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  • This paper descrlbes how meanings are represented in a semantic grammar for a fragment of English in the logic programming language Prolog. The conventions of Definite Clause Grammars are used. Previous work on DCGs with a semantic component has used essentially first-order formulas for representing meanings. The system described here uses formulas of the typed ~-calculus.

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  • Collocational knowledge is necessary for language generation. The problem is that collocations come in a large variety of forms. They can involve two, three or more words, these words can be of different syntactic categories and they can be involved in more or less rigid ways. This leads to two main difficulties: collocational knowledge has to be acquired and it must be represented flexibly so that it can be used for language generation. We address both problems in this paper, focusing on the acquisition problem. We describe a program, X t r a c t , that automatically acquires...

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  • In this paper we describe an approach to constraint based syntactic theories in terms of finite tree automata. The solutions to constraints expressed in weak monadic second order (MSO) logic are represented by tree a u t o m a t a recognizing the assignments which make the formulas true. We show that this allows an efficient representation of knowledge about the content of constraints which can be used as a practical tool for grammatical theory verification. We achieve this by using the intertranslatability of formulae of MSO logic and tree a u t o m a t a...

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  • This paper looks at representing paraphrases using the formalism of Synchronous TAGs; it looks particularly at comparisons with machine translation and the modifications it is necessary to make to Synchronous TAGs for paraphrasing. A more detailed version is in Dras (1997a).

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  • The question we have addressed here is to define the size and composition of the corpus we would need in order to get necessary and sufficient information for Machine Learning techniques to induce that type of information. Representativeness of a corpus is a topic largely dealt with, especially in corpus linguistics. One of the standard references is Biber (1993) where the author offers guidelines for corpus design to characterize a language.

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  • In order to represent speech acts, in a multi-agent context, we choose a knowledge representation based on the modal logic of knowledge KT4 which is defined by Sato. Such a formalism allows us to reason about knowledge and represent knowledge about knowledge, the notions of truth value and of definite reference.

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  • ON REPRESENTING GOVERNED PREPOSITIONS AND HANDLING "INCORRECT" AND NOVEL PREPOSITIONS Hatte R. Blejer, Sharon Flank, and A n d r e w K c h l e r SRA Corporation 2000 15th St. N o r t h Arlington, VA 22201, USA ABSTRACT NLP systems, in order to be robust, must h a n d l e novel a n d ill-formed input. One c o m m o n type of error involves the use of n o n - s t a n d a r d prepositions to m a r k arguments. In this paper, we...

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  • Lecture Algorithm design "Representative problems" include all of the following: Matching med-school students to hospitals, stable matching problem, perfect matching, unstable pair, stable matching problem, stable roommate problem, Gale-Shapley deferred acceptance algorithm,...and another content.

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  • Health, safety & environment handbook for employees, contractors & site representatives 2013 - 2014 includes Policies on Healthy Safety & Environment, Violence and Harassment, Alcohol and Drug, Definition of Terms, Responsibilities of Employees/Contractors.

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  • Chapter 3: Representing Knowledge in Computer Introduction (Representing knowledge, Metrics for assessing knowledge representation schemes), Logic representation, Inference rules, Semantics networks, Frames and Scripts, Decision trees.

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  • Chapter 6 - Union strategies and structures for representing workers. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Unions and politics, union growth and membership characteristics, models of union growth, explanations of recent union declines, union structures for collective bargaining.

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  • This paper starts with concepts of represented speech as a rhetorical device, followed by rhetoric represented speech in 10+ nights and ways to identify rhetoric represented speech in 10+ nights before the conclusion.

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  • Germplasm banks maintain collections representing the most comprehensive catalogue of native genetic diversity available for crop improvement. Users of germplasm banks are interested in a fixed number of samples representing as broadly as possible the diversity present in the wider collection.

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  • In simulation of fractured rock mass such as mechanical calculation, hydraulic calculation or coupled hydro-mechanical calculation, the representative element volume of fractured rock mass in the simulating code is very important and give the success of simulation works. The difficulties of how to make a representative element volume are come from the numerous fractures distributed in different orientation, length, location of the actual fracture network.

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  • This paper analysed the real-world driving data to determine the representative parameters of driving cycle for the purpose of the typical driving cycle development of bus in Hanoi. The realworld driving data of bus in Hanoi were collected by using the Global positioning system technique with 1Hz data update rate. The real-world driving data of fifteen bus routes in the inner city were collected continuously, on weekdays as well as at weekends. The data, then, were used to calculate 33 kinematics parameters reflecting the realistic driving characteristics, including vehicle-specific power.

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  • A laboratory study was undertaken to investigate the P adsorption behavior of three representative soils of Chhattisgarh belonging to the order Inceptisol, Alfisol and Vertisol.

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  • Mời các bạn tham khảo Form CV bằng tiếng Anh để biết cách viết một bản CV ấn tượng và trình bày rõ ràng nội dung của từng phần như: Cách giới thiệu về bản thân, quá trình học tập và kinh nghiệm làm việc của mình. Hi vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích giúp bạn hoàn thành một CV đẹp mắt và ghi điểm với nhà tuyển dụng.

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  • Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning vector spaces, often finite or countably infinite dimensional, as well as linear mappings between such spaces. Such an investigation is initially motivated by a system of linear equations in several unknowns. Such equations are naturally represented using the formalism of matrices and vectors

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  • Documents and reflects on the steps that researchers are taking to implement social and gender analysis, including questions of class, caste, and ethnicity, into their everyday work. Combines both learning experiences and scientific results, representing academic and nonacademic sectors, a variety of research organizations, and a number of natural resource management questions, including biodiversity conservation, crop and livestock improvement, and sustainable grassland development.

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  • As can be seen in Table 1, the pre-service teachers had diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 2 Selection of the pre-service teachers, while not designed to be representative, provided a broad student teacher perspective on issues related to teaching ESL writing. The participants represented a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Seven were native English speakers. Five were second language speakers of English, with Korean, French and Portuguese as their first language backgrounds.

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