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Review and new approaches

Xem 1-20 trên 76 kết quả Review and new approaches
  • In this work, we review various PhCs detected in water treatment plants. We propose that fungi, particularly white-rot fungi (WRF), can be used for their bioremediation and describe the main mechanisms used for degrading this type of emerging pollutants; however, we also highlight the need to prospect for new fungal models.

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  • This review paper covers recent advances in the synthetic strategies for novel TPase inhibitors and their potential medicinal applications over the last few decades. A brief introduction covering the structural aspects of TPase inhibitors is also included to facilitate understanding of diverse approaches to monitor the design of new inhibitors. TPase is an essential enzyme and its inhibition is a potential target in the development of anticancer drugs.

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  • A new approach that combines microfluidics with magnetic nanoparticles and is based on the antibody binding principle is proposed. The feasibility of implementing this combined technique will also be discussed.

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  • Since plants are exposed to diverse environmental stresses in their natural area, numerous reviews have demonstrated many aspects of dehydrins (DHNs), including structural and functional dynamics, and multiple roles such as membrane protection, cryoprotection of enzymes, chaperone feature, and protection from reactive oxygen species. In this review, we have focused on new information, and other promising and emerging topics of DHNs in plants.

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  • Industrial garden is a new approach, especially for competition in increasing pollution in the atmosphere. It helps easily to beautify the industrial areas. The lawn laid in vacant lands not only adds beauty but also cut down dust. These gardens are designed to reduce pollution and beautify the world. These units are the most sources of air, water, noise and soil pollution.

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  • This article consists of three parts as follows: An overview of historical review including social attitude in Vietnamese people; the verification and consideration of the construction of inclusive society from perspective of the CRPD; the reforming and the development of inclusive of Vietnam.

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  • In this review, we discuss current-induced domain wall motion under the action of different spin torques in a wide range of antiferromagnetically coupled materials. New approaches and prospective applications of the antiferromagnetic structurebased devices are also discussed.

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  • The current review can shed light on the development of more efficient CTC cluster separation method that will enhance the pivotal understanding of the metastatic process and may be practical in contriving new strategies to control and suppress cancer and metastasis.

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  • At present, the global climate change is one of the biggest challenges in front of human race which results mainly from global warming due to an increased concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. Among the major green house gases, Carbon dioxide and methane contribute maximum toward the global warming. To mitigate the global climate change the reduction in emission of green house gases is necessary. Microorganisms play a crucial role in the regulation and utilization of these gases.

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  • Recycling of unmanaged agro-waste has always been a matter of great environmental concern to the developing countries. Recycling it into the fabric will be a major breakthrough in the textile as well as agricultural sector. Cornhusk is an agricultural byproduct having high potential for converting into fibres. Corn husk is bio cellulosic material and exhibits 80- 87% cellulose and is a future renewable resource. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural substitute to the synthetics and resistant to UV light as well.

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  • Bacterial multidrug resistanceis a phenomenon that has been growing with increasing speed worldwide. New mechanisms of resistance have been described in different bacterial pathogens, representing a threat to effective treatments of common infectious diseases with currently available drugs. The use of drugs known as "non-antibiotics are among the alternative approaches to the use of conventional antibiotics. This approach has been studied in order to counteract the global threat of multidrug resistance. This group of drugs includes various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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  • The development of fruits without fertilization is known as parthenocarpy. Parthenocarpy improves the fruit quality, processing attributes, production and productivity of vegetable crops like tomato, cucumber, watermelon etc. Absence of seeds can enhances the shelf life of the fruits, allowing a better conservation, fruit set in adverse climatic conditions, early and offseason production of vegetable crops. Therefore, it is important to ensure yield stability regardless of environmental conditions.

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  • Protozoa are unicellular parasites which infect a number of animals including human. For diagnosis of protozoa recent research has been focused almost exclusively on molecular based techniques for the identification and quantification of parasite DNA in samples. The development of molecular tools has allowed the diagnosis, as well as the study of the genetic variability of pathogens and the identification of species-specific markers. Paper review details about the recent advance technique in important protozoan parasite in animal.

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  • The performance of the proposed approach has been tested on several sets of instances from the data set of QAP and the results obtained have shown the effective performance of the proposed algorithm in improving several solutions of QAP in reasonable time. Afterwards, the proposed approach is compared with other recent methods in the literature review. Based on the computation results, the proposed hybrid approach outperforms the other methods.

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  • It was examined that weeds cause a lot of problems in the crop field. Weeds compete with the main crop for nutrients, water, food, space, sunlight etc. Weeds utilize the nutrients provided to the main crop and sometimes dominate the main crop. Some weeds are very noxious and they are harmful for both humans as well as animals. It is clearly revealed from studies done in field of weeds that use of herbicides used to control weeds cause many effects on soil as it leads to degradation in the quality of soil, water as well as it pollutes environment.

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  • Custard apple (Sitaphal) is a yellowish green fruit of the family of plant species Annona. The postharvest system for these fruits is not yet adequately developed, and therefore several handling problems are still common. Rapid softening of fruits after harvest, especially during transportation and marketing is a major ongoing problem. The shelf-life of custard apple fruit can be enhanced upto 12 days in modified atmosphere storage at 10°C, whereas pulp can be stored for six months with potassium meta-bisulphite.

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  • Rice based production systems in the sub-humid region (Purvanchal) of Uttar Pradesh are traditional, with low yield and low farm income, and they have largely missed out on the benefits of the Green Revolution. To enhance productivity, alleviate environmental and management constraints, and enhance farmers’ income in the rice–wheat cropping system of the sub-humid Purvanchal region, Uttar Pradesh, new approaches that are more productive and sustainable need to be developed.

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  • Intensification in aquaculture practices has resulted the development of various diseases caused due to pathogens and water quality issues. In recent times, the usage of antibiotics for controlling bacterial diseases in aquaculture has been proven unsustainable and barren due to development of antibiotic resistance in pathogens one of the greatest human health challenges of the 21st century. Many measures have been used as potential alternatives to antibiotics including organic and inorganic acids, antibodies, probiotics and herbal products.

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  • The term plastic is given to various polymers which can be moulded in different shapes as per the requirement in different sectors. Some plastics are biodegradable while others are not. The biodegradability of plastics depends upon many factors such as polymer characteristics and growth conditions. Because of complex polymeric structure and high molecular weight microorganisms cannot degrade plastics efficiently. So, scientists discover new ways to improve biodegradation.

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  • Since last few years, an impressive amount of data has been generated regarding the basic in vitro and in vivo biology of neural stem cells (NSCs) and there is much far hope for the success in cell replacement therapies for several human neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. The discovery of adult neurogenesis (the endogenous production of new neurons) in the mammalian brain more than 40 years ago has resulted in a wealth of knowledge about stem cells biology in neuroscience research.

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