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  • Chương này trang bị cho người học những hiểu biết về cài đặt Hệ điều hành Linux. Những nội dung cơ bản trong chương này gồm có: Các bản phân phối của Linux, cách tải các bản phân phối, hướng dẫn cài đặt, cấu trúc cây thư mục Linux,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Linux Programming Environment Setup includes Introduce Linux, Install Linux on Vmware, Windows Software, Practice, Linus Torvalds make a Minix, Richard Stallman bring up GNU plan, GNU/Linux.

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  • When I began writing this book, the first question I asked myself was how to install Linux on a server, and be sure that no one from the outside, or inside, could access it without authorization. Then I wondered if any method similar to the one on windows exists to improve the computer’s performance. Subsequently, I began a search on the Internet and read several books to get the most information on security and performance for my server. After many years of research and studies I had finally found the answer to my questions.

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  • Linux has come a long way in a short time. Computing itself is still relatively young by any standard; if the era of modern computing started with the invention of the microchip, it’s still less than 50 years old. But Linux is a youngster compared even to this; it has been around for only 15 of those years. In that brief time span, a student’s personal project has grown to where it now runs many computers throughout the world.

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  • This document provides information about installing, configuring ang managing Red Hat Cluster components. Red Hat Cluster components are part of Red Hat Cluster Suite and allow you to connect a group of computers to work together as a cluster. This documents does not include information installing, configuring, and managing Linux Virtual server software.

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  • Several other mail transfer agents are available to replace sendmail. Two popular aternatives are Qmail ( by David Bernstein, and Postfix ( by Wietse Venema. Both of these MTAs were designed and written from the ground up with security and performance in mind. It is beyond the scope of this guide to give details on installing and configuring either of these alternatives, but a wealth of information is available on the Internet.

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  • The screen includes a General Kernel Parameters text field that enables you to enter any special options that Red Hat Linux may need as it boots. Your need for special options depends on what hardware you have. The remainder of the Boot Loader Configuration screen gives you the option to select the disk partition from which you want to boot the PC. A table then lists the Linux partition and any other partitions that may contain another operating system. If your system has a Linux partition and a DOS partition (that actually has Windows 95/98 installed on it), the table...

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  • Ngày nay, trên toàn cầu đã có nhiều hệ điều hành mạng như Linux , WinNT và mới đây còn có công nghệ mới như Windows 2000 Server . Với Windows 2000 của Microsoft ra đời hổ trợ một số tiện ích mà không có ở những hệ điều hành Win9x và WinNT về việc điều khiển từ xa , việc cài đặt hàng loạt các ứng dụng đến máy của những người dùng mạng từ một vị trí trung tâm .

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  • Written by the creator of Webmin, this book explains how to use the most popular Webmin modules to perform common administration tasks on a Linux system such as adding users, configuring Apache, setting up NFS file sharing and managing the Sendmail mail server.Each chapter covers a single server or service, and is broken down into sections that list the steps required to carry out certain tasks using Webmin.

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  • To properly boot a board using software from Timesys, your host machine must meet the following requirements: Modern GNU/Linux Distribution. While you can use nearly any modern Linux distribution released in the last 24 months, Timesys recommends one of the following: Ubuntu (Most recent release or LTS) Fedora (Most recent release) An internet connection on the Development Host. Root or sudo permission on the Development Host.

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  • Welcome to the Red Hat Linux x86 Installation Guide. This guide contains useful information to assist you during the installation of Red Hat Linux 9. From fundamental concepts such as installation preparation to the step-by-step installation procedure, this book will be a valuable resource as you install Red Hat Linux. This manual will walk you through a typical installation using the Red Hat Linux CD-ROMs. Once you have completed the installation as outlined in this manual, you will have a fully functioning system....

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  • Many people think of Ubuntu as an operating system that is way over their heads—that only techies can use this strange, arcane OS with the funny name. For all of you who have been having these thoughts, this book is here to tell you that this is simply not the case. Ubuntu, and Linux, in general, have become very easy for everyday home and business users to install and use. Now you can find out for yourself, in just one weekend, how easy it is to get started using Ubuntu and discover that there is life beyond Vista....

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  • Cài đặt từ CDROM Bỏ đĩa CDROM Fedora 11 vào ổ đĩa CDROM, sau đó chọn menu cài đặt. Install or upgrade an existing system Install or upgrade an existing system Rescue installed system Boot from local drive Chọn Skip trong hộp thoại Disk Found để không kiểm tra đĩa CDROM trước khi cài đặt, sau đó hệ thống sẽ nạp chương trình anaconda để vào chế độ đồ hoạ.

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  • Previous editions of Linux For Dummies have garnered rave reviews. However, there’s one scary term applied to them—outdated! The 6th Edition remedies that with easy-to-understand information on the latest version of the most popular Linux distributions, including Fedora Core, SuSE, Mandrake, Xandros, Linspire, and Knoppix. This guide walks you though installing, configuring, tuning, and using each version of Linux, the low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems.

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  • This book is intended for Linux users who want to learn more about the inner workings of Linux and how the various pieces of the Operating System fit together. This book will guide you step−by−step in creating your own custom build Linux system from scratch, using nothing but the sources of software that are needed. This book is also intended for Linux users who want to get away from the existing commercial and free distributions that are often too bloated. Using existing distributions also forces you to use the file system structure, boot script structure, etc.

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  • Linux is the name of a computer operating system and also the name of the operating system kernel. It is probably the most famous example of free software and open source development. The first Linux version written by Linus Torvalds in 1991, when he was a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. He worked with enthusiasm for 3 consecutive years and released Linux version 1.0 in 1994. Key component was developed and launched on the market under the GNU General Public License. So that anyone can download and view the source code of Linux...

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  • Certified with Leading OEM and ISV Products. ISV  Independent Software Vendor. OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer. ABI/API Compatibility. Application Binary Interface. Application Programming Interface. ELF  Executable and Linking Format. LSB  Linux Standards Base. BEA  BEA System Inc, San Jose, California. “Think Liquid”. HPC  High Performance Computing.

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  • My journey to learn and better understand Linux began over a decade ago, back in 1998. I had just installed my first Linux distribution and had quickly become intrigued with the whole concept and philosophy behind Linux. There are always many ways to accomplish a single task. The same can be said about Linux distributions. A great many have existed over the years. Some still exist, some have morphed into something else, yet others have been relegated to our memories.

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  • cài đặt bằng công cụ graphic add/remove program của linux giải quyết các vấn đề sau thao tác đơn giản,dễ thực hiện tự động cài các gói phục thuộc dễ quản lý redhat package manager được phát triển đầu tiên bởi redhat sau đó được các phiên bản linux khác sử dụng rộng rãi fedora,mandrake,suse

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  • This book was written for anyone using Linux, from new users to experts who want to explore this wonderful operating system. The tips and tricks in this book were discovered by myself over years of experience using Linux, and learning about it. Some are very basic tips to make your computing life easier, others are advanced tricks that can save you days of work.

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