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  • This book presents innovative proven methods for determining whether a CRM strategy for changing the way a company provides service (by adding new technology, processes, and procedures) will realize the return on the investment projected. The chapters of the book define important terms, identify the main vendors and actors, and set out the benefits CRM users can expect to experience and the functionality that is available.

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: What is inventory, cost of inventory, benefits of inventory, multi period model, optimal quantity to order, safety stock, periodic review system, Single period Inventory model.

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: What is inventory, cost of inventory, benefits of inventory, multi period model, optimal quantity to order, safety stock, periodic review system, single period inventory model.

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  • In this paper, an integrated inventory model is developed from the perspective of a single vendor and multi-buyers for deteriorating items under fuzzy environment and inflation. In the development of the model, it is assumed that all costs parameters, demand and the production rates are imprecise in nature; they are represented by the trapezoidal fuzzy numbers, as these parameters are not constant and can be disturbed due to daily market changes.

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  • This paper presents a feasibility study for producing the medical isotope 99mTc using the hazardous and currently wasted radioisotope 99Tc. This can be achieved with the nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) phenomenon, which has recently been made applicable due to high-intensity laser Compton scattering (LCS) photons. In this work, 21 NRF energy states of 99Tc have been identified as potential contributors to the photo-production of 99mTc and their NRF cross-sections are evaluated by using the single particle estimate model and the ENSDF data library.

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  • The principles of the relational model were first outlined by Dr. E. F. Codd in a June 1970 paper called “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.” In this paper, Dr. Codd proposed the relational model for database systems. The more popular models used at that time were hierarchical and network, or even simple flat file data structures. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) soon became very popular, especially for their ease of use and flexibility in structure.

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  • Distillation is probably one of the oldest systematic processes in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering which goes back to the first century AD. The initial concepts were applied in the production of distilled water. Distillation was a single step batch process at the beginning. However, fractional distillation as is used today was developed more than 10 centuries later.

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  • The feedback from oil prices to economic activity is captured by a reduced-form production function that allows us to separately specify shocks to the output gap (transitory shocks to output), shocks to potential output (permanent shocks to the level of output), and shocks to potential output growth (permanent shocks to the growth rate of output). The richness of this specification helps us to model the complicated interactions of oil price movements and GDP, where both trend and gap decline if oil prices increase.

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  • Process control is recognized as an important means of improving the performance and consistency of thermoplastic parts. However, no single control strategy or system design is universally accepted, and manufacturing systems continue to produce defective components during production. This chapter provides an overview of modeling, measurement, and control strategies in polymer processing, and discusses some of the difficulties posed by their complex and distributed nature.

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  • Liquidity management: A more centralized (branch) model would allow global banks with wholesale operations to manage liquidity more efficiently at the group level, allowing them to transfer liquidity where it is most needed (in normal times, as well as at times of stress, absent barriers placed on transferring funds across jurisdictions in excess of the regulatory requirements).

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  • Our final set of results addresses heterogeneity in the effects of television on test scores. The effects on verbal, reading, and gen- eral knowledge scores are most positive for children from house- holds where English is not the primary language, for children whose mothers have less than a high school education, and for nonwhite children. When we combine student observables into a single index of parental investment—the time parents spent read- ing to their children in early childhood—we find that the effect of television is significantly more positive the lower is parental investment.

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  • SAP2000 represents the most sophisticated and user-friendly release of the SAP series of computer programs. When initially released in 1996, SAP2000 was the first version of SAP to be completely integrated within Microsoft Windows. It features a powerful graphical user interface that is unmatched in terms of ease-of-use and productivity. Creation and modification of the model, execution of the analysis, and checking and optimization of the design, and production of the output are all accomplished using this single interface.

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  • The population is continuing firms in these time periods. Since we cannot distinguish organic from acquired growth, we study total growth. In order to relate to previous literature, we use employment and sales as growth indicators, yet in addition we introduce productivity and value added. 7 Productivity growth is defined as growth in value-added based labor productivity, which is the single most frequently used productivity statistic (OECD, 2001 p. 12).

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  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are products of normal metabolic activities and are thought to be the cause of many diseases. A selenium-containing single-chain abzyme 2F3 (Se-2F3-scFv) that imitates glutathione peroxidase has been produced which has the capacity to remove ROS. To evaluate the antioxidant ability of Se-2F3-scFv, we con-structeda ferrous sulfate/ascorbate (Vc/Fe 2+ )-inducedmito-chondrial damage model system and investigated the capacity of Se-2F3-scFv to protect mitochondria from oxi-dative damage.

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  • It is inconceivable today to imagine designing buildings without the use of computers. They are used at every step of the architectural process, from conceptual design to construction. Three­ dimensional modeling and visualization, generative form finding, scripted modulation systems, structura and thermal analyses, project management and coordination, and file-to-factory production are just some of the digital practices employed by architects and building consultants.

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  • This paper describes some fusion techniques for achieving high accuracy species identification from images of different plant organs. Given a series of different image organs such as branch, entire, flower, or leaf, we firstly extract confidence scores for each single organ using a deep convolutional neural network.

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  • In this paper, a multiscale study of spray drying process with skim milk served as drying product is presented. Firstly, a characteristic drying curve model is developed to describe the heat and mass transfer of single droplet drying process.

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  • The term ìspreadsheetî covers a wide variety of elements useful for quantitative analysis of all kinds. Essentially, a spreadsheet is a simple tool consisting of a matrix of cells that can store numbers, text, or formulas. The spreadsheetís power comes from its ability to recalculate results as you change the contents of other cells. No longer does the user need to do these calculations by hand or on a calculator. Instead, with a properly constructed spreadsheet, changing a single number (say, a sales forecast) can result in literally thousands of automatic changes in the model.

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  • 9 Control of Polymer Processing David Kazmer University of Massachusetts, Amherst 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 Introduction Process Description Process Variability Modeling Process Control Machine Control • State-Variable Control • Set-Point Control Kourosh Danai University of Massachusetts, Amherst Conclusions 9.1 Introduction Process control is recognized as an important means of improving the performance and consistency of thermoplastic parts.

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  • High-level synthesis – also called behavioral and architectural-level synthesis – is a key design technology to realize systems on chip/package of various kinds, whether single or multi-processors, homogeneous or heterogeneous, for the embedded systems market or not. Actually, as technology progresses and systems become increasingly complex, the use of high-level abstractions and synthesis methods becomes more and more a necessity. Indeed, the productivity of designers increases with the abstraction level, as demonstrated by practices in both the software and hardware domains.

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