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Chia sẻ: Thanh Cong | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:4

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Tham khảo tài liệu 'tài liệu ôn thi đại học - ntth', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  1. TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI ĐẠI HỌC - NTTH Verb Forms Exercise 1 1. I (never see) anyone more punctual (dung muc) than your brother. 2. I (meet) your brother this afternoon at Green Street. 3. I understand you (have) an unpleasant experience at the weekend. What (happen) exactly? 4. He (light) a cigarette and (walk) to the window. 5. My clothes are not in the room. They (take) them away. 6. "Good night. It (be) nice to meet you." He (say) and (go) off to his car 7. A lot of modern medicines (make) from plants. 8. The music for "The Marriage of Figaro" (write) by Mozart. 9. The results (announce) tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. 10. All the beautiful buildings in our cities (destroy) by exhaust gases from cars - we must (do) something to stop this. Key 1. have never seen 6. has been - said - went 2. met 7. are made 3. had - happened 8. was written 4. lighted/ lit - walked 9. will be announced 5. have taken 10. are being destroyed - do Exercise 2 1. The statue (break) while it (move) to another room in the museum. 2. She (sleep) for 10 hours! You must wake her. 3. David (repair) the TV set at the moment. He (work) at it for one hour or so. 4. David (wash) his hands. He just (repair) the TV set. 5. Why you all (laugh)? Jim (tell) you his anecdotes(cau chuyen moi) ? 6. I (work) at my report since Monday. Now I (write) the conclusion. 7. Tell them to stop and take a rest. We (work) long enough. 8. Ms. Smith (walk) home from work when she (see) the child fall off the bridge. 9. After (shout) for help, she (take) off her shoes and (jump) in (save) him. 10. I can't go with you as I (not finish) my work. Key 1. broke - was being moved 6. have been working - am writing 2. has been sleeping 7. have been working 1
  2. TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI ĐẠI HỌC - NTTH 3. is repairing - has been working 8. was walking - saw 4. is washing - has just repaired 9. shouting - took - jumped - to save 5. are ... laughing 10. haven't finished Exercise 3 1. If only I (have) a mobile. I am tired of queuing outside the public telephone box. 2. That house (build) two and a half years ago? 3. You (learn) a foreign language before? 4. If he had obeyed his mother, he (not, make) a terrible mistake like that. 5. I remember (take) to that place once. 6. She (live) in this nice town since she started her current job. 7. Don't worry! I (give) you a hand. 8. The President (not decide) what to do yet. 9. Her husband has been unemployed since they (move) to the country side. 10. By this time next week, she (work) in this company for 20 years. Key 1. had 6. has lived/ has been living 2. Was ... built 7. will give 3. Have ... learnt 8. has not decided 4. wouldn't have made 9. moved 5. being taken 10. will have worked/ will have been working Exercise 4 1. The performance (begin) at 7 o'clock and (last) for three hours. We all (enjoy) it. 2. "You (be) here before?" "Yes, I (spend) my holidays here last year" 3. He (leave) for London 2 years ago and I (not see) him since. 4. You (be) to the laboratory this week? 5. "You (find) the key which you (lose) yesterday?" "Yes, I (find) it the pocket of my other coat" 6. I (see) him in the library today. We (be) there together. 7. We never (meet) him. We don't know what he looks like. 8. I suppose when I (come) back in two years' time, they (pull) down all these old buildings. 9. We (finish) all our housework by tomorrow evening. 10. "Your face (be) dirty, Tom". "All right, I (wash) it. Key 2
  3. TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI ĐẠI HỌC - NTTH 1. began - lasted - enjoyed 6. saw - were 2. Have ... been - spent 7. have never met 3. left - haven't seen 8. come - will have pulled 4. Have ... been 9. shall have finished 5. Have ... found - lost - found 10. is - will/shall wash Exercise 5 1. "You have just missed the last train". "Never mind, I (walk)" 2. When we (take) our exams, we (have) a holiday. 3. "You (know) the way to the Globe Theatre?" " No." "Then I (show) you" 4. Thousands of people (see) this exhibition by the end of the month. 5. By the time you (finish) cooking they (do) their homework. 6. I don't think he (change) in the thirty years I (know) him. 7. Then about a year ago he (disappear) and I (never hear) from him since. 8. My father (fight) for four years in the last war. 9. I'm taking my daughter out tonight. She (not have) fun for a long time. 10. You're just in time to hear a nice bit of news. Our neighbor is engaged to get married. He (bring) me the news himself this morning. Key 1. will walk 6. has changed - have known 2. have taken - shall have 7. disappeared - have never heard 3. Do... know - will show 8. found 4. will have seen 9. hasn't had 5. finish - shall have done 10. brought Exercise 6 1. Coming into the room he (see) Mary where he (leave) her. 2. What you (do) if you (be) in my situation? 3. He greeted her. She really (look) better than when he (see) her last. - Yes, she (change). 4. After the guests (leave) she (go) back into the living-room and (switch) off the light. 5. I sat down at the desk and (wonder) why my father's letter (not arrive) yet. I (write) to ask him to send me some money at once. 6. He never fails (arrive)in time to help me. 7. On arrival at home I (find) that she just (leave) just a few minutes before. 8. Come to see at 5 this afternoon. I (not arrive) home until 4:30 9. Behave yourself, Lucy. If you (do) that again, you (have) to go to bed. 10. When Alice (get) here, you (show) her to her room? 3
  4. TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI ĐẠI HỌC - NTTH Key 1. saw - had left 6. to arrive 2. would ... do - were 7. found - had just left 3. looked - had seen - had changed 8. shan't/ won't arrive 4. had left - went - switched 9. do - will have 5. wondered- hadn't arrived - had written 10. gets - will ... show Exercise 7 1. Avoid (use) the infinitive after the expression "It's no use". 2. If you (smoke) less, you (have) much more money. But I don't think you ever will. 3. She shan't have any pudding until she (eat) her potatoes. 4. No one (know) when he (come) tomorrow, or whether he (come) at all. 5. As Hugh and I (come) down the steps we nearly (run) into my father. 6. No sooner I (arrive) than I (send) her a letter to say that I had a present for her. 7. I'll get back as soon as I (get) through with my business. 8. He (not go) forty yards in the direction of Piccadilly when he (meet) Mary. 9. We've lost the camera. If we(lock) the car window, we (not give) them the opportunity to break in. 10. He threatens (resign) if we (not agree) to his proposal. Key 1. using 6. had ... arrived - sent 2. smoke - would have 7. get/ have got 3. has eaten 8. hadn't gone - met 4. knows - will come - will come 9. had locked - wouldn't have given 5. were coming - ran 10. to resign - don't agree 4



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