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  • Lecture Network programming - Chapter 6: Application protocol design. This lesson provides students with content about: protocol; POP session; FTP authentication; message format; data format of messages; UML protocol state machine diagram; design presentation;... Please refer to the detailed content of the lecture!

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  • In the complexity and dynamic supply chain network, understanding the integrity definition is paramount as to uphold Halal integrity from “farm to fork” to avoid miss-communication and fraudulent. This is because, the perceptions of Halal integrity varied among the Halal food supply chain stakeholders due to difference in scenario and perspectives.

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  • This study aimed at analyzing the implementation of authentic assessments and constraints faced by junior high schools' teachers in mathematics teaching. A qualitative approach was applied in the study.

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  • In an increasingly interconnected world, English for Special Purposes (ESP) plays an essential role in equipping informatics technology students with the necessary language skills for their field. This article investigates the current state of ESP learning among informatics technology students at Haiphong University and addresses the challenges they face.

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  • Part 1 book "Computer security - Principles and practice" includes content: Reader’s and instructor’s guide, overview, cryptographic tools, user authentication, access control, database and cloud security, malicious software, denial of service attacks, intrusion detection, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, buffer overflow, software security.

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  • The research paper delves into the intricate realm of IoT device security, unravelling the multifaceted risks and presenting a nuanced exploration of mitigation strategies. A comprehensive literature review unveils common security threads and the current state of IoT security measures. The subsequent analysis identifies security risks, including unauthorized access, encryption lapses, authentication weaknesses, physical vulnerabilities, and privacy concerns.

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  • Ebook "The web application hackers handbook - Discovering and exploiting security flaws" includes content: Web application (In)security, core defense mechanisms, web application technologies, mapping the application, bypassing client side controls, attacking authentication, attacking session management, attacking access controls, injecting code, exploiting path traversal,... and other contents.

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  • Part 1 book "Internet security - Cryptographic principles algorithms protocols" includes content: Internetworking and layered models; tcp ip suite and internet stack protocols; symmetric block ciphers; hash function, message digest and message authentication code, asymmetric public key cryptosystems.

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  • Ebook Multimedia forensics & security - Part 1 includes contents: Chapter I: Authentication watermarkings for binary images; Chapter II: Secure multimedia content distribution based on watermarking technology; Chapter III: Digital watermarking in the transform domain with emphasis on SVD; Chapter IV: Digital video watermarking and the collusion attack; Chapter V: A survey of current watermarking synchronization techniq; Chapter VI: On the necessity of finding content before watermark retrieval: active search strategies for localising watermarked media on the internet; Chapter VII: Statistic...

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  • Ebook Managing Cisco network security: Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 6 Cisco authentication, authorization, and accounting mechanisms; chapter 7 intrusion detection; chapter 8 network security management; chapter 9 security processes and managing Cisco security fast track.

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  • Ebook Multicast group security Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1 introduction, chapter 2 framework for multicast and group security, chapter 3 multicast data authentication, chapter 4 introduction to group key management, chapter 5 architectures and protocols for group key management.

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  • Ebook "Perfect passwords: Selection, protection, authentication" includes contents: Chapter 1 passwords: the basics and beyond, chapter 2 meet your opponent, chapter 3 is random really random?, chapter 4 character diversity: beyond the alphabet, chapter 5 password length: making it count, chapter 6 time: the enemy of all secrets, chapter 7 living with passwords, chapter 8 ten password pointers: building strong passwords, chapter 9 the 500 worst passwords of all time, chapter 10 another ten password pointers plus a bonus pointer, chapter 11 the three rules for strong passwords, chapter 12 ce...

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  • Ebook "Characterization and authentication of olive and other vegetable oils: New analytical methods" presents new methods for the characterization of vegetable oils, with focus in olive oil, according to geographical and botanical origin, genetic variety and other issues influencing product quality. A wide variety of analytical techniques have been employed, such as various chromatographic techniques (different gas and liquid chromatography methods), an electronic nose, infrared spectroscopy and expert-panel evaluation.

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  • This paper "The role of supply chain management in tourism industry of the community in Kelimutu National Park" is investigated the effectiveness of supply chain management in truism for the Waturaka village, which has succeeded in increasing the village's original income with tourism. The process of developing the supply chain system for village's potential to generate authentic village income experiences dynamics and challenges. This research aims to identify the challenges facing the village of Waturaka and explain the success factors of rural tourism development.

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  • Ebook A technical guide to IPSec virtual private networks: Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1: getting started, chapter 2: technical primer, chapter 3: IP security primer, chapter 4: cryptography, chapter 5: implementation theory, chapter 6: authentication, chapter 7: IPSec architecture, chapter 8: security protocols.

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  • Ebook Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls: Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1: networking, security, and the firewall, chapter 2: dissecting the juniper firewall, chapter 3: deploying juniper firewalls, chapter 4: policy configuration, chapter 5: advanced policy configuration, chapter 6: user authentication, chapter 7: routing.

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  • Ebook Firewalls and internet security (Second edition): Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1 introduction; chapter 2 a security review of protocols: lower layers; chapter 3 security review: the upper layers; chapter 4 the web: threat or menace?; chapter 5 classes of attacks; chapter 6 the hacker's workbench, and other munitions; chapter 7 authentication; chapter 8 using some tools and services.

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  • Ebook Configuring NetScreen Firewalls: Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1 networking, security, and the firewall, chapter 2 dissecting the netscreen firewall, chapter 3 deploying netscreen firewalls, chapter 4 policy configuration, chapter 5 advanced policy configuration, chapter 6 user authentication, chapter 7 routing, chapter 8 address translation.

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  • Ebook Network warrior (2nd Edition): Part 2 includes content: Chapter 22: DS3, Chapter 23: Frame Relay, Chapter 24: MPLS, Chapter 25: Access Lists, Chapter 26: Authentication in Cisco Devices, Chapter 27: Basic Firewall Theory, Chapter 28: ASA Firewall Configuration, Chapter 29: Wireless, Chapter 30: VoIP, Chapter 31: Introduction to QoS, Chapter 32: Designing QoS, Chapter 33: The Congested Network, Chapter 34: The Converged Network, Chapter 35: Designing Networks, Chapter 36: IP Design, Chapter 37: