee may act as a beneficial supplement to cartilage tissue engineering which is currently still has certain limitation on chondrocyte expansion and dedifferentiation. Our objectives in this study were to evaluate the effects of Palmvitee on the growth kinetic and phenotype gene expression of human nasal septal chondrocytes in monolayer expansion as well as cartilage reconstruction via tissue engineering technology. Human chondrocytes were cultured in mediums containing various Palmvitee concentrations.

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  • A pot culture study was conducted in 20 acidic soils of Senapati District of Manipur, India during rabi season of 2013-14 to estimate the critical limit of P in soil and pea plant for predicting the response of pea (Pisum sativum L.) to P application as well as to study the effect of P application on dry matter yield and uptake of nutrients in pea crop. The experimental soil was acidic in nature, electrical conductivity of the soil was in safe limit for crop growth. The organic carbon status was almost high and soil was clay in textural class.

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  • In a pot culture experiment, the response of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), cv. Contender to phosphorus (P) was studied on 20 acidic paddy soils of Thoubal district, Manipur. All the collected soil samples were acidic in reaction varied from 4.61 to 6.26 with mean value of 5.48, organic carbon content 9.9 to 24.1 g kg-1 , CEC 9.21 to 35.71 [cmol (p+ )kg-1 ] and clay content ranged from 24.78 to 73.38 per cent. Addition of P fertilizer in the soils significantly increased the dry matter production and P uptake by the crop.

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  • Drip irrigation has the greatest potential for the efficient use of water and fertilizers. The limited area of wetting under trickle irrigation reduces the active root zone and also the foraging area of plants to draw water and nutrients from the soil. For minimizing the cost of irrigation and fertilizers, adoption of drip irrigation with fertigation is essential which will maximize the nutrient uptake, while using minimum amount of water and fertilizer.

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  • This book is a final year undergraduate text on stochastic processes, a tool used widely by statisticians and researchers working, for example, in the mathematics of finance. The book will give a detailed treatment of conditional expectation and probability, a topic which is essential as a tool for stochastic processes. Although the book is a final year text, the authors have chosen to use exercises as the main means of explanation for the various topics, hence the course has a strong self-study element.

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  • The available data does, however, suggest that present PM10 values exceed the recommended limit values in the majority of Member States. In future projections, planned actions should be taken into consideration. These include the SOx and NOx Protocols within UNECE and the Auto-Oil programme. Abatement policies for other pollutants will also have an impact.

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  • The Company’s ability to perform as contemplated in this presentation, including without limitation, its ability to enter into or remain in any new or existing jurisdictions or to sell new or existing products, is subject to numerous risks, such as, without limitation, customer concentration, competition from other suppliers, regulatory approvals, licensing requirements, intellectual property considerations, and other known and unknown circumstances.

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  • Second, our findings contribute to an emerging discussion in the real estate literature on the choice of portfolio specialization. To date, existing work has focused primarily on geographic diversification (see e.g. Hartzell, Sun and Titman (2010)). Our findings shed additional light on the importance of portfolio manager specialization in this industry. Finally, our work provides additional empirical support for the importance of financial intermediation in the gathering of specialized knowledge and efficiencies.

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  • This study presents an analysis of the trophic state of lakes in Dong Da district, Hanoi. The tropic states of the lakes were characterized using the Carlson TSI and the Chlorophyll-a concentrations and referenced with the thresholds of US. The deviations of the Secchi depth and total phosphorus indices from the Chlorophyll-a index were used to identify limiting factors affecting to the tropic state of the lakes.

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