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  • Utilising the DaimlerChrysler human resources upgrade in one of South Africa’s least developed provinces as the basis, this is a well-developed case study of the relationship between human capital in host economies and international capital inflows. It describes how DaimlerChrysler

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  • The nuclear envelope (NE) is composed of inner and outer nuclear mem-branes (INM and ONM, respectively), nuclear pore complexes and an underlying mesh like supportive structure – the lamina. It has long been known that heterochromatin clusters at the nuclear periphery adjacent to the nuclear lamina, hinting that proteins of the lamina may participate in regulation of gene expression.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học General Psychiatry cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Regulating the immune system: the induction of regulatory T cells in the periphery Jane H Buckner1 and Steven F Ziegler2...

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  • Utilising the DaimlerChrysler human resources upgrade in one of South Africa抯 least developed provinces as the basis, this is a well-developed case study of the relationship between human capital in host economies and international capital inflows. It describes how DaimlerChrysler upgraded human resources in its East London plant where the company manufactures the Mercedes C-Class model for export. Lorentzen explores the extent and depth of the upgrading along and beyond the automotive supply chain, and its repercussions on local education and training institutions.

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  • Bản thân nhiệt độ cơ thể gà đã xấp xỉ 410C, mặc dù nhiệt độ giữa ban ngày và ban đêm không đồng nhất, nhiệt độ cao giúp gà đền bù về tổn thất nhiệt, ngoài ra gà còn phải chịu tổn thất nước, đây cũng là cơ chế giúp gà điều phối nhiệt lưu thông máu trong cơ thể nhất là đến các bộ phận như cánh, cổ, chân vì vậy mà người ta gọi đây là cơ chế PV (peripherial vasolidation)

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  • DRAM Cell ObservationDRAM Cell Observations.1T DRAM requires a sense amplifier for each bit line, due to charge redistribution read-out.DRAM memory cells are single ended in contrast to SRAM cells.The read-out of the 1T DRAM cell is destructive; read and refresh operations are necessary for correct operation.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 29. Disorders of the Eye The Human Visual System The visual system provides a supremely efficient means for the rapid assimilation of information from the environment to aid in the guidance of behavior. The act of seeing begins with the capture of images focused by the cornea and lens upon a light-sensitive membrane in the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is actually part of the brain, banished to the periphery to serve as a transducer for the conversion of patterns of light energy into neuronal signals.

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  • 241 P-feature: A feature (e.g. a topic-, focus- or wh-feature) which attracts a constituent to move to the periphery of a clause. Phase: In work outlined in chapter 10, Chomsky argues that syntactic structures are build up in phases (phases including complementiser phrases and transitive verb phrases), and that once a phase has been produced, the domain/complement of the head of the phase undergoes transfer to the PF component and the semantic component, and thereby becomes impenetrable to further operations in the syntax. ...

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  • This edited collection had its beginnings in conversations with Jan Monk and Janet Momsen who encouraged us to contribute to their series on the geographical aspects of women’s lives. Their support and helpful comments were invaluable during the long process of producing the volume.

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  • Stages of neutrophil development shown schematically. G-CSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) and GM-CSF (granulocytemacrophage colony-stimulating factor) are critical to this process. Identifying cellular characteristics and specific cell-surface markers are listed for each maturational stage. Figure 61-3 Neutrophil band with Döhle body. The neutrophil with a sausage-shaped nucleus in the center of the field is a band form.

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  • What the described event marks is a moment where an expectation is shattered: the composer, who expected to become a big success in the French capital, had his art rejected by one of the most important figures from the city’s artistic scene. An event such as this is criss-crossed by innumerable social vectors. On one hand, a foreign artist, fresh from the ‘periphery,’ a recent arrival in the great cultural centre of the period; on the other, a Parisian artist completely established and at home in his setting.

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  • This article discusses how the flux of cultural productions between centre and periphery works, taking as an example the field of music production in France and Brazil in the 1920s. The life trajectories of Jean Cocteau, French poet and painter, and Heitor Villa-Lobos, a Brazilian composer, are taken as the main reference points for the discussion.

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  • The last decade or so has seen remarkable advances in our knowledge of cough. This applies especially to its basic mechanisms: the types of airway sensors, the pharmacological receptors on their membranes, the brainstem organization of the ‘cough centre’, and the involvement of the cerebral cortex in the sensations and the voluntary control of cough. With the exception of the last of these, nearly all the studies have been on experimental animals rather than humans, for obvious reasons.

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  • This was the formula behind America’s information-technology boom in the last half of the twentieth century. Not only did the country produce many more startups per capita than Europe or Japan did, it consistently produced startups that grew to flagship status: the now-defunct Digital Equipment Corp. in the 1950s, Intel and AMD in the 1960s, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle in the ’70s, Cisco Systems and Dell in the ’80s, and Amazon and Google in the ’90s, for example.

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  • Penetrating the lesion: Fixing the lesion with one hand, grasp the syringe with the needle attached (with or without syringe holder) by the dominant hand and introduce through the skin into the lesion, carefully and swiftly. The angle and depth of entry varies with the type of lesion. For small lesions, aspiration of central portion is indicated. For larger lesions that may have necrosis, cystic change or hemorrhage in the center, aspiration may be done from the periphery. If pus or necrotic material alone is aspirated from larger lesions, FNA can be repeated immediately from the periphery.

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  • Khi đi rounds về internal medicine, đọc XR's với radiologists, họ thường chỉ cho thấy các Kerley’s A,B,C lines trên chest XR's (các dấu hiệu signs) cuả heart failure trên chest XR's. Trong NewEnglJnl Med số mới nhất (9 th 4, 2009) trang 1539, phần "hình ảnh trong y khoa" có in lại một chest XR của bnhân 59 tuổi Hypertension, diabetic nephropathy (từ Asakura, Japan). Trong hình chụp XR, có các Kerley’s lines: A, B, và C. Trên chest XR's: Kerley’s A: là những vệt (opacities) từ ngoại biên phổi (periphery) tới hila.

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  • In Sayeed and Szpakowicz (2004), we proposed a parser inspired by some aspects of the Minimalist Program. This incremental parser was designed specifically to handle discontinuous constituency phenomena for NPs in Latin. We take a look at the application of this parser to a specific kind of apparent island violation in Latin involving the extraction of constituents, including subjects, from tensed embedded clauses. We make use of ideas about the left periphery from Rizzi (1997) to modify our parser in order to handle apparently violated subject islands and similar phenomena. ...

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  • Average of Socket Wall Thickness around periphery shall be no less than listed values. The minimum values are permitted in localized areas. Upper and lower values for each size are the respective maximum and minimum dimensions.

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  • This analysis will serve as a starting point for us to focus on a broader subject. In fact, the study of the careers of the figures involved allows us to discuss the way in which cultural flows between centre and periphery work, taking as an example the musical scenes of France and Brazil in the 1920s. With the help of this empirical material, we can identify the social practices and mechanisms through which the social positions of these figures were supported and their differences legitimized.

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  • This second edition of our book was written 20 years after the first. There have been great technological advances made during this period, advances that now make possible the recording of additional physiological measures from brain and periphery under a variety of conditions not thought possible when we wrote the first edition.

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