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  • Biofuels Engineering Process Technology has many contents: Harvesting Energy from Biochemical Reactions, Microbial Modeling of Biofuel Production, Biofuel Feedstocks, Ethanol Production, Biodiesel, Biological Production of Hydrogen, Microbial Fuel Cells.

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  • The operating characteristics of hydrogen iodide (HI) decomposition for hydrogen production were investigated using the commercial computational fluid dynamics code, and various factors, such as hydrogen production, heat of reaction, and temperature distribution, were studied to compare device performance with that expected for device development. Hydrogen production increased with an increase of the surface-to-volume (STV) ratio.

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  • The two most important environmental hazards faced by humankind today are air pollution and global warming. Both have a direct link with our current overdependence on fossil fuels. Pollutants produced from combustion of hydrocarbons now cause even more health problems due to the urbanization of world population

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  • This study investigated effect of initial pH and current intensity on both the amount of hydrogen peroxide production and the Glyphosate mineralization performance. The results indicated that at pH 3, the quantity of H2O2 production on cathode was highest (~0.15 mg/L), and the Glyphosate mineralization performance was optimum, approximately 60% at an electrolysis time of 50 min.

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  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a family of chemical compounds which do not exist in nature but which are manmade. Commercial mixtures are clear, pale yellow liquids manufactured by the replacement of hydrogen atoms on the biphenyl molecule by chlorine. The reaction is controlled according to the percentage replacement of hydrogen and results in a product which contain chlorobiphenyls with one or, more usually, several chlorine atoms attached to each molecule.

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  • Hydrogen and synthesis gas (syngas) are indispensable in chemical, oil, and energy industries. They are important building blocks and serve as feedstocks for the production of chemicals such as ammonia and methanol. Hydrogen is used in petroleum refi neries to produce clean transportation fuels, and its consumption is expected to increase dramatically in the near future as refi ners need to process increasingly heavier and sour crudes.

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  • Hydrogen and fuel cells are seen by many as key solutions for the 21st century, enabling clean efficient production of power and heat from a range of primary energy sources. The High Level Group for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies was initiated in October 2002 by the Vice President of the European Commission, Loyola de Palacio, Commissioner for Energy and Transport, and Mr Philippe Busquin, Commissioner for Research.

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  • Hydrogen economy represents the future of human civilization. Limited resources of our planet are compelling us to turn to renewable clean energy resources and hydrogen figures prominently as the energy carrier of a future sustainable energy system. There are significant challenges to be overcome in order to make hydrogen viable, in production, storage and power generation, while safety of operation is an ever-present factor that determines success or failure of a proposed solution.

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  • Amines are extremely important intermediates and end products of the chemical industry and are often obtained by hydrogenation of the corresponding nitro compounds or imines. A search of the literature reveals, that hydrogenation of nitro compounds catalyzed by well-defined molecular complexes in aqueous solutions is rare.

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  • Author does not make any warranty or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or any third party’s use of any information, product, procedure, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Any electronic website link in this book is provided for user convenience and its publication does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by the author.

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  • Recovering useful hydrocarbons from sewage sludge using zirconia-supporting iron oxide catalysts was investigated. Zirconia has activity for decomposing water molecules to generate active oxygen and hydrogen species.

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  • In the present study, we used response surface methodology (RSM) to investigate the mutual effect of glucose, yeast extract, and iron concentration to more improve hydrogen production using the pure Clostridium sp. Tr2.

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  • The impact of aluminium (Al) stress on the production of hydrogen peroxide and on the activity of antioxidant enzymes involved in oxidative metabolism, such as ascorbate peroxidase (APX), peroxidase (POD), and catalase (CAT), were studied in seedlings of 2 clover species (Trifolium alexandrinum L. and Medicago sativa L.).

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  • The results also indicated that the chemical conversion rate of hydrogen production was in direct proportion to the mass of Na2CO3, while the solid product was Na2UO4, instead of Na2U2O7. Nevertheless the thermochemical cycle used for hydrogen generation can be closed, and chemical compounds used in these processes can also be recycled. So the cycle with Na2UO4 as its first reaction product has an advantage over the proposed UTC process, attributed to the fast reaction rate and high hydrogen yield in the first reaction step.

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  • In this important new book and presents the quintessential guide for gas engineers, emphasizing the practical aspects of natural gas production. Readers will learn to incorporate cutting-edge research in estimating reserves, evaluating the performance of fractured wells, processing gas, and material balance analysis; learn to evaluate future performance of gas reservoirs; learn to improve the performance of gas wells; and more.

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  • Abstract Red mud is a residue in the production of alumina by the Bayer process. It contains oxides of iron and titanium, and has been shown to be active in sulfided form as hydrogenation catalyst. The evolution of sulfided red mud activity and selectivity with reaction time was studied for the hydrogenation of a light fraction of an anthracene oil.

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  • The objective of waste water treatment is to prevent large quantities of substances to reach and impact the environment in high doses and concentrations. Areas of high population densitiy naturally are areas were production of sewage sludge is high (see Figure 1-1). Presently about 8 million t of sewage sludges (MAGOAROU 2000) are produced each year in the EU member states (Table 1-1). Its high content of organic materials, of nitrogen and phosphorous suggest their use as soil conditioner and fertilizer in agriculture.

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  • decreasing their value added. Successful, cost-effective investment into energy efficiency technologies and practices meets the challenge of maintaining the output of a high quality product while reducing production costs. This is especially important, as energy efficient technologies often include “additional” benefits, such as increasing the productivity of the company. Energy use is also a major source of emissions in the refinery industry, making energy efficiency improvement an attractive opportunity to reduce emissions and operating costs.

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  • Three-phase fixed-bed reactors are very often encountered in industrial applica- tions for carrying out different chemical reactions between gaseous and liquid reactants on porous catalysts, in processes such as, hydrogenation, hydrotreating, purification, the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis, and in many others. These processes form the basis for production of a large variety of intermediate and ultimate products in refinery, bulk and fine chemistry, in manufacture of monomers, sol- vents, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, fuels, food additives, etc....

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  • During pupal metamorphosis, the anterior silk glands (ASGs) of the silk-wormBombyx moridegenerate through programmed cell death (PCD), which is triggered by 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E). 20E triggers the PCD of the ASGs of day 7 fifth instar (V7) larvae but not that of V5 larvae.

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