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Techniques in production

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  • Now in its 6th edition, the best selling book on MVC is now updated for ASP.NET Core MVC. It contains detailed explanations of the new Core MVC functionality which enables developers to produce leaner, cloud optimized and mobile-ready applications for the .NET platform. This book puts ASP.NET Core MVC into context and dives deep into the tools and techniques required to build modern, cloud optimized extensible web applications. All the new MVC features are described in detail and the author explains how best to apply them to both new and existing projects.

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  • Written for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for an inside track on new product development, New Product Development for Dummies offers you a unique opportunity to learn from two consummate insiders the secrets of successfully developing, marketing and making a bundle from a new product or service. You learn proven techniques for sizing up market potential and divining customer needs. You get tested-in-the-trenches strategies for launching a new product or service.

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  • The book is a guide to current practice, with detailed analyses of recent theatrical performances looking at all aspects of performance, production and reception. There is a focus on the examination and description of the actual techniques used in the training of performers, and how some of these techniques can be applied to Western training in drama and dance.

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  • Explaining the latest techniques used by companies worldwide, author Jean-Noel Kapferer covers all the leading issues faced by brand strategists today, supported by numerous international case studies. With both gravitas and intelligent insight, the book reveals new thinking on an array of topics including: brand architecture and diversity strategies; market adaptation approaches; and positioning in the private label and store brand environment.

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  • Ebook "Optimizing decision making in the apparel supply chain using artificial intelligence (AI): From production to retail" provides detailed coverage of these techniques, outlining how they are used to assist decision makers in tackling key supply chain problems.

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  • This article, we present a thorough and straightforward hydrothermal method towards the production of reduced graphene oxide templated MIL-53(Fe) hybrids RGO@MIL-53(Fe). The structural characteristics of created hybrids were identified by using BET, FESEM, powder X-ray diffraction, and FTIR techniques. Methylene blue (MB) dye (a model water pollutant) was used to evaluate H2O2-assisted photo-catalytic efficiency of RGO@MIL-53(Fe).

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  • This research includes associative research that connects two or more variables, namely the independent variable (Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion) and the dependent variable (Purchasing Decision).The population in this study were consumers in the Palembang region. The sampling technique is the accidental sampling technique. The number of samples taken 100 respondents. The data needed is primary data while the method of data collection uses the questionnaire method. The analysis technique used is multiple linear regression, f test and t test.

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  • Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the staple food and being the most important ingredient of the food basket for most nations in Asia. The declining productivity of rice and its availability of per capita is therefore a policy concern. Nevertheless, the production of rice in Malaysia is primarily implemented by adopting the conventional technique. This technique has increased the production cost of rice and became a constraint to achieving the production potential for the farmer.

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  • Ebook "Membrane proteins production for structural analysis" updates the latest development in production, stabilization and structural analysis techniques of membrane proteins. This book is essential reading for all researchers, biochemists and crystallographers working with membrane proteins, who are interested by the structural characterization of their favorite protein and who wish to follow the expression, migration, modifications and recycling of a membrane protein.

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  • This study examined how highperformance goals can be achieved by the export firm of Thailand by providing high-quality products to their customers with the help of an effective supply chain (SC) practices. Data were collected from the exports mangers of all exporting firm that are currently operating in Thailand. Multiple regression and bootstrapping techniques are used to investigate the relationships under study variables by using PLSSEM.

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  • The research tackled the problem of lowing the level of Supply chain quality in the productive line for the manufacture of cylindrical and conical filters at Al-Zawraa General Company and the line of auto assembly, Saiba (Tiba) type in the General Company for automotive industry. as well as non-adoption of modern and developing techniques in the field of quality which led to the increase in the number of defective products in addition to the diversity of defects types.

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  • Ebook "Hyperbranched polymers for biomedical applications" presents a comprehensive study on a new class of branched polymers, known as hyperbranched polymers (HBPs). It discusses in detail the synthesis strategies for these particular classes of polymers as well as biocompatible and biodegradable HBPs, which are of increasing interest to polymer technologists due to their immense potential in biomedical applications.

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  • Ebook "Photochemistry: A modern theoretical perspective" offers an introduction to photochemistry for students with a minimal background in physical chemistry and molecular quantum mechanics. The focus is from a theoretical perspective and highlights excited state dynamics. The authors, experienced lecturers, describe the main concepts in photochemical and photophysical processes that are used as a basis to interpret classical steady-state experimental results (essentially product branching ratios and quantum yields) and the most advanced time-resolved techniques.

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  • Ebook "Sustainable innovations in textile chemical processes" brings out the innovations in textile wet or chemical processing to alleviate the environmental impacts arising from this sector. The major challenge in the textiles and fashion sector is that it requires a massive sustainable innovation to mitigate the huge environmental impacts arising from chemical or wet processing. This book also discusses innovations in eco-friendly methods for textile wet processes and applications of enzymes in textiles.

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  • Ebook "Brewing science: A multidisciplinary approach" walks students through the entire spectrum of the brewing process. The different styles of beer, the molecular makeup and physical parameters, and how those are modified to provide different flavors are listed. All aspects of the brewery process, from the different setup styles to sterility to the presentation of the final product, are outlined in full. All the important brewing steps and techniques are covered in meticulous detail, including malting, mashing, boiling, fermenting and conditioning.

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  • Ebook "Chemical evolution of nitrogen-based compounds in mozzarella cheeses" summarizes how the presence of amines is influenced by different factors such as cheese variety, seasoning and microflora. The authors compare typical profiles of different products, e.g. ripe vs. unripe cheeses, focusing also on the different types of mozzarella cheeses. The Brief also introduces several analytical methods and simulation techniques, which are being used to evaluate the evolutive profiles of different selected molecules, protein aggregation, or proteolysis.

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  • Ebook "Chemistry and chemical technologies in waste valorization" provides readers with contents including: sonocatalysis - a potential sustainable pathway for the valorization of lignocellulosic biomass and derivatives; waste printed circuit board (PCB) recycling techniques; chemical valorization of cashew nut shell waste; valorisation of biowastes for the production of green materials using chemical methods; valorization of proteins from Co- and By-products from the fish and meat industry;...

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  • Ebook "Natural polymers: Industry techniques and applications" introduces the most recent innovations in natural polymer applications in the food, construction, electronics, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and engineering industries. The authors provide perspectives from their respective range of industries covering classification, extraction, modification, and application of natural polymers from various sources in nature.

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  • Ebook "Novel food fermentation technologies" provides a comprehensive overview of innovations in food fermentation technologies and their application. Current novel technologies for microbial culture production and preservation are covered in detail, as are fermentation techniques for the production of bioactives from various food matrices, including food processing by-products and waste. Readers are provided with a close look at thermal and non-thermal technologies applicable to fermented food products.

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  • Human resource management for the supply chains is recognized increasingly important for its role to fulfill the demands of work or position as a result of advances in science and technology and increasingly intense competition among similar organizations or institutions. Each employee is required to be able to work effectively and efficiently in completing work, and is able to show the quality and quantity of good work in order to develop the competitiveness of the organization.

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