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  • Views on ‘accountability’ need to place greater emphasis on (i) accountability for results (not only expenditure targets or activities undertaken), and (ii) accountability to local partners, including targeted beneficiaries, rather than only to donor ‘audit’ requirements. Related to this point, attitudes about ‘who is in control’ need to give greater appreciation to the importance of local ownership, and the practical ways in which this can be supported.

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  • Data is increasingly generated by instruments that monitor the environment – telescopes looking at the heavens, DNA sequenc- ers decoding molecules, bar-code readers watching passing freight-cars, patient monitors watching the life-signs of a person in the emergency room, cell-phone and credit-card systems look- ing for fraud, RFID scanners watching products flow through the supply chain, and smart-dust sensing its environment. In each of these cases, one wants to compare...

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  • The China Study Program is open to students who enrol in MPT735 International Business Management or MPT722 Human Resource Management. The three-week program allows you to complete one or both units, and offers a valuable opportunity to develop a deep understanding of doing business with Chinese companies and managing operations in the Chinese environment. Classes are held a East China University of Politics and Law (ECUPL) at Zhongshan Park, Shanghai.

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  • Soft dents or ripples can be repaired easily, but if the damage has resulted in gouges or sharp creases anywhere on the panel this will have caused the metalwork to stretch, subsequently involving a lot more work to restore the panel to its original contours. The damaged area almost always extends well beyond the obvious dents, with a slightly shallow `extension' to the damage. Depending on the access and clearance behind the damaged area, use a metal or wooden panel block under the panel supporting the deepest parts of the damage. Using a light hammer tap around the edges...

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  • For many companies, social media use is still viewed as an experiment, where discrete projects are launched, usually by a few individuals in marketing or communications. Some said they limit their activities because they are in a “test” mode and lack resources to do more. Others said the organizations are wary because they perceive dangers in exposure and lack of control of the conversation on the Web. “Social media is a big ocean and we are pulling in a little bay where we are more protected,” said a global partner in a health and benefits consulting company.

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  • The contribution of IT networks to improving or compromising equipment functionality can bear on both justification and optimization. This can apply to both PACS or RIS networks in diagnostic imaging, and planning and treatment networks in radiotherapy centres. The requirements for acceptability of such networks are beyond the scope of this report. Likewise display monitors and viewing boxes are not treated here. As already mentioned, this report focuses on qualitative criteria and suspension levels. It is not intended to provide a template for quality assurance programmes.

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  • This report describes the main quantitative investment regulations applied to pension funds in OECD and selected non-OECD countries as of December 2010. The questionnaire covers all types of pension plans financed via pension funds. Where regulations vary depending on the type of plan (occupational, personal, mandatory, voluntary, DB, DC, etc), the tables identify the types of plan that the investment regulations apply to.

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  • Your host country requested an English education project to improve opportunities for future development. English language skills provide access to information and technology from around the world. While your students are learning English, they also have an opportunity to stretch their minds in new ways. Through communicative activities, they have their ideas challenged and they are exposed to an active style of learning. And working with enthusiastic Peace Corps Volunteers like yourself, students and teachers raise their aspirations and ideas of what is possible to achieve.

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  • America’s modern culture is unavoidably and irreversibly immersed in the media. Men, Women, grandmothers, teenagers, even children are subject to the powerful influence of media today. As Americans, we are subject to an abounding atmosphere of subliminal messages and culturally strive to be like those we see on television, in the movies, and walking down the streets of Hollywood. It is vital to realize in our hustle-bustle lives that a billboard with a favorite celebrity sprawled across it does not deserve respect and extensive praise.

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  • This is particularly relevant because estimated differences between SRI and conventional funds may not be due to the socially responsible investing per se, but to differences between the companies that manage SRI funds and those that manage conventional funds. Finally, we improve upon the matched-pair analysis employed in several prior studies by using the matching estimator methodology of Abadie and Imbens (2006).

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  • Across the four investment categories, the F DR among the worst funds is always inferior to 50 percent and increases slowly as the significant level rises. It means that the majority of worst funds truly yield negative alphas and that the latter are largely spread in the left tail of the alpha distribution. The F DR among the best funds is generally much higher than the F DR among the worst funds. For All and G funds, the F DR is always higher than 50 percent, while it amounts to 100 percent for the GI funds. The only exception comes from the AG funds. Its low F...

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  • Since the mid 1990s there has been a significant growth in the aggregate size and number of global property funds, largely fuelled by the investment of significant capital from institutional investors. This falls into two broad types: the 'core' universe and the 'opportunity' universe. This growth has seen fund managers launching new funds and raising more capital at a time when many have been unable to show clear evidence that their funds have provided historic out-performance against market benchmarks or performance objectives.

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  • The ecosystem of the lake is under threat due to the rise in human population density leading to intensive irrigation, farming, land subdivision, and intensive use of agro- chemicals and deforestation around the lake. The growth of the township has also led to more runoff, siltation and nutrients being discharged into the lake via inflowing rivers and drainage channels along roads and the other infrastructure. Inadequately treated effluents from the ton's sewage treatment plan are also finding their way into the lake.

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  • Should the auditor find areas of non-conformance within any of the quality process areas, a non- conformance report (NCR) will be written and processed. The non-conformance will be described and documented by the auditor. The CQAM and CM for construction non- conformances, or DQAM and DM for design non-conformances, will review and sign off on the NCR. All NCR’s will be processed through the CQAM since the CQAM will be responsible for maintaining an NCR log.

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  • Speed of hardware, NICs (network interface cards), operating systems, logging configurations, network bandwidth, load balancing and many other factors must also go into benchmark requirements. One may have two identical server environments with two very different EPS requirements due to any or all of these and other variables. With consideration of these vari- ables, EPS can be established for normal and peak usage times.

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  • With Denmark’s entry into the Schengen agreement, the area at the root of Pier C was enlarged with this beautiful building by the architects Holm & Grut, who also designed the airport’s award-winning Pier A. The new building comprises two spacious floors and a balcony that gives the most spectacular experience of daylight. An elliptical section of the upper part of the roof has been cut out and replaced with glass, resembling a ship in the water from the vantage point of the floor. Quite how to interpret it is left to the individual.

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  • With each round of testing, different concerns emerged. Testing allowed the notice to evolve from initial designs that did not provide appropriate content to later designs that better matched participant needs and expectations. Each round of testing allowed us to correct design issues or problems in content presentation. The revisions, based on the results of each round of testing, progressively improved the design and content of the prototype. As a result, all final content and design decisions represent an evolution generated from the testing results.

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  • The interactive drawing system in [SABS94] allowed users to select from stored stroke textures or to create textures. [SWHS97] extended [SABS94], allowing users to specify tones and direction fields to control darkness and direction of the strokes. [Sec02] stippled images at interactive rates by choosing textures of dots to match the tone. A second much slower method was also presented that produced better quality stippling.

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  • Appreciating the complexity of interrelated problems and re- gional dimensions is a first step towards assessing what capa- bilities are required. The challenges facing Afghanistan represent a combination of terrorism and organised crime, involving drug trafficking and illegal arms trading, in a wid- er regional dimension, where radicalisation is rife. Terrorism and sectarian instability are actively advanced by both non- state actors and regional players.

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  • The MSTF proposes the following immediate, medium, and long-term responses to the survey results. These are further expounded upon in the discussion and recommendations section. Immediately, the survey fi ndings should be widely shared with senior government offi cials, key stakeholders and the public. In addition, a communication strategy should be developed to raise awareness on the issues highlighted in the report, particularly around social norms surrounding violence against children.

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