Review and new approaches

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  • Protozoa are unicellular parasites which infect a number of animals including human. For diagnosis of protozoa recent research has been focused almost exclusively on molecular based techniques for the identification and quantification of parasite DNA in samples. The development of molecular tools has allowed the diagnosis, as well as the study of the genetic variability of pathogens and the identification of species-specific markers. Paper review details about the recent advance technique in important protozoan parasite in animal.

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  • The progression of disease in localized osteomyelitis is characterized by a cycle of microbial invasion, vascular disruption, necrosis and sequestration. The host inflammatory response, discussed in detail below, results in obstruction of small vessels due to coagulopathy and oedema. As a result of this, cortical bone undergoes necrosis and is detached from surrounding live bone, creating an area known as a sequestrum. This provides a fertile environment for further bacterial invasion and progression continues.

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  • Ionic Liquids (ILs) are one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas of modern physical chemistry, technologies and engineering. This book, consisting of 29 chapters gathered in 4 sections, reviews in detail and compiles information about some important physical-chemical properties of ILs and new practical approaches. This is the first book of a series of forthcoming publications on this field by this publisher.

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  • New analytical strategies and techniques are necessary to meet requirements of modern technologies and new materials. In this sense, this book provides a thorough review of current analytical approaches, industrial practices, and strategies in Fourier transform application.

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  • A quick story... Years ago I was working with an auto manufacturer who had built a racecar for the Indy Car circuit and wanted to unveil it to the media. The manufacturer brought the car to mid-town Manhattan and wanted to unveil it under spotlights in a hotel ballroom. The plan seemed simple enough. Put the car in a truck, carry it to the site, put it on the elevator at the hotel and take it up to the second floor ballroom where workers would push the car into place the night before the event....

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  • The Institute of Medicine convened the Clinical Research Roundtable (CRR) in early 2000 to provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss approaches to resolving both acute and long-term issues affecting the Clinical Research Enterprise. It strives to enhance mutual understanding of clinical research between the scientific community and the general public, while improving the public’s understanding of and participation in clinical studies.

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  • Intensification in aquaculture practices has resulted the development of various diseases caused due to pathogens and water quality issues. In recent times, the usage of antibiotics for controlling bacterial diseases in aquaculture has been proven unsustainable and barren due to development of antibiotic resistance in pathogens one of the greatest human health challenges of the 21st century. Many measures have been used as potential alternatives to antibiotics including organic and inorganic acids, antibodies, probiotics and herbal products.

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  • Rice based production systems in the sub-humid region (Purvanchal) of Uttar Pradesh are traditional, with low yield and low farm income, and they have largely missed out on the benefits of the Green Revolution. To enhance productivity, alleviate environmental and management constraints, and enhance farmers’ income in the rice–wheat cropping system of the sub-humid Purvanchal region, Uttar Pradesh, new approaches that are more productive and sustainable need to be developed.

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  • It was examined that weeds cause a lot of problems in the crop field. Weeds compete with the main crop for nutrients, water, food, space, sunlight etc. Weeds utilize the nutrients provided to the main crop and sometimes dominate the main crop. Some weeds are very noxious and they are harmful for both humans as well as animals. It is clearly revealed from studies done in field of weeds that use of herbicides used to control weeds cause many effects on soil as it leads to degradation in the quality of soil, water as well as it pollutes environment.

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  • Recycling of unmanaged agro-waste has always been a matter of great environmental concern to the developing countries. Recycling it into the fabric will be a major breakthrough in the textile as well as agricultural sector. Cornhusk is an agricultural byproduct having high potential for converting into fibres. Corn husk is bio cellulosic material and exhibits 80- 87% cellulose and is a future renewable resource. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural substitute to the synthetics and resistant to UV light as well.

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  • Industrial garden is a new approach, especially for competition in increasing pollution in the atmosphere. It helps easily to beautify the industrial areas. The lawn laid in vacant lands not only adds beauty but also cut down dust. These gardens are designed to reduce pollution and beautify the world. These units are the most sources of air, water, noise and soil pollution.

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  • Most projects are completed with a panic rush and midnight working as the deadline for delivery approaches. Setting intermediate deadlines, with “deliverables” – completed parts of a project that have to be delivered to the project sponsor – can reduce the last minute rush to manageable proportions. It’s a good idea to make the regular review meetings coincide with a deliverable. ”In the process of change, as in any other process, each step must be taken in turn. To attempt step two before completing step one is like trying to wax your car before you have washed it.

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  • Principles of Environmental Toxicology Instructor: Gregory Möller, Ph.D. University of Idaho. Review the course outline. Examine the global environmental outlook. Examine major emerging env. issues. Discuss the present and near future “full scale” environmental emergencies. • Explore key env. successes, data gaps, root problems, and new approaches. • Understand the future challenges of environmental toxicology.

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  • Information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new sorts of communities and communicative practices—phenomena worthy of the attention of anthropological researchers. Despite early assessments of the revolutionary nature of the Internet and the enormous transformations it would bring about, the changes have been less dramatic and more embedded in existing practices and power relations of everyday life.

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  • This report is the second in a continuing review of the planning being done by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to develop a new data management system to support its service delivery process. The review was undertaken at the request of the Social Security Administration, and follows by one year a review by a similar panel of the Board on Telecommunications-Computer Applications, National Research Council.

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  • The structure of this volume basically follows a tripartite organization: Morality and Politics, Money and Poverty, and Medical Need and Response. I will briefly review the chapters in each part in order to provide the reader with a sense of wha he/she might expect. First, however, I would like to describe the rationale behind each part of the book and how they are intended to relate to each other.

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  • Cancer remains a major clinical challenge as a cause of death due to its frequent poor prognosis and limited treatment options in many cases. Cancer management book addresses various cancer management related topics including new approaches for early cancer detection and novel anti‐cancer therapeutic strategies. This book is a collection of studies and reviews written by experts from different parts of the world to present the most up‐to‐date knowledge on cancer management.

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  • By acknowledging incompetence and inefficiency currently in operations of public governance, basing on its structure to review the developments of Vietnam’s transition in recent time, the article pinpoints eight key areas (work that needs to be done, and done correctly, with a new approach) to improve public governance’s competency and efficiency in upcoming periods.

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  • To our Fellows, Friends and Supporters: NYAM is pleased to present our 2010 Annual Report to share our accomplishments in policy, research, community engagement and education in 2010. For more than 160 years, NYAM has been a vital source for effective and innovative thought and action regarding health problems that affect New York City, in particular, and cities in general.

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  • This study presents a novel approach to the problem of system portability across different domains: a sentiment annotation system that integrates a corpus-based classifier trained on a small set of annotated in-domain data and a lexicon-based system trained on WordNet.

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