Mind over matter

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  • Nauman được ban tặng một năng lực sáng tạo tuyệt vời bằng bất kỳ chất liệu nào mà ông sử dụng...giới giữa công chúng và cá nhân người nghệ sĩ. Tất cả những tiếng vang trong các tác phẩm nghệ thuật của ông chuyển tải các ý tưởng ...

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  • We report the results of experiments on economic decisions with two populations, one of healthy elderly individuals (average age 82) and one of younger students (average age 20). We examine confidence, decisions under uncertainty, differences between willingness to pay and willingness to accept and the theory of mind (strategic thinking). Our findings indicate that the older adults’ decision behavior is similar to that of young adults, contrary to the notion that economic decision making is impaired with age.

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  • Modern theories of matter—Outer world only known to us by our sensations—Instances—Mill's system only intermediary between self and outer world—The great X of Matter—Nervous syst specificity of the nerves—The nervous system itself a sensation—Relations of sensation with the unk CHAPTER III THE MECHANICAL THEORIES OF MATTER ARE ONLY SYMBOLS .

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  • ‘What Pope Urban II had in mind when he preached the First Crusade was, I think, a variety of quite practical things. He hoped for the reunion of Christendom, which at that time was divided between the Latin Church and the Greek Church. He hoped also to recapture Jerusalem, which had been under Muslim rule for many centuries. And it was also a matter of giving the largely unemployed and over-aggressive nobility of France something to do, get them out of Europe and stop them devastating the ... lands. All...

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