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  • I started exploring telecommunications’ frontiers at the tender age of nine, way back in 1964. That was the year I visited the New York World’s Fair and found myself, quite unexpectedly, drafted into a corporate public relations demonstration. Back then, nearly all U.S. telecommunications—hardware, software and service—was concentrated in the hands of a giant monopoly—the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. AT&T’s showplace at the fair was the Bell System Pavilion. (Fig. Intro.-1).

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  • restrictions. AR also doesn't consume as much time and effort in many applications because it's not required to construct the entire virtual scene, which can be tedious and time-consuming. In this book, several new and emerging application areas of AR are presented. It is divided into three sections. The first section contains applications in outdoor and mobile AR, such as construction, restoration, security, and surveillance. The second section deals with AR in medical, biological, and human bodies.

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  • Video surveillance has been a key component of many organizations’ safety and security groups for decades. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by: ● Providing real-time monitoring of a facility's environment, people, and assets. ● Recording the movements inside and outside a facility's environment for delayed viewing. Many traditional video surveillance deployments are purely analog and have not yet been able to benefit from a converged network approach.

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  • Ultra-Wideband Radio (UWB) earmarks a new radio access philosophy and exploits several GHz of bandwidth. It promises high data rate communication over short distances as well as innovative radar sensing and localization applications with unprecedented resolution. Fields of application may be found, among others, in industry, civil engineering, surveillance and exploration, for security and safety measures, and even for medicine.

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  • Wireless sensor networks promise an unprecedented fine-grained interface between the virtual and physical worlds. They are one of the most rapidly developing new information technologies, with applications in a wide range of fields including industrial process control, security and surveillance, environmental sensing, and structural health monitoring. This book is motivated by the urgent need to provide a comprehensive and organized survey of the field.

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  • As citizens, Afghan women face constitutional equality but legal inequality. Furthermore, there are great discrepancies between customary law, civil law and Islamic Law - as well as the informal justice system, which tends to grant women even less rights. Years of conflict and violence have further eroded the protection of women's (limited) rights, and a culture of impunity reigns as far as violence is concerned, including violence against women inside and outside the household.

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  • Funds raising money outside the United States often rely on Regulation S under the Securities Act for their exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act. Regulation S uses a territorial approach for offers and sales of securities pursuant to which the registration requirements of the Securities Act apply to persons in the United States, regardless of citizenship, but do not apply to persons residing outside the United States.

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  • For questions related to Conflict of Interest, Pharma/Medical Device Industry Interactions, and Sanction: Alicia Christensen–COI Specialist,, 857-218-4675 The Compliance Program assists the hospital community in providing services and conducting business in compliance with all state and federal laws governing its operations and in accordance with established standards of business and professional ethics.

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  • GPON is a culmination of the best in BPON and EPON techniques. Most agree that eventually, everything will move to IP (voice over IP, video over IP, robust data applications like gaming, video streaming, MPEG3 downloads), and quadruple play applications (network appliances, security, video surveillance). The advantages of GPON are key in driving commitment by the large volume carriers to the GPON standard. As GPON moves to become the standard of choice for fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) networks, cost reductions and inter-operability will accelerate....

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  • This chapter provides an overview of the components that are used in a Cisco® Stream Manager Video Surveillance solution. These components are discussed in more detail throughout this Solutions Reference Network Design (SRND) Guide. Video surveillance is a key component of the safety and security of many organizations, providing real-time monitoring of the environment, people and assets, and providing recording for investigation purposes. Benefits of Cisco’s Video Surveillance solution include:...

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  • Surveillance systems have become an essential part in most establishments nowadays. There are many uses to these systems in national security, safety in public areas, flow control in crowded scenes, private safety and in providing special care for the aged and disabled. At the heart of any surveillance system are video cameras which have had their numbers significantly multiply over the last decade, thanks to advances in digital networks and automated video processing.

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  • Radio Frequency Identifi cation (RFID) is a modern wireless data transmission and reception technique for applications including automatic identifi cation, asset tracking and security surveillance. As barcodes and other means of identifi cation and asset tracking are inadequate for recent demands, RFID technology has att racted interest for applications such as logistics, supply chain management, asset tracking, and security access control.

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  • On first glance, official identification of human remains and certification of the cause of death appear to be mundane endeavors that serve mainly private needs of families, insurers, and litigants. In truth, however, valid and reliable data on the circumstances and causes of deaths serve a variety of important public needs, including fair and accurate adjudication in criminal and civil cases, maintenance of accurate vital statistics, effective public health surveillance and response, advances in health and safety research, and improvement in quality of heath care....

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  • The different implications of high government debt and unsustainable public finances should be reflected in prices for government securities. The existence and implementation of the European fiscal framework should therefore have a twofold effect. First, the credibility of the European fiscal framework and its ability to deter “excessive” deficits and debt in the perception of market participants generally affect future risks associated with liabilities of all member states.

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  • Video Surveillance - Cost vs. Coverage In the post 9/11/01 world, the role of video surveillance systems has shifted from protecting property to protecting lives. Increased security measures and extended surveillance areas are now necessary to provide optimum public safety. These new requirements demand a higher quality and a more extensive delivery of video images.

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  • Combining innovative thinking, fast response, and careful monitoring Abt Associates provides unequalled expertise and decades of experience in all aspects of conducting surveys – including collecting and analyzing key immunization data. A critical surveillance project for the Department of Defense serves as a good example of Abt Associates’ innovative surveillance solutions – and our ability to leverage technology and partnerships to deliver complete, accurate data quickly and securely.

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  • How to Implement Cost Effective CCTV at Your Premises IP Convergence Spawns New Generation of Security Solutions Advances in technology now provide opportunities for KRONE structured cabling products in solutions outside of the traditional voice and data. The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and security market, previously dominated through the use of coaxial cabling solutions, can now be provided for by using far more cost effective structured cabling solutions. Post 9/11 there has been a dramatic increase in the requirement for cost effective video surveillance and security monitoring.

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  • Mục đích của dự án là để xác định lý do tại sao có những thất bại vắc-xin, và điều tra những gì type huyết thanh của FMDV đang lưu hành tại Việt Nam để vắc xin chính xác có thể được sử dụng cho các type huyết thanh. Phòng thí nghiệm khu vực thiết lập với các thuốc thử và phương pháp cho phép một khả năng chẩn đoán FMDV chẩn đoán và huyết thanh chẩn đoán.

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  • Mục đích dự án là để xác định lý do tại sao có những thất bại vắc-xin, và để điều tra type huyết thanh của FMDV được lưu hành tại Việt Nam để các vắc xin chính xác có thể được sử dụng cho các type huyết thanh. Phòng thí nghiệm khu vực được thiết lập với các thuốc thử và phương pháp để cho phép một chẩn đoán khả năng chẩn đoán và huyết thanh chẩn đoán FMDV.

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  • Mục đích của dự án gồm hai phần để phát triển năng lực cho LMLM (và các bệnh khác) giám sát và chẩn đoán tại phòng kiểm nghiệm và cấp cơ sở, và để điều tra type huyết thanh của FMDV lưu hành tại Việt Nam và lý do cho thất bại vắc-xin. khu vực phòng thí nghiệm đã được thiết lập với các thuốc thử và phương pháp để cho phép một khả năng chẩn đoán FMDV chẩn đoán và huyết thanh chẩn đoán.

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