ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐH, CĐ 2011 LẦN 2 MÔN THI: Tiếng Anh KHỐI D - Mã đề thi 209

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ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐH, CĐ 2011 LẦN 2 MÔN THI: Tiếng Anh KHỐI D - Mã đề thi 209

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Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề thi thử tuyển sinh đh, cđ 2011 lần 2 môn thi: tiếng anh khối d - mã đề thi 209', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Nội dung Text: ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐH, CĐ 2011 LẦN 2 MÔN THI: Tiếng Anh KHỐI D - Mã đề thi 209

  1. ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐH, CĐ 2011 LẦN 2 TRƯỜNG THPT MÔN THI: Tiếng Anh KHỐI D CHUYÊN PHAN BỘI CHÂU Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút; ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC (80 câu trắc nghiệm) (Đề thi có 04 trang) Mã đề thi 209 Họ, tên thí sinh:.......................................... ........................... số báo danh: ............................. Mark the letter A, B, C,or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the following position of the main stress in each of the following questions from 1 to 5. Question 1: A. bamboo B. camel C. hummock D. cactus Question 2: A. intellectual B. optimistic C. incredible D. overwhelming Question 3: A. tendency B. importance C. incidence D. difference Question 4: A. justice B. diverse C. series D. current Question 5: A. fountain B. kitchen C. mountain D. maintain Mark the letter A, B, C,or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 6 to 35. Question 6: We’ve decided to interview only ten ___ for the job . A. applicants B. applications C. appliances D. applicable Question 7: I wish you wouldn’t call him __that insulting name. A . by B. with C. in D. under Question 8: The stolen jewels were ___a lot of money. A. worth B. valued C. priced D. cost Question 9: The ship was put into quarantine and the passengers and the crew were__ to land A. ordered B. forbidden C. permitted D. let Question 10: I am ___tired to think about that problem at the moment . A. nearly B. simply C. much more D. far too Question 11: “ Would you mind helping me with these heavy boxes? _____ A. “Yes, I would. ” B. “ Not at all. ” C. “ What a pity !” D. “my Gosh!” Question 12: “ I am terribly sorry !” “ _______” A. Never mind ! B. Don’t worry C. Nothing D. It’s nothing Question 13: “ Help!” “_____________” A. I come at once ! B. Wait on ! C. Moment ! D. Just a minute! Question 14: “ Which of the two boys is a boy scout? “ “____ of them is .” A. All B. None C. Neither D. Both Question 15: His ___ of the school regulations really can’t be ignored any longer. A. carelessness B. inattention C. disregard D. unfamiliarity Question 16: He spent his entire life ___round the world, never setting down anywhere. A. roaming B. scattering C. roaring D. vesting Question 17: The child was told to eat all his vegetables or ___he would get no ice cream . A. in fact B. instead C. in case D. else Question 18: They received a ten-year sentence for ___armed robbery . A. doing B. making C. committing D. practicing Question 19: We have been working hard . Let’s ___ a break . A. make B. find C. take D. do Question 20: ____ patient, and you will succeed. A. B e B. Are C. Being D. To be Question 21: All work is better than ___at all. A . no B. no one C. not D. none Question 22: “ Take me some medicine from the first aid kit,___ you ? A. don’t B. can C. will D. do Question 23: Those men are paid by ___ . A. every hour B. hour C. an hour D. the hour Question 24: I’m afraid you’ll have to make a decision at once. We have no time to ___. A. adjust B. draw C. save D. spare Question 25: It is believed ___causes weight loss. A. much stress that B. much stress C. that much stress D. it is much stress Question 26: “ Could I speak to Susie May, please ?” “ Yes,_______. ” A. Talking B. Saying C. Answering D. Speaking Question 27: I think you should stay___ Trang 1/4 - Mã đề thi 209
  2. A. tranquil B. calm C. peaceful D. quiet Question 28: It never ___my mind he will tell lies to me . A. takes B. enters C. happens D. crosses Question 29: My brother is intelligent but he ____common sense . A. fails B. lacks C. wants D. misses Question 30: The question of late payment of the bills was ___again at the meeting A. raised B. taken C. risen D. brought Question 31: ___after trying three times ,he passed the examination. A. Last of all B. Lastly C. Last D. At last Question 32: He doesn’t seem to be successful ____hard he works A. but B. however C. whatever D. although Question 33: In life ___can make a mistake ; we’re all human . A. anyone B. someone C. some people D. not anybody Question 34: Are there any interesting ____in the paper ? A. new B. news C. piece of news D. pieces of news Question 35: None of us has ever ___of cheating in class . A. approved B. persisted C. declared D. concluded Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 36 to 45 . Speech is one of the most important (36)___ of communicating .It consists of far more than just making n oises . To talk and also (37)___ to by other people, we have to speak a language ,that is, we have to use combinations of (38)____that everyone agrees to stand for a particular object or idea. Communication wouldbe impossible if everyone made up their own language. Learning a language properly is very( 39)___. The basic( 40)____of English is not very large, and not only about 2,000 words are needed to speak it quite (41)___.But the more idea you can (42)____ the more precise you can be about their exact meaning. Words are the (43)____thing we use in communicating what we want to say. The way we( 44)____the words is also very important. Our tone of voice can express many emotions and ( 45)____whether we are pleased or angry, for instance. Question 36: A. rules B. reason C. ways D. tests Question 37: A. be talked B. be understood C. be examined D. be spoken Question 38: A. systems B. languages C. talks D. sounds Question 39: