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  • Chapter 1- Understanding global markets and marketing. The chapter addresses what is meant by global marketing and global marketing strategy and how it may be implemented. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration driven by international trade. Several alternative measures are available to determine performance based on the consumer, product development and financial return. Several framework s for global marketing strategy will serve as the agenda for topics discussed in the following chapters.

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  • Lecture Tourism theory, concepts and models - Chapter 5: Access and the spatial interactions of tourists. By the end of this lecture you should be able to: distinguish between the resource and commodity values of time and analyse how they affect travel patterns; describe distance decay and analyse how it influences both absolute demand and behaviour of tourists; define the effective tourism exclusion zone and analyse its impact on tourism flows;...

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  • Lecture Money, Banking & Finance (2) - Lecture 4: The Theory and Practice of Equity Trading. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Examine the process by which investment decisions are translated into the action of buying or selling shares; understand how a trading environment operates and how the players interact; appreciate how the actions of traders influence the market; examine the Trader-Ex software for training of stock-market traders.

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  • This study aims to examine the relationship between interactive marketing and customer engagement behavior in education and training service in digital age. A survey of 480 students of National Economics Univeristy was conducted in March 2021 to collect the data.

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  • This qualitative research aimed to investigate the construction of a floating market's community identity and its impact on the people of Damnoen Saduak community. Data were collected using in-depth interviews, informal conversations, and participatory and non-participatory observations of the interactions and activities in daily life at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

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  • Nghiên cứu nhằm mục đích phát hiện những nhân tố có thể ảnh hưởng đến dự định mua sắm trên thiết bị di động của người tiêu dùng trẻ tại Việt Nam. Mô hình nghiên cứu được xây dựng dựa trên nền tảng của Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2) với sự bổ sung của hai yếu tố mới là nhu cầu tương tác (need for interaction) và sự tham dự (involvement).

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  • The advent of social media provides a range of new means to access, connect and interact consumers. Brands have established their brand communities on social networking sites like Facebook to promote, communicate, and advertise their new market offerings and to encourage customer participation.

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  • Lecture Chapter 2: Thinking Like An Economist, In this chapter you will: As scientists, economists try to explain the world using models with appropriate assumptions. Two simple models are the Circular-Flow Diagram and the Production Possibilities Frontier. Microeconomics studies the behavior of consumers and firms, and their interactions in markets. Macroeconomics studies the economy as a whole. As policy advisers, economists offer advice on how to improve the world.

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  • Combined therapy for HIV treatment shows superior efficacy in comparison to single therapy. Furthermore, the separation and determination of the combined dosage forms hold a significant place in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) but also hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) can be used for these purposes. Contrary to conventional RP systems, HILIC may be an alternative for the analysis of polar substances.

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  • This paper aims to analyze factors affecting consumers’ attitudes towards advertising on Facebook in Vietnam. Base on the literature review and previous research, we suggest a model which have five factors affecting consumers’ attitude. First, a qualitative research is examined with 10 people to adjust scales to match the Vietnam context. Second, a quantitative study is examined with the sample size n = 241.

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  • A quantitative network analysis is conducted, using secondary data collected from news articles in Da Nang, Vietnam. The result identifies a network of inter-organizational relationship for marketing Da Nang tourism between a range of stakeholders including stakeholders from other sectors, other destinations, and countries. The findings also show a significant participation of tourism business sectors and less involvement of local residents in marketing activities as well as a less interaction between local residents and other stakeholders.

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  • This study discusses about impacts of dimensions of servicescape on social interaction experiences in service environment. The impacts of servicescape and social interaction on service experience, satisfaction and loyalty are also characterized. Author’s major purposes are to raise propositions and postulate a better holistic framework about relation between servicescape and social interaction and their effects on customer’s service experiences, satisfaction and loyalty

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  • This paper would draw a broad picture of the interaction between AI and collusive behaviors by doing qualitative research, as well as analyzing and synthesizing theories method. The result is, while AI helps tacit collusion in strengthening some factors that promote collusions, such as market transparency and interaction, it is still ambiguous to understand the impact of AI on the number of firms and barriers to entry.

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  • In this study, the VAR-GARCH model introduced by Ling and McAleer (2003) was used to determine the interaction between oil prices and stock markets in terms of return and volatility for developing countries (BRICS-T). The reason for choosing this model is to reveal whether the shocks and volatility in these markets have a transitional effect.

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  • This study aims to investigate the interactions, volatility spillovers and smooth transition effects between stock and foreign exchange markets in emerging versus developed countries by the Smooth Transition Vector Error Correction-Smooth Transition GARCH with Dynamic Conditional Correlation model (STVESTGARCH-DCC). The empirical results yield several findings. Firstly, boom stock markets in emerging countries will trigger their domestic currency appreciation, while prosperous stock markets in developed countries result in currency depreciation.

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  • On April 21st 2020, for the 1st time in the word’s history, the price of oil contracts for May delivery in the US dropped sharply to below 0 USD and stopped at a negative price as of 37.63 USD/barrel. The world oil market really fell into crisis, which had a significant impact on the oil industry of Vietnam. This article focuses on analyzing and clarifying the essence of “negative oil price” as well as the world oil market crisis and its impacts on the petroleum market in Vietnam.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: How can companies conduct direct marketing for competitive advantage? How can companies carry out effective interactive marketing? How does word of mouth affect marketing success? What decisions do companies face in designing and managing a sales force? How can salespeople improve their selling, negotiating, and relationship marketing skills?

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  • Chapter 23 - Monetary policy and the central bank. When you finish this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the structure and responsibilities of the federal reserve system, analyze how changes in real interest rates affect planned aggregate expenditure and short-run equilibrium output, show how the demand for money and the supply of money interact to determine the equilibrium nominal interest rate, discuss how the fed uses its ability to control the money supply to influence nominal and real interest rates.

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  • In this chapter, we need to understand how the central bank interacts with the financial system. What is it that central banks buy and sell? What are the assets and liabilities on their balance sheets? How do they control those assets and liabilities, and why might they want to hide them from the public?...

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  • Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis helps managers understand the interrelationships among cost, volume, and profit by focusing their attention on the interactions among the prices of products, volume of activity, per unit variable costs, total fixed costs, and mix of products sold. It is a vital tool used in many business decisions such as deciding what products to manufacture or sell, what pricing policy to follow, what marketing strategy to employ, and what type of productive facilities to acquire.

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