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The while loop

Xem 1-20 trên 53 kết quả The while loop
  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Understand ‘for’ loop in ‘C’, work with comma operator, understand nested loops, understand the ‘while’ loop and the ‘do-while’ loop, work with break and continue statements, understand the exit() function.

    ppt21p nhanmotchut_4 01-11-2016 13 1   Download

  • After completing this unit, you should be able: To write programs for executing statements repeatedly using a while loop, to develop a program for GuessNumber, to follow the loop design strategy to develop loops, to develop a program for SubtractionQuizLoop, to control a loop with a sentinel value,...

    ppt48p nhanmotchut_5 02-11-2016 23 2   Download

  • Welcome to Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, 7th Edition. This book is intended for use in a two-term or three-term C++ programming sequence, or an accelerated one-term course. Students new to programming, as well those with prior course work in other languages, will find this text beneficial. The fundamentals of programming are covered for the novice, while the details, pitfalls, and nuances of the C++ language are explored in-depth for both the beginner and more experienced student.

    pdf1198p phucls288 24-06-2012 62 20   Download

  • The Soneplex E1 Loop Extender Exchange platform provides centralized network management and point to multi-point transport for up to 20 E1 and 40 Nx64 kbps circuits over the local loop. Suitable for indoor or outside plant deployment, it provides maximum operational flexibility while minimizing network elements and installation time.

    pdf6p minhtuan 10-08-2009 171 7   Download

  • Module3 Program Control Statements Table of Contents CRITICAL SKILL 3.1: The if Statement ............................................................................................................ 2 CRITICAL SKILL 3.2: The switch Statement .................................................................................................... 7 CRITICAL SKILL 3.3: The for Loop................................................................................................................. 13 CRITICAL SKILL 3.4: The while Loop ....................................................................

    pdf37p tengteng14 20-12-2011 38 4   Download

  • ICT 5 Web Development - Chapter 3.1: Conditional Statements Using Conditional Test Statements, Using Loops to Repeat Statements, Conditional Test Statements, Using the elseif Clause, Using the switch Statement, Using the while loop.

    pdf13p maiyeumaiyeu26 04-01-2017 23 3   Download

  • This can only be attained currently by keeping the human in the translation loop, in our case via a software module called the AUO~R. The main measure of progress in the development of the Pangloss system will therefore be the gradual decrease in need for user assistance, as the level of automation increases. The analyzer used in the first version of PANGLOSS,PANGLOSSMARKI, is a version of the ULTRASpanish analyzer from NMSU [Farwell 1990], while generation is carried out by the PENMANgenerator from ISI [Mann 1983]. ...

    pdf1p buncha_1 08-05-2013 22 1   Download

  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 4 - Loop's Objectives is to use while, do-while, and for loop statements to control the repetition of statements; understand the flow of control in loop statements; use Boolean expressions to control loop statements.

    pdf17p cocacola_17 09-12-2015 33 1   Download

  • USING PHP TO MANAGE FILES The while loop uses fgets() to retrieve the contents of the file one line at a time—!feof($file) is the same as saying until the end of $file—and stores them in $contents. Both methods are more long-winded than file() or file_get_contents(). However, you need to use either fread() or fgets() if you want to read and write to a file at the same time. Replacing content with fopen() The first of the write-only modes (w) deletes any existing content in a file, so it s useful for working with files that need to be updated frequently. You can test...

    pdf10p yukogaru14 30-11-2010 55 13   Download

  • ADC has designed a family of Fiber Loop Converters (FLCs) that provides a cost-effective alternative to deploying service over copper while avoiding the high capital investment of DS3 fiber optic terminals. This family includes products designed for economical distri- bution of single or multiple DS1s. The Quad FLC multiplexes up to four T1s for transport over two fibers at distances of 16 to 20 miles (26 to 33 km). The QFLC system consists of a rack mounted central office chassis and a wall mounted customer premises chassis.

