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  • Metal oxide nanomaterials are widely used in many applications of renewable energy. Ytterbium oxide (Yb2 O3 ) also attracts attention due to its similar structure to ZnO (~3,26 eV) and TiO2 (~3,36 eV) in terms of bandgap energy. In this study, Yb2 O3 belonging to the lanthanide oxide family was produced as nanofiber forms by using the electrospinning technique, which allows for large-scale production, for the first time.

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  • In several fish species homozygous and heterozygous clonal lines have been produced using gynogenetic and androgenetic techniques. These lines are standardized and can be reproduced over generations. In rainbow trout such lines have existed for decades and has become important research tools in genome studies as well as in studies of commercially important traits.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Managerial economics: Foundations of business analysis and strategy (Twelfth edition)" presents the following content: production and cost estimation; managerial decisions in competitive markets; managerial decisions for firms with market power; strategic decision making in oligopoly markets; advanced pricing techniques; pricing multiple products related in production; decisions under risk and uncertainty; government regulation of business;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Managerial economics: Foundations of business analysis and strategy (Twelfth edition)" presents the following content: managers, profits, and markets; demand, supply, and market equilibrium; marginal analysis for optimal decisions; basic estimation techniques; theory of consumer behavior; substitution and income effects of a price change; elasticity and demand; demand estimation and forecasting; production and cost in the short run; production and cost in the long run;...

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  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate (CS) are valuable bioactive polysaccharides that have been highly used in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Extensive research was done to ensure their efficient extraction from marine and terrestrial by-products at a high yield and purity, using specific techniques to isolate and purify them.

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  • Ebook Cost accounting: Traditions and innovations – Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 12 relevant costing, chapter 13 the master budget, chapter 14 capital budgeting, chapter 15 financial management, chapter 16 innovative inventory and production management techniques, chapter 17 emerging management practices, chapter 18 responsibility accounting and transfer pricing in decentralized organizations, chapter 19 measuring short-run organizational performance, chapter 20 measuring long-run and nonfinancial organizational performance, chapter 21 rewarding performance, appendix A: pr...

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  • Trapping volatiles is a convenient way to study aroma compounds but it is important to determine which volatile trapping method is most comprehensive in extracting the most relevant aroma components when investigating complex food products.

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  • Immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) is a technique primarily used in research and development laboratories to purify proteins containing engineered histidine tags. Although this type of chromatography is commonly used, it can be problematic as differing combinations of resins and metal chelators can result in highly variable chromatographic performance and product quality results.

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  • Food analysis is a tremendously broad field that is constantly evolving. New methods have emerged to increase productivity, such as modern miniaturized and robotic analytical techniques. In this paper, a microsolid-phase extraction system (μ-SPE) for clean-up was combined with a robotic autosampler to yield ready-to-analyze extracts.

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  • This book aims at covering the general concepts of ALM from the point of view of an insurance company or a bank. The core framework and the philosophy are the same, but regulations, products and models typically differ on numerous points in pratice because the business and the risks involved are quite different between an insurance company and a bank. In this book, we have tried to draw a parallel between the uses of ALM in insurance companies and its uses in banks. To our knowledge, this is an innovative way to present and study ALM techniques.

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  • After years of experimenting, the “One must do, five reductions” (1M5R) (in Vietnam referred to as 1P5G), is being promoted by Vietnam’s Department of Crop Production as an advanced technique in rice production. Nevertheless, a certain proportion of rice farmers in the Mekong Delta are reluctant to implement 1M5R.

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  • Arundinaria sp. is a valuable non-timber forest product, capable of improving the economic life of local people based on export demand to countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. The need for materials in the area for processing Arundinaria sp. culm to export is quite high in recent year. Therefore, develop Arundinaria sp. plantation becomes a key solution to supply sustainable raw material for Arundinaria sp. culm processing and producing seedling is the first and an important method that need to be well prepared.

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  • This research investigated the optimization of injection molding parameters for the minimum warpage of CD & DVD disc substrate of Polycarbonate (PC). CD & DVD disc substrate was first designed by Pro/E 5.0. The Moldflow Plastics Insight 6.1 is used to mesh and simulate the warpage. In order to find out recommended parameters, the study used Taguchi technique in decreasing warpage of CD & DVD substrate.

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  • Lignocellulosic biomass is a potential material source for ethanol production. Particularly, the sugarcane bagasse (SCB) coming from the sugar waste of the refinery is very rich in lignocellulose that can be biochemically transformed into ethanol. However, its recalcitrant structure necessitates a pretreatment step to break up the lignocellulosic matrix, thus improving the accessibility of hydrolytic enzymes to carbohydrates for sugar production.

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  • (BQ) Ebook part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1: Self-Assembling Cyclic Peptide-Based Nanomaterials; Chapter 2: Designer Nanomaterials for the Production of Energy and High Value-Added Chemicals; Chapter 3: Supramolecular Receptors for Fullerenes; Chapter 4: Click Chemistry: A Quote for Function; Chapter 5: Supramolecular Interactions and Smart Materials: C–X…X′–M Halogen Bonds and Gas Sorption in Molecular Solids; Chapter 6: Application of Advanced Solid-State NMR Techniques to the Characterization of Nanomaterials: A Focus on Interfaces and Structure; Chapter 7: New Tools for ...

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  • The photocatalytic hydrogen production of TiO2 is limited by the rapid rate charge recombination. The co-operation of CuxO (CuO or Cu2O) and TiO2 is an effective method to overcome this drawback. In this study, the CuxO/TiO2 composite structure is fabricated by hydrothermal method and chemical deposition technique.

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  • Lecture Compiler construction: Lesson 13 - Sohail Aslam. The main topics covered in this chapter include: parsing techniques, top-down parsers, bottom-up parsers, top-down parsing algorithm, expression grammar, left recursion, pick a production and try to match the input,...

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  • Mycoplasmal pneumonia is an important infectious disease that threatens sheep and goat production worldwide, and Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae is one of major etiological agent causing mycoplasmal pneumonia. Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) is an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technique, and RPA-based diagnostic assays have been described for the detection of different types of pathogens.

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  • Due to environmental concerns linked with the accumulation of pyrethroids pesticides in groundwater and food products, there is an urgent need to develop rapid, economical and reliable methods amenable to on-site applications.

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  • Solutions of salicyclic, ascorbic, and citric acids were reacted with boric acid, followed by NaH2PO4 . The products, triphosphateborate ester of salicylic acid (1), orthosphateborate ester of ascorbic acid (2), triphosphateborate ester of ascorbic acid (3), and orthosphateborate ester of citric acid (4), were flash precipitated with cold acetone and characterised by microanalysis, thermal analysis, FT-IR, Raman, 11 B NMR, 31P MAS NMR, and mass spectroscopic techniques.

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