The laser emission

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  • Why to deal with lasers? Lasers are used for medical applications Lasers may be the key part for future power plants (fusion reactors) tubes contain the laser beams 1 ns pulse duration, 45 kJ/pulse, 100 TW peak power Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory, USA, National Ingnition Facilty, NOVA laser system Lasers are a key part of todays consumer electronics, telecommunication, and computer technology Digital Video Disk (DVD)

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  • We review the recent progresses in generation and amplification of ultraviolet laser emissions using Ce3+:LiCaAlF6 (Ce:LiCAF) material as a gain medium. Basing on comparative studies, we have investigated improvements and proposed possibilities to generate and amplify ultraviolet short-pulse Ce:LiCAF laser emission to high peak power of terawatt.

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  • Generation of single frequency radiation from a semiconductor laser based on a special laser module (amplifying laser module) is presented. The multi-mode emission with the spectral bandwidth of 100A0 is converted to single mode one with a narrow bandwidth of 2A0 in the presence of external optical feedback. Wavelength tunability of the laser emission over the range of 4-10 nm is also shown. The results could be used in high speed optical communication, WDM and other applications.

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  • This chapter presents the basic theory and characteristics of stimulated emission and optical amplification gain in semiconductors. The former is the mostimportant principlethat enablessemiconductorlaserstobeimplemented, and the latter is the most important parameter for analysis of the laser performances. First, stimulated emission in semiconductors is explained, and then quantum theory analysis and statistic analysis using the density matrix of the optical amplification gain are given.

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  • Although today microwave and optical engineering appear to be separate disciplines, there has been a tradition of interchange of ideas between them. In fact, many traditional microwave concepts have been adapted to yield optical counterparts. The laser, as an optical device that plays a key role in optoelectronics and fibre-optic communications, grew from the work of its microwave predecessor, the maser (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) [1]. The operating principle behind the laser is very similar to that of the microwave oscillator....

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  • In this paper, we overview some configurations of photonic devices for measuring mechanical strain and wavelength shift without use of spectrometer, which have been developed recently and demonstrated large potential application in sensing technique with low cost.

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  • In order to improve the performance of the LIBS technique – in particular its sensitivity, reproducibility and limit of detection – we studied the effect of applying a static electric field with different polarities on the emission spectra obtained in a typical LIBS set-up. The physical parameters of the laserinduced plasma, namely the electron density Ne and the plasma temperature Te, were studied under such circumstances.

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  • The linear configuration single-mode Distributed Bragg Reflection (DBR) Erbium doped Fiber laser has been tested. The cavity length of the laser utilizing intracore Bragg reflectors, no longer than one centimetre and the grating bandwidth is below ∼ 0.2 nm. The 1.55-µm emission wavelength of the laser can be continously tuned within 2 nm.

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  • Laser là tên của những chữ cái đầu của thuật ngữ bằng tiếng anh “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ’’ (Sự khuếch đại ánh sáng bằng bức xạ kích hoạt). Laser là nguồn ánh sáng nhân tạo thu được nhờ sự khuếch đại ánh sáng bằng bức xạ phát ra khi kích hoạt cao độ các phần tử của mộtt môi trường vật chất tương ứng. Laser là ánh sáng có nhiều tính chất đặc biệt hơn hẳn ánh sáng tự nhiên hay nhân tạo khác và có những công dụng rất hữu ích có thể áp dụng trong rất nhiều lĩnh vực...

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  • Laser ( Light Amplification by Stmulated Emission of Radiation) là một trong những phát minh khoa học quan trọng nhất của thế kỷ XX. Từ phát minh ra lý thuyết bức xạ kích thích của Eistein năm 1917, đến quan sát được bằng thực nghiệp bức xạ kích thích của Fabricant, giáo sư của trường Đại học năng lượng Moskva năm 1940, đã là cơ sở để Towner, nhà vật lý học người Mỹ phát minh ra máy khuếch đại sóng điện từ bằng bức xạ kích thích......

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  • Ngày càng có nhiều quá trình công nghiệp cần đến phương pháp đo đạc bằng laser - Đo đạc vật liệu đặc biệt - Độ chính xác cao - Không làm ảnh hưởng đến vật liệu. Laser (đọc là la-de) là tên viết tắt của cụm từ Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation trong tiếng Anh, và có nghĩa là "khuếch đại ánh sáng bằng phát xạ kích thích". Electron tồn tại ở các mức năng lượng riêng biệt trong một nguyên tử. Các mức năng lượng có thể hiểu là tương ứng với các quỹ đạo riêng biệt của...