    pdf8p minhthanh 10-08-2009 95 5   Download

  • ADC has designed a family of Fibre Loop Converters (FLCs) that provide a cost-effective alternative to deploying service over copper while avoiding the high capital investment of primary multiplexers and Fibre optic terminals. This family includes products designed for economical distribution of single or multiple 2.048 Mb signals. The E1 Quad FLC multiplexes up to four 2.048 Mb signals for transport over two fibres at typical distances of 72 Km (44 miles). The E1 QFLC system consists of a rack mounted central exchange shelf and a wall or rack mounted customer premises shelf.

    pdf8p minhtuan 10-08-2009 177 4   Download

  • So far we learned pre-test loops such as the general while loop, counter controlled loops specifically for loop, sentinel controlled loops and flag controlled loops. In all these loops we initialized the loop control variable(s) and tested the condition before entering the loop. For instance, data-validation would require the data to be read at least once and then test for its validity. There are special situations were the loop must be executed at least once before the testing is done. Two examples come to mind, a circular queue, and sorting.

    pdf7p linhtk93 15-04-2013 40 2   Download

  • This lecture introduce JavaScript Statements. In JavaScript we have the following conditional statements, that is If statement, if...else statement, if...else if...else statement, and switch statement. In this lecture, we will learn this four statements.

    pdf31p youcanletgo_02 07-01-2016 21 2   Download

  • In this chapter, we consider the while, for, and do-while looping constructs that control how many times a statement list is iterated (executed). Loops make programs much more powerful and capable of solving significant problems. Mastering the design and implementation of loops is an important part of a programmer's education.

    ppt99p nhanmotchut_2 19-10-2016 11 1   Download

  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: PHP comparison operators, PHP conditional statements, PHP - The if...else statement, the PHP switch statement, the PHP while loop, the PHP foreach loop,...

    ppt66p dien_vi01 21-11-2018 7 0   Download

  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: PHP comparison operators, PHP conditional statements, PHP - The if...else statement, the PHP switch statement, the PHP while loop, the PHP foreach loop,...

    ppt75p dien_vi01 21-11-2018 8 0   Download

  • NGÔN NGỮ LẬP TRÌNH VISUAL BASIC MỤC TIÊU: SAU KHI HOÀN THÀNH CÁC BÀI TẬP, NGƯỜI HỌC CÓ THỂ Khai báo các biến thuộc các kiểu dữ liệu cơ bản (byte, integer, long, string, boolean, single) và kiểu mảng, kiểu bản ghi trong Visual Basic. Sử dụng các hàm nhập xuất dữ liệu (MsgBox và InputBox) của VB. Sử dụng và vận dụng được các cấu trúc rẽ nhánh (If...Then và If...Then...Else), cấu trúc đa rẽ nhánh (Select Case) và các loại vòng lặp : For; Do While...Loop; Do...Loop để viết chương trình.

    pdf37p meogiay 10-11-2011 262 69   Download

  • INDEX multidimensional arrays, 48, 56 nowdoc syntax, 54 NULL data type, 48 object data type, 48 online documentation for PHP syntax, 47 performing calculations, 49 PHP as a weakly typed language, 48 PHP quick checklist of main language points, 67 precedence of arithmetic operators, table of, 50 print_r(), using to inspect the contents of an array, 57 resource data type, 48 return keyword, 66 side-effects of PHP s weak typing, 48 single and double quotes, 52 string data type, 48 switch statement, 60 ternary operator, 61 variables inside strings, 52 while loop, 62 See also overview of PHP re...

    pdf9p yukogaru14 30-11-2010 105 37   Download

  • No matter what you call it, adding fiber to the local loop is a major strategic initiative for a number of carriers. Fiber to the customer premises represents the ultimate broadband connection for the end user, and promises to help carriers deliver value-added services while increasing the average revenue per user.

    pdf4p thuyvan 13-08-2009 217 30   Download

  • This module discusses the statements that control a program’s flow of execution. There are three categories of : selection statements, which include the if and the switch; iteration statements, which include the for, while, and do-while loops; and jump statements, which include break, continue, return, and goto. Except for return, which is discussed later in this book, the remaining control statements, including the if and for statements to which you have already had a brief introduction, are examined here. ...

    pdf37p chankinh1 13-09-2009 105 24   Download


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