Techniques in production

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  • The present study was carried out in Dharwad and Belagavi districts of North Karnataka to study the constraints in production, consumption and marketing of fish. For this purpose, multistage random sampling procedure was adopted for the selection of the ultimate unit of samples. The data was collected from 60 selected fish farmers, 60 selected fish consumers and 30 market functionaries during the period 2018-19. Garrett’s ranking technique was used to analyze the data.

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  • Chapter 19 - Statistical process control and quality management. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Discuss the role of quality control in production and service operations; define and understand the terms chance cause, assignable cause, in control, out of control, attribute, and variable; construct and interpret a pareto chart; construct and interpret a fishbone diagram; construct and interpret mean and range charts;...

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  • The present investigation was undertaken with a view to study the constraints faced by the maize growers in production and marketing of maize in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra. Multiple responses taken to ascertain the constraints faced by the maize growers in production and marketing of maize. Opinion of selected maize growers was taken in order to understand the problems in production and marketing.

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  • Aqua cultural production is a major industry in many countries, and it will continue to grow as the demand for fisheries products increases and the supply from natural sources decreases. Good nutrition in animal production systems is essential to economical production of a healthy, high-quality product. In fish farming (aquaculture), nutrition is critical because feed typically represents approximately 50 percent of the variable production cost.

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  • The present study was conducted with the objective to study the sociological characteristics of farmers adopting plant protection technique in West Bengal. This study was conducted on 120 farmersin 12villages from 3 blocks of Paschim Medinipur district viz. Suttchara, Gogram, Mundumari and Bajpur villages from Pingla block, Chakbadalpur, Banhola, Nandapura and khunkhunya villages from Sabang block and Tutranga, Tulya Chak, Barkhabad, Baicha villages from Narayangarh block.

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  • In addition, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) are used to characterize the chips. The chips obtained by the optimised machining conditions are processed further with high energy ball mill and hence nano crystal powders are obtained. Here modified Taguchi method is used to optimize the ball mill parameters like milling speed, milling time and ball mill to Nano powder ratio.

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  • Value addition in floriculture increases the economic value and consumer appeal of any floral commodity. The profitability of a commodity is increased when the raw material is converted into a value added product which can directly or indirectly influence floral market to a great extent. An experiment was conducted to standardize the tinting technologies in China aster var. Local white. In this study, the food dyes viz., Apple Green, Lemon Yellow and Orange Red were used in three different concentrations including control.

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  • The study explored the constraints in production and marketing of jute in Katihar district of Bihar based on a sample of 90 jute growers were selected through SRSWOR Multistage Sampling Technique from two clusters consisting of three villages in each of two blocks namely Kadwa and Mansahi of Katihar District. The data were collected through Survey Method.

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  • After the wild success of Maya: Secrets of the Pros, we began thinking about the future of the Secrets books. Although it was originally conceived as a single, stand-alone work, it was obvious that a large audience was hungry for information from those who do professional 3D work on a day-to-day basis and that we should feed this appetite! Many “second edition” books are simple rewrites of the previous title; not so with Maya: Secrets of the Pros, Second Edition.

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  • Gas chromatography has been and it still is, one of the key tools in analytical techniques in many of the advanced research carried out over the globe. This technique has contributed tremendously and was once the main technique in the analysis of specific compounds like volatile compounds, certain pesticides, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products. The advance of this technique has resulted in several tandem instruments with application of other techniques to enhance the results obtained by gas chromatography.

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  • Interest in bleaching teeth has grown exponentially in the last few years and is set to increase dramatically again in the future as new markets become available and stimulate further product development. This guide is written to help the busy restorative dentist who needs to keep up to date with the types of product available, the techniques to use them effectively and safely, and how to use them in combination with restorative dentistry in treating patients.

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  • Activities completed in the reporting period have included • seed collections from six Acacia mangium seed production areas (SPAs) in Vietnam • germination and raising of over 2000 seedlings from the SPAs at RCFTI, Hanoi • further training of four Vietnamse staff in molecular techniques in Hanoi • extraction at RCFTI of DNA from 70 maternal parent trees and 700 progeny from the SPAs • design of field trials for planting of seedlings to allow assessment of inbreeding depression • arrangements made for training of RCFTI staff in Canberra in October 2001. ...

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  • This project aims to increase the productivity and profitability of potato production in the Red River Delta (RRD) through an integrated crop production and marketing program. The project is a co-operative research and extension program between the Food Crops Research Institute (FCRI), Agriculture Western Australia and Curtin University. Improvements in productivity and net returns will be achieved by training Vietnamese agronomists and extension agents in the methodologies used by the potato industry in Western Australia (WA)....

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  • Our MT systems integrate many advanced concepts from the fields of computer science, linguistics, and AI : specialized languages for linguistic programming based on production systems, complete linguistic programming environment, multilevel representations, organization of the lexicons around "lexical units", units of translation of the size of several paragraphs, possibility of using text-driven heuristic strategies.

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  • Vegetable crops comprise a major part in Indian agriculture in terms of providing food and nutritional security. Recommended per day consumption of vegetables is 300 g. In recent past, Indian agriculture has witnessed a tremendous progress in vegetable production, due to the advent of high yielding varieties and new technologies. Vegetables are important sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of medicinal and therapeutic value. Due to the percent of low germination rate and seedling emergence yield of the crops decreasing day by day.

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  • The feed grade monocalcium phosphate monohydrate, Ca(H2PO4)2·H2O was prepared by the reaction of CaCO3 and H3PO4 at elevated temperature in aqueous solution. The obtained precipitates were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and thermal analysis (TG, DTA) techniques. The chemical composition of final products was evaluated by analysing the phosphorus and calcium content in the samples.

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  • This paper deals with a mathematical model in terms of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) that describe control of production and process arising in industrial engineering. The optimal control technique in the form of maximum principle, used to control the quality products in the operation processes, is applied to analyze the model.

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  • Application of chemical mutagens as important factors is very practical for successful haploidization techniques in Cucurbitaceae through pollen grain deactivation and then immature embryo rescue.

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  • Investment decisions and regional development are significant for economic development and the welfare of society. The most suitable decision should be made by using multivariable statistical techniques in both public and private sector investments, because various factors may affect such investments.

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  • This study aimed to analyse and evaluate the land suitability for certain fruit trees in Thuy Bang commune using GIS techniques in combination with a multi-criteria approach. At first, the databases for GIS analyses had to be developed. The data were obtained through scientific literature review, expert opinions, interviews, and professional officers.

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