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  • Nhắc lại: in short: a LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) consists of two units: (i) (ii) the optical amplifier converts pump energy into "coherent radiation" the optical resonator provides optical feedback which is mandatory for sustaining optical oscillation 27/09/2011 3 .Chương III: Phát xạ Laser Hai điều kiện để có dao động - Lượng tăng ích do khuếch đại phải lớn hơn mất mát trong hệ hồi tiếp để lượng tăng ích tổng cộng đủ đi được một vòng hồi tiếp. - Độ dịch pha tổng cộng trong một vòng hồi tiếp phải là bội số của 2π để pha của...

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  • Nhắc lại: in short: a LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) consists of two units: (i) (ii) the optical amplifier converts pump energy into "coherent radiation" the optical resonator provides optical feedback which is mandatory for sustaining optical oscillation 07/09/2011 3 .Chương 2: Khuếch đại Laser Đặt vấn đề: - Ta biết: Không có đảo mật độ tích lũy - không có khuếch đại - Ta biết: Không có đảo mật độ tích lũy ở trạng thái cân bằng nhiệt ( Phân bố Boltzmann ) Câu hỏi: Có thể đạt được trạng thái đảo mật độ tích lũy ở hệ 2, 3,...

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  • Discovered almost fifty years ago at Bell Labs (1964), the Nd:YAG laser has undergone an enormous evolution in the years, being now widely used in both basic research and technological applications. Nd:YAG laser is extremely versatile in its output characteristics, yielding emission from continuous wave to very large energy pulses or very high peak-power pulses. Also, it covers a large spectral range, namely near infrared, visible (second harmonic) and ultraviolet (third to fifth harmonic).

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  • CÔNG NGHỆ LASER AFFIRM THẾ HỆ MỚI: BƯỚC SÓNG KÉP “MULTIPLEX” Không ngừng lại với thành tựu ban đầu, với các ưu việt của công nghệ Laser “chùm tia cực nhỏ” bước sóng 1440 nm, cuối năm 2007 Laser Affirm được nâng cấp với việc đưa thêm vào máy bộ phận phát tia Laser một bước sóng nữa, đó là bước sóng 1320 nm và chuyển sang chế độ phát sóng kép liên tiếp nhau (MultiPlex - Sequential Emission). Xoá sẹo, xóa nhăn…bằng Laser “Affirm” Bước sóng 1320 nm bổ sung này có đặc điểm là có thể tác động sâu...

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  • I like playing around with words and letters. You probably know that LASER is an artificial word derived from “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. When starting my lecture on “Laser–Tissue Interactions” I tend to write this derivation on the board. I continue with “LIGHT: Lasers Irradiate Germinated and Healthy Tissues”. Why? Lasers cut everything, if appropriate laser parameters are selected. There is no shield around healthy tissue. And there is no laser that fits all sizes as some clothes do. Lasers never have been some kind of wonder instruments.

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  • Excimer lasers are pulsed gas lasers that intrinsically offer efficient and powerful broadband emission at several spectral regions throughout the ultraviolet. The spectral widths are typically 2 nm. An exception to this categorization is the XeF laser urith its broadly tunable C+A transition (approximately 50 nm) in the visible. The broad tunability results from the steeply repulsive A state.

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  • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy and UV Lasers covers a range of subjects, from ultraviolet (UV) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) sources to the latest advances in instrumentation and techniques for absorption, emission, and fluorescence spectroscopy. The book will prove useful to scientists pursuing spectroscopy-related research in fields as varied and diverse as optical physics and engineering, analytical chemistry, biology, and laser technology.

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  • Consider the spontaneous emission term describing the contribution of the spontaneous emission to the laser oscillation, which appears as the final term on the right-hand side of the rate equation for the photon density (Eq. (6.21)). Since this term represents the component of the spontaneous emission belonging to the same mode as the laser oscillation (angular frequency !m), it is closely related to the gain for the oscillation mode. Consider a laser of index-guiding type, and let E ¼ E(r) ¼ E(x, y)E(z) be the complex electric field of the oscillation mode. ...

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  • Semiconductor lasers are among the most important optoelectronics devices. Remarkable development has been accomplished in the three decades since the first achievement in room-temperature continuous oscillation, which opened the possibility of practical applications of semiconductor lasers. Today, various types of semiconductor lasers are mass-produced and widely used as coherent light sources for a variety of applications, including optical fiber communication systems and optical disk memory systems....

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