A. expensive B. easy C. simple D. important Question 40: A. word B. grammar C. structure D. vocabulary Question 41: A. well B. good C. perfect D. fluent Question 42: A. express B. grow C. pass D. need Question 43: A. main B. full C. certain D. most Question 44: A. say B. talk C. send D. pass Question 45: A. ask B. understand C. show D. know Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 46 to 55 . The ocean bottom- a region nearly 2.5 times greater than total land area of the Earth- is a vast frontier that even today is largely unexplored and uncharted. Until about a century ago , the deep-ocean floor was completely inaccessible , hidden beneath waters averaging over 3,6000 meters deep. Totally without light and subjected to intense pressures hundreds of times greater than at the Earth’s surface, deep-ocean bottom is a hostile environment to humans , in some ways as forbidding and remote as the void of outer space. Although researchers have taken samples of deep-ocean rocks and sediments for over a century, the first detailed global investigation of the ocean bottom did not actually start until 1968, with the beginning of the National Science Foundation’s Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP). Using techniques first developed for the offshore oil gas industry, the Dad’s drill ship , the Glomar Challenger, was able to maintain a steady position on the ocean’s surface and drill in very deep waters, extracting samples of sediments and rock from the ocean floor. The Glomar Challenger completed 96 voyages in a 15 –year research program that ended in November 1983. During this time, the vessel logged 600,000 kilometers and took almost 20,000 core samples of seabed sediments and rocks at 624 drilling sites around the world . The Glomar Challenger’s core samples have allowed geologists to reconstruct what the planet looked like hundreds of millions of years ago and to calculate what it will problem look like millions of years in the future. Today , largely on the strength of evidence gathered during the Glomar Challenger’s voyages, nearly all earth scientists agree on the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift that explain many of the geological processes that shape the Earth. The cores of sediment drilled by the Glomar Challenger have also yielded information critical to understanding the world’s past climates . Deep-ocean sediments provide a climatic record stretching back hundreds of millions of years, because they are largely isolated from the mechanical erosion and the intense chemical and biological activity that rapidly destroy much land-based evidence of past climates. This record has already provided insights into the patterns and causes of past climatic change-information that may be used to predict future climates Question 46: : The author refers to the ocean bottom as a “frontier” because it___ A. attracts courageous explorers B. is not a popular area for scientific research Trang 2/4 - Mã đề thi 209
  3. C. is an unknown territory D. contains a wide variety of life forms Question 47: : The word “inaccessible” is closest meaning to ___ . A. unsafe B. unrecognizable C. unreachable D. unusable Question 48: : The author mention outer space in the first paragraph because___ . A. techniques used by scientists to explore outer space were similar to those used in ocean exploration . B. it is similar to the ocean floor in being alien to the human environment C. the Earth’s climate millions of years ago was similar to condition in outer space. D. rock formations in outré space are similar to those found on the ocean floor Question 49: : Which of the following is True of the Glmmer Challenger ? A. It has gone on over 100 voyages . B. It made its first DSDP voyage in 1968. C. It is a type of submarine . D. It is an ongoing project . Question 50: : The word “extracting” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to ____. A. locating B. analyzing C. removing D. breaking Question 51: : The Deep Sea Drilling Project was significant because it was ____. A. attempt to find new sources of oil and gas B. composed of geologists from all over the world C. the first extensive exploration of the ocean bottom D. funded entirely by the gas and oil industry Question 52: : The word “strength” in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to ____. A. endurance B. basis C. discovery D. purpose Question 53: : The word “they” in the last paragraph refers to ____. A. years B. sediments C. climates D. cores Question 54: : The DSDP can be said to be ____in terms of geological exploration. A. of crucial importance B. a total flop C. a great success D. a west of time and effort Question 55: : Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as being a result of the Deep Sea Drilling Project ? A. Geologists observed forms of marine life never before seen B. Information was revealed about the Earth’s past climatic changes . C. Geologists were able to determine the Earth’s appearance hundreds of millions of years ago. D. Two geological theories became more widely accepted by scientists. Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 56 to 65 . Are organically grown foods the best choices? The advantages claimed for such foods over conventionally grown and marketed food products are now being debated. Advocates of organic foods – a term whose meaning varies greatly – frequently proclaim that such products are safer and more nutritious than others. The growing interest of consumers in the safety and more nutritional quality of the typical North American diet is a welcome development . However, much of this interest has been sparked by sweeping claims that the food supply is unsafe or inadequate in meeting nutritional needs. Although most of these claims are not supported by scientific evidence, the preponderance of written material advancing such claims makes it difficult for the general public to separate fact from fiction. As a result, claims that eating a diet consisting entirely of organically grown foods prevents or cures disease or provides