The linear case

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  • In the present paper, we examil}e the case in which the linear and quadratic parametric excitations are present. The asymptotic method [ 1] is applied. We are interested in the method of identifying the resonance curve. The results obtained show that the "associated" equations can be used.

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  • The book is intended to provide an introduction to the effects of nonlinear elements in feedback control systems. A central topic is the use of the Describing Function (DF) method since in combination with simulation it provides an excellent approach for the practicing engineer and follows on logically from a first course in classical control, such as the companion volume in this series. Some of the basic material on the topic can be found in my earlier book which is frequently referenced throughout the text....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí Department of Mathematic dành cho các bạn yêu thích môn toán học đề tài: Linear programming and the worst-case analysis of greedy algorithms on cubic graphs...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Error Bounds for Asymptotic Solutions of Second-Order Linear Difference Equations II: The First Case

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  • NONOSCILLATORY HALF-LINEAR DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS AND RECESSIVE SOLUTIONS ˇ ´ MARIELLA CECCHI, ZUZANA DOSLA, AND MAURO MARINI Received 30 January 2004 and in revised form 26 May 2004 Recessive and dominant solutions for the nonoscillatory half-linear difference equation are investigated. By using a uniqueness result for the zero-convergent solutions satisfying a suitable final condition, we prove that recessive solutions are the “smallest solutions in a neighborhood of infinity,” like in the linear case. Other asymptotic properties of recessive and dominant solutions are treated too. 1.

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  • We present a novel transition system for dependency parsing, which constructs arcs only between adjacent words but can parse arbitrary non-projective trees by swapping the order of words in the input. Adding the swapping operation changes the time complexity for deterministic parsing from linear to quadratic in the worst case, but empirical estimates based on treebank data show that the expected running time is in fact linear for the range of data attested in the corpora.

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  • .\lodern linguistic theory attributes surface complexity to interacting snbsystems of constraints. ["or instance, the I D LP gr,'unmar formalism separates constraints on immediate dominance from those on linear order. 5hieber's (t983) I D / I . P parsing algorithm shows how to use ID and LP constraints directly in language processing, without expandiqg them into an intcrmrdiate "object g a m m a r . " However, Shieber's purported O(:,Gi 2 .n ~) runtime bound underestimates the tlillicnlty of I D / L P parsing. I D / L P parsing is actually NP-complete, anti the worst-case runtime of...

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  • The Affordable Care Act, landmark health legislation passed in 2010, created the National Prevention Council and called for the development of the National Prevention Strategy to realize the benefits of prevention for all Americans’ health. The National Prevention Strategy is critical to the prevention focus of the Affordable Care Act and builds on the law’s efforts to lower health care costs, improve the quality of care, and provide coverage options for the uninsured. Preventing disease and injuries is key to improving America’s health.

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  • The photon - drag effect with electrons – acoustic phonon scattering in cylindrical quantum wire with an infinite potential is studied. With the appearance of the linearly polarized electromagnetic wave, the laser radiation field and the dc electric field, analytic expressions for the density of the direct current are calculated by the quantum kinetic equation.

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  • In the present paper the general case with arbitrary dephase between two excitations will be examined. Critical singular points [2] will be used to classify different forms of the resonance curve.

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  • In this paper we introduce a new fashion of quantum LFSR-based stream cipher. The basic component of LFSR based stream cipher is the LFSR (linear feedback shift register), so we describe how to build a quantum LFSR using the basic quantum gates. We have shown in our paper that this linear complexity ,period and statistical properties are identical with the classic case .We suggest a quantum stream cipher algorithm which can be built and worked in the quantum environment.

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  • This study examines the properties of the downward-sloping region of the linear supply function equilibrium (cartel case), which has not been considered in the literature. In simple duopoly settings, we find two regions, depending on the cartel type.

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  • A study of non-commensurate fractional linear system is done in a parallel way to the commensurate case. A partial fraction decomposition is accomplished using a recursive procedure. Each partial fraction is inverted in two different ways. The decomposition integer/fractional is done also. Some examples are presented.

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  • 4.2.3 MTMF MTMF combines the best parts of the Linear Spectral Mixing model and the statistical Matched Filter model while avoiding the drawbacks of each parent method (Boardman, 1998). It is a useful Matched Filter method without knowing all the possible endmembers in a landscape especially in case of subtle, sub-pixel occurrences. Firstly, pixel spectra and endmember spectra require a minimum noise fraction (MNF) (Green et al., 1988, Boardman, 1993) transformation. MNF reduces and separates an image into its most dimensional and non-noisy components.

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  • This chapter deals with independent component analysis (ICA) for nonlinear mixing models. A fundamental difficulty in the nonlinear ICA problem is that it is highly nonunique without some extra constraints, which are often realized by using a suitable regularization. We also address the nonlinear blind source separation (BSS) problem. Contrary to the linear case, we consider it different from the respective nonlinear ICA problem.

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  • Notice the essential difference between equation (2.1.8) and equation (2.1.6). In the latter case, the C’s must be applied to b in the reverse order from that in which they become known. That is, they must all be stored along the way.

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  • Nonlinear ICA This chapter deals with independent component analysis (ICA) for nonlinear mixing models. A fundamental difficulty in the nonlinear ICA problem is that it is highly nonunique without some extra constraints, which are often realized by using a suitable regularization. We also address the nonlinear blind source separation (BSS) problem. Contrary to the linear case, we consider it different from the respective nonlinear ICA problem. After considering these matters, some methods introduced for solving the nonlinear ICA or BSS problems are discussed in more detail.

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  • In Memory of Dick and Brian Abstract A group is locally finite if every finite subset generates a finite subgroup. A group of linear transformations is finitary if each element minus the identity is an endomorphism of finite rank. The classification and structure theory for locally finite simple groups splits naturally into two cases—those groups that can be faithfully represented as groups of finitary linear transformations and those groups that are not finitary linear. This paper completes the finitary case.

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  • The resulting view, that financial markets can be subject to inherent instability, induces governments to intervene to provide depositor protection in some form or other. Explicit deposit insurance is one approach, while an explicit or implicit deposit guarantee is another. In either case, general prudential supervision also occurs to limit the risk incurred by insurers or guarantors. To control the incentives of bank owners who rely too heavily on government funded deposit insurance, governments typically enforce some control over bank owners.

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  • In most cases the resources (financial, human, and others) required for addressing all identified water quality problems significantly exceed the resources allocated to the water pollution control sector. Priorities, therefore, need to be assigned to all problems in order to concentrate the available resources on solving the most urgent and important problems. If this is not done the effect may be an uncoordinated and scattered management effort, resulting in a waste of scarce resources on less important problems.

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