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  • Everything a novice investor needs to know about getting started in stocks While dozens of books purport to be for the beginning investor, most "beginner" books assume a level of knowledge that true novices just don't have. Understanding Stocksis targeted to the beginning investor, providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of the stock market without subjecting readers to terms and ideas they can't understand and frankly, will probably never use.

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  • Market is an American stock market classic. Most stock market classics date back 50 and 75 years but this one is almost contemporaty - only a quarter of a century old. Darvas was an original. He won at almost everything he đi whether it was creating crossword puzzles, playing championship Ping-Pong, or working as the world's highest paid ballroom dancer.

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  • The Mind of a Winner. An Kiev Is not a Market Wizard; he is not even a trader. Why then should you pay attention to his advice? Because Steve Cohen, who is unquestionably one of the world's greatest traders (sec interview in this book), thinks enough of Doctor Kiev to have made him a permanent

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  • In addition to the introduction and conclusions, the thesis is structured into 03 chapters as follows: Chapter 1 General issues about the market risk management of commercial banks; Chapter 2 Market risk management in Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade; Chapter 3 Solutions to improving ability of the market risk management at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade.

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  • The profitability of the moving average strategy in the french stock market. This paper studies the cross-sectional profitability of moving average timing portfolios in the French stock market over the period from January 1, 1995 to December 31, 2012. The results provide strong evidence that the moving average timing outperforms the buy-and-hold strategy with higher returns and less risk exposure.

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  • This study examines and applies the three statistical value at risk models including variance-covariance, historical simulation, and Monte Carlo simulation in measuring market risk of VN-30 portfolio of Ho Chi Minh stock exchange (HOSE) in Vietnam stock market and some back-testing techniques in assessing the validity of the VaR performance in the timeframe of January 30, 2012–February 26, 2016.

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  • Using the GARCH-in-Mean model, the present paper examines information spillover effects from some large foreign stock markets on the VN-Index. The empirical results indicate that the return rates of VN-Index are influenced by disclosures from some large stock markets in the world, especially from the US stock market. However, the volatility of VN-Index return rate and its risks are not affected by the information spillover effects from such markets.

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  • A model that has been widely employed to measure the volatility is GARCH (General Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity). In this paper, GARCH will be employed to evaluate impacts of measure to narrow the fluctuation limit on risks in Vietnam’s stock market.

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  • This paper explores correlation between growth of stock market and economic growth in Vietnam by examining causal relationship between VN-Index and the GDP. The results show that there is no evidence of a causal relation between VN-Index and economic growth. This finding allows several implications of restructuring of the Vietnamese economy.

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  • This paper investigates the existence of noise trader risk in Vietnam’s stock market and its effect on the daily returns of stock prices. The methodologies contain the estimation of GARCH (1,1) model to filter the residuals using the moving average method to calculate the impact of information traders. Noise trader risk or the risk that is caused by noise traders is derived by subtracting the residuals by the rational traders’ impact.

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  • You may be surprised, but the market is not as difficult to understand as you might think. By the time you finish reading this chapter, you should have enough knowledge of the market to allow you to sail through the rest of the book. The trick is to learn about the market in small steps, which is exactly how I present the information to you.

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  • The current explosion of the stock market is unprecedented by any period in its history. Since the 1980s, the number of American households that own common stock has risen from below 20 percent to just under half. And, this does not include households that hold stock within their retirement plans or other indirect means. A significant portion of this growth is a direct result of the proliferation of information available to the public through such new forums as the Internet. Any information without explanation, however, is useless....

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  • For many years, the stock and futures markets have been consid- ered separate and distinct entities. Stocks (securities) have been the backbone of capitalism and are still regarded as such today. Stocks are considered the “stuff” of which all “good investments” are fash- ioned. Not only has stock and bond trading been considered neces- sary for the survival of industry and business in a capitalist society, but it has also been regarded as the single most viable form of in- vesting for the general public.

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  • When I began my search for traders worthy of inclusion in this vol- ume, my first call was to Doug Makepeace. He has built a career on finding and investing his own and client funds with exceptional traders. Doug was most generous in sharing information with me, even though doing so threatened his ability to invest additional funds with these traders in the future if they became too well known.

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  • Most investors, when they hear the term “market neutral,” think of strategies that simultaneously go long and short equities in order to eliminate stock market risk. True enough. But Market Neutral Strategies goes beyond equities to provide a comprehensive review of the full range of these strategies.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "the economics of money, banking & financial markets" hass contents: an overview of the financial system, what is money, understanding interest rates, the behavior of interest rate, the risk and term structure of interest rates, the stock market, the theory of rational expectations, and the efficient market hypothesis.

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  • Over the past few decades, research in …nancial economics has taken a high e¤ort to increase the understanding of the volatility patterns of stock market returns. Indeed, good knowledge of return volatility is crucial for portfolio choice, risk management and derivatives asset pricing. Perhaps the most robust empirical regularity of stock return volatility is volatility clustering. As …rst noted by Mandelbrot (1963) when referring to stock market returns, "large changes tend to be followed by large changes, of either sign, and small changes tend to be followed by small changes".

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  • Lecture Money and banking - Lecture 20: Risk and value of stocks presents the following content: Stocks, risk and the value of stocks, theory of efficient markets, investing in stocks for long run, stock markets’ role in the economy, financial intermediation, role of financial intermediaries.

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  • Banks operating in the main developed countries have been exposed, since the Seventies, to four significant drivers of change, mutually interconnected and mutually reinforcing. The first one is a stronger integration among national financial markets (such as stock markets and markets for interest rates and FX rates) which made it easier, for economic shocks, to spread across national boundaries.

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  • On the basis of clarifying the general theoretical issues about market risk, methods of identifying, measuring and controlling market risk, thesis proposed solutions to improving market risk management ability at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade in accordance with international practices.

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