other benefits to health have become widely publicized and form the basis for folklore. Almost daily the public is besieged by claims for “no-aging” diets, new vitamins, and other wonder foods. There are numerous unsubstantiated reports that natural vitamins are superior to synthetic ones, that fertilized eggs are nutritionally superior to fertilized eggs, that untreated grains are better than fumigated grains and the like. One thing that most organically grown food products seem to have in common is that they cost more than conventionally grown foods. But in many cases consumers are misled if they believe organic foods can maintain h ealth and provide better nutritional quality than conventionally grown foods. So there is real cause for concern if consumers, particularly those with limited incomes, distrust the regular food and buy only expensive organic foods instead Question 56: : The word “Advocates” is closest in meaning to which of the following ? A. Proponents B. Inspectors C. Merchants D. Consumers Question 57: : In the first paragraph, the word “other” refers to ___. A. advocates B. organic foods C. advantages D. products Question 58: : The “ welcome development” mentioned is an increase in___. A. the amount of health food grown in North American B. interest in food safety and nutritional quality of the typical North American diet C. the number of consu mers in North American D. the nutritional quality of the typical North American diet Question 59: : According to the first paragraph , which of the following is true about the terms “organic foods” ? A. It is seldom used by consumers. B. It has no fixed meaning. C. It has been used only in recent years. D. It is accepted by most nutritionists . Question 60: : The word “unsubstantiated” is closest in meaning to ___. A. uncontested B. unpopular C. unverified D. unbelievable Question 61: : The word “maintain” is closest in meaning to ___. A. improve B. retire C. monitor D. preserve Question 62: : Who does the author think should NOT buy organic foods ? Trang 3/4 - Mã đề thi 209
  4. A. Concerned consumers B. Advocated of organic food C. Wealthy people D. Low income consumers Question 63: : The author implies that there is cause for concern if consumers with limited incomes buy organic foods instead of conventionally grown foods because ___. A. organic foods can be more expensive but are often no better than conventionally grown foods B. too many farmers will stop using conventional method to grow food crops C. conventionally grown foods are more readily available than organic foods D. many organic foods are actually less nutritious than similar conventionally grown foods Question 64: : According to the last paragraph, consumers who believe that organic foods are better than conventionally grown foods are often ___. A. wealthy B. thrifty C. careless D. mistaken Question 65: : What is the author’s attitude toward the claims made by advocates of health foods? A. Somewhat favorable B. Neutral C. Very enthusiastic D. Skeptical Mark the letter A, B, Cora D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction from 66 to 70. Question 66: The duties of the secretary are to take the minutes, mailing the correspondence, and calling the members before the meetings . AB C D Question 67: The top of the mountain covered with snow during winter . A B C D Question 68: He has been hoped for a rise for the last four months, but his boss is reluctant to give him one. A B C D Question 69: Mining over 2,000 years ago, copper is one of the earliest known metals . A B C D Question 70: The price of crude oil used to be a great deal lower than now, wasn’t it? A B C D Mark the letter A, B, Cora D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 71 to 75. Question 71: _____ is the price of this car . A. What interested in us B. That we are interested in C. That interested us D. What we are interested in Question 72: ______.we went swimming. A. So hot was the day B. It was a hot day C. Being a hot day D. Due to a hot day Question 73: _________the book, please return it to me. A. Will you find B. Will you be finding C. Will you have found D. Should you find Question 74: It is important that _________. A. keeping an exact record B. an exact record to be kept C. an exact record should be kept D. to keep an exact record Question 75: I know Jimmy ______him. A. well enough as to trust B. too well to trust C. so well as to trust D. too well so as to trust Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions from 76 to 80 . Question 76: Without skilful surgery he would not have survived the operation. A. Had it not been for skilful surgery he would not have survived the operation. B. He wouldn’t have survived the operation if he hadn’t had skilful surgery. C. But for skilful surgery he would not have survived the operation. D. With skilful surgery he would have survived the operation. Question 77: You are all welcome to take any food you like . A. Any food welcome to take if you like. B. It’s my pleasure to take any food you like. C. You don’t have to pay for any food that you like. D. Please help yourselves to any food you like. Question 78: His handwriting is so small that I can hardly read it. A. His handwriting is the smallest I have ever read. B. His handwriting is too bad to read. C. He has such small writing that I can hardly read it. D. He is used to small writing so I can hardly read it Question 79: “Why don’t you get your hair cut , Gavin?” said Adam. A. It was suggested that Adam get Gavin’s hair cut. B. Adam suggested that Gavin should have his hair cut C. Gavin was suggested to have a haircut. D. Adam advised Gavin to cut his hair Question 80: The only student who failed the exam was John. A. Everyone, apart from John, failed the exam B. Everyone passed the exam. C. With the exception of John, everyone passed the exam. D. Together with other students, John failed the exam. ----------------------------------------------- ----------- THE END ---------- Trang 4/4 - Mã đề thi 209
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