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  • To explain the role of public relations, sponsorships, and corporate advertising in relationship marketing and integrated marketing communications. By integrating public relations, event sponsorships, and institutional advertising with its general advertising activities, a company can improve the overall effectiveness of its marketing efforts.

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  • Hoạt động tài trợ được xem như một công cụ marketing và đem lại hiệu quả cao hơn hẳn về nhiều mặt so với việc thiết lập sự nhận biết thương hiệu thông qua quảng cáo. Tuy nhiên việc sử dụng nó để đem lại lợi ích cao nhất là một thách thức lớn cho các nhà quản trị marketing – đó là việc làm cách nào để xây dựng chiến dịch tài trợ đúng đối tượng, đúng thời điểm, sử dụng chi phí hợp lý và, quan trọng nhất là, nằm trong chiến lược xây dựng và phát triển...

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  • The authors investigate the relationship between sports-related event sponsorship and stock market valuation and identify factors that influence the financial rewards of sponsorship using World Cup and PGA tour sponsorship data. In particular, relationship between sports sponsorship with financial performance is examined in terms of sponsorship fit, event characteristics, and brand equity.

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  • part 2 book “integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications” has contents: digital marketing, social media, alternative marketing, database and direct response marketing and personal selling, sales promotions, public relations and sponsorship programs,… and other contents.

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  • Tài trợ thương mại quốc tế có thể giải thích ở góc độ này hay góc độ khác, ví dụ như ở góc độ tín dụng ( Credit) người ta gọi tài trợ thương mại quốc tế là cho vay xuất nhập khẩu, tín dụng trong ngoại thương...vvv, nhưng ở góc độ rộng hơn tín dụng như là sự hỗ trợ tài chính ( Financing), người ta lại gọi là tài trợ thương mại, tài trợ ngoại thương, tài trợ xuất nhập khẩu..vv.vv. Thực ra tài trợ thương mại quốc tế ( International Trade Sponsorship) còn có ý nghĩa rộng hơn rất nhiều so với tín dụng (...

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  • Professional Event Coordination The Wiley Event Management Series SERIES EDITOR: DR. JOE GOLDBLATT, CSEP Special Events: Twenty-First Century Global Event Management, Third Edition by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP The International Dictionary of Event Management, Second Edition by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, and Kathleen S. Nelson, CSEP Corporate Event Project Management by William O’Toole and Phyllis Mikolaitis, CSEP Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Expositions by Leonard H. Hoyle, CAE, CMP Event Risk Management and Safety by Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.

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  • Sự thật là, phương thức xây dựng thương hiệu thông qua tài trợ đã phát triển vượt bậc trong ngành marketing thập niên gần đây. Theo tạp chí Marketing News, tài trợ là một trong những công cụ tiêu tốn nhiều tiền của nhất với hơn 20 tỉ USD năm 2000 so với 4.3 tỉ Usd năm 1990.

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  • Hoạt động tài trợ đã có mặt trong các giải Olympic thể thao quốc tế, cho đến các buổi hoà nhạc lớn, và nó cũng tham gia trong các cuộc thi đấu cấp quận huyện, và dường như không có giới hạn cho việc tài trợ của các doanh nghiệp. Sự thật là, phương thức xây dựng thương hiệu thông qua tài trợ đã phát triển vượt bậc trong ngành marketing thập niên gần đây. Theo tạp chí Marketing News, tài trợ là một trong những công cụ tiêu tốn nhiều tiền của nhất với hơn 20 tỉ USD năm......

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  • Media relations: gaining editorial coverage Issues and risk management Crisis management CEO reputation management Change management Internal communications Corporate identity and image management Managing stakeholder conflicts: NGOs and managing activists Corporate social responsibility Publications of Annual Reports: corporate reporting Corporation reputation management Financial and investor relations Managing shareholder expectationsExhibition and event management Brand building Promoting professional services and business to business services Managing sponsorship Managing relationship ...

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  • Today’s wind energy industry is at a crossroads. Global economic instability has threatened or eliminated many financial incentives that have been important to the development of specific markets. Such economic sponsorship of energy generation is not unique to renewables; fossil based sources are also subsidized in many different countries. However, for a technology like wind energy whose markets are still developing, incentives can be critical for industry growth.

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  • The Logical Framework Approach is an analytical and management tool which is now used (in one form or another) by most multi-lateral and bi-lateral aid agencies, international NGOs and by many partner governments. Indeed, the EC generally requires the development of a Logframe Matrix as part of its project formulation procedures for external assistance. This Guideline therefore gives emphasis to the application of the Logical Framework Approach at the various stages of the project management cycle.

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  • Image marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing communications. In the fall of 2003, Time Magazine published a special supplement entitled “The Business of Image Marketing.” The publication is timely and clearly illustrates the public’s growing interest in the making and application of image. Although the emphasis of the supplement was on style, fashion, and design, the concept of image marketing also encompasses brands, individuals, and countries.

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  • The general structure and expected content of each of these documents is referenced under the relevant stage of the project cycle. An important point to note is that the preparation of pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies and the production of annual operating plans and regular monitoring reports should generally be the lead responsibility of implementing partners, not the EC (although the EC may contribute or provide the resources to support these tasks).

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  • The big question is, though, how effective are these marketing ploys? Am I really going to go out and buy Proactive Acne Solution because I think it will do for me what it did for Jessica Simpson? National studies buy the FCC have said yes. As Sue Jozui’s brilliant and accurate statement says, the audience subject to celebrity oriented advertisements is expected to relate approval of the particular celebrity with the approval of the product. This is true, and certainly insults the intelligence of the target audience.

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  • The Recommendations refer to the marketing of products and services. They do not refer explicitly to the promotion of brands (as distinct from products and services); however, as certain brands and organizations are clearly associated with products or services whose marketing could fall within the scope of the Recommendations, efforts to restrict marketing in this area also need to consider how brands are marketed. Advertising is only one form of marketing among many, including sponsorship and product placement.

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  • However keen you are, it is highly unlikely that you can organise an event on your own - you need a group. Groups often form around the desire to run a festival or event with the celebration of a theme, art form or sport in mind. This usually starts off being an informal grouping but as soon as the group starts to handle money then a formal statement of roles and responsibilities and decision-making becomes necessary. People volunteer for committee work for a wide variety of reasons but primarily they become involved with an organisation or an event and...

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  • Although Jazui recommends boycotting advertising, I find this request impossible to fulfill. We simply could not effectively boycott all celebrity-oriented advertising. It hold much too broad of an influence on culture today. Media education and an increase in the appropriate regulations by the FCC will effectively help to protect the psychee’s of American’s today by the media. We must work towards a modern day America where we, as citizens, realize the influence of media upon us and acknowledge its presence.

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  • Another literature examines whether asset managers or sell-side analysts are better able to collect private information on equities of corporations in their geographic area. For instance, Coval and Moskowitz (1999) nd that fund managers are better able to select stocks of rms headquartered nearby, while Cohen, Frazzini, and Malloy (2008) nd that fund managers with past educational ties to corporate managers overweight and outperform in the stocks of those corporations.

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  • Differences in performance are substantially higher in the 1997-2001 subperiod, suggesting that the outperformance of SRI funds that we document in this paper is largely driven by the first part of the sample period. We also investigate how our results are affected by the presence of SRI funds that perform little social screening. When we restrict the sample of SRI funds to include only those funds that perform intensive social screening, we obtain results similar to those obtained for the whole sample of SRI funds.

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  • There is some evidence of ‘alpha’ being generated by fund managers through 'skilful transaction activity and asset management. Opportunity fund managers also appear to have generated superior returns through controlling the timing of the buying and selling of assets, although, with performance fees generally charged on IRRs rather than time-weighted returns, it is open to debate as to whom this benefits more - the investor or the fund manager.

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