Variables and Data Types

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  • Pain following hip arthroscopy is highly variable and can be severe. Little published data exists demonstrating reliable predictors of significant pain after hip arthroscopy. The aim of this study was to identify influence of intraoperative factors (arthroscopic fluid infusion pressure, operative type) on the severity of postoperative pain.

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  • Lecture Java Programming Language: Variables and Constants provide knowledge about declaring variables, using variables, primitive data types, abstract data types, java packages, obtaining a value from the user, type casting, formatting numeric ouput, assignment operators, using named constants.

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  • Lecture Data Structures: Lesson 17 provide students with knowledge about reference variables; the symbol “&’ can also appear after a type in a function signature; for example, insert and remove from the Binary Search Tree class; memory organization;...

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  • Lecture Introduction to computing - Lesson 21: Data types & operators. After studying this lesson, you will find out about JavaScript data types; about variables and literals; will also discuss various operators supported by JavaScript;...

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  • Lecture Introduction to Programming: Lesson 22 provide students with knowledge about bit wise manipulation and assignment operator; bit manipulation operators; design recipes; variables; symbolic names; data types; ASCII table; arrays collection of same data types;...

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  • A healthy immune system requires immune cells that adapt rapidly to environmental challenges. This phenotypic plasticity can be mediated by transcriptional and epigenetic variability. Our data highlight the importance of transcriptional and epigenetic variability for the key role of neutrophils as the first responders to inflammatory stimuli.

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  • Gene order changes, under rearrangements, insertions, deletions and duplications, have been used as a new type of data source for phylogenetic reconstruction. Because these changes are rare compared to sequence mutations, they allow the inference of phylogeny further back in evolutionary time. There exist many computational methods for the reconstruction of gene-order phylogenies, including widely used maximum parsimonious methods and maximum likelihood methods.

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  • Lecture Data Structure and Algorithm - Week 3: Introduction to Pointer. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about pointer, operator used in pointer, pointer arithmetic and constqualifier, pointer data type and pointer variable,...

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  • Lecture Introduction to Computer Programming - Chapter 3: Variables and Basic Data Types present the content introduction, data and data types, enum data type, struct data type, variables and variable declaration, constant definition, expressions, operators,...

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  • Cropping pattern has undergone dramatic changes worldwide due to the eff ects of climate changes and human management activities. Cropping pattern is an major factor contributing to crop yield and food security at local, regional and national scales, and is a critical input data variable for many global climate, land surface, and crop models. Hence for creating annual cropping intensity maps at huge scales, MODIS images have difficulty with mixed land cover types within a pixel.

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  • A rapidly increasing flow of genomic data requires the development of efficient methods for obtaining its compact representation. Feature extraction facilitates classification, clustering and model analysis for testing and refining biological hypotheses. “Shotgun” metagenome is an analytically challenging type of genomic data - containing sequences of all genes from the totality of a complex microbial community.

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  • The inclusion of high-dimensional omics data in prediction models has become a well-studied topic in the last decades. Although most of these methods do not account for possibly different types of variables in the set of covariates available in the same dataset, there are many such scenarios where the variables can be structured in blocks of different types, e.g., clinical, transcriptomic, and methylation data.

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  • Modern developments in single-cell sequencing technologies enable broad insights into cellular state. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) can be used to explore cell types, states, and developmental trajectories to broaden our understanding of cellular heterogeneity in tissues and organs.

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  • The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between firm’s innovation and knowledge sources in Baltic countries. We focus on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, since for these countries, the relationship between innovation and knowledge is unexplored from an empirical point of view. There is a theoretical background on the different types of knowledge that influence a firm’s innovation level.

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  • Chapter 6 - Data types, variables, and arithmetic. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Discuss primitive data types; learn how to declare fields and local variables; learn about arithmetic operators, compound assignment operators, and increment/decrement operators; discuss common mistakes in arithmetic.

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Stale pointers and double delete, reference variables, reference type vs pointer type, structures, pointers to structures, exogenous vs indigenous data, shallow vs deep copying, linked lists, common errors.

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  • Acute T-cell lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) is an aggressive disorder derived from immature thymocytes. The variability observed in clinical responses on this type of tumours to treatments, the high toxicity of current protocols and the poor prognosis of patients with relapse or refractory make it urgent to find less toxic and more effective therapies in the context of a personalized medicine of precision.

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  • In this chapter students will be able to: JS variables, JS data types, JS functions, JS events, JS objects, JS strings, JS numbers, javascript operators, javascript math object, javascript dates, javascript booleans, javascript comparison and logical operators, javascript if...else statements, javascript loop statements ( for, while, do/while), javascript best practices.

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  • The study of precipitation variability is critically important for a country like India whose food security and economy are dependent on the timely availability of water. Among the climatic elements, the rainfall is the first index, ever thought of by farmers and climatic analyzers as it is the most important single factor, which determines the cropping pattern of an area in general, the type of crop to be cultivated and its success or failure in particular.

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  • Lecture "Probability & statistics - Chapter 1: Intruction" has contents: Statistics is the fact, statistics, branches of statistics, data sources, population and sample, types of variable types of variable,... Invite you to consult the content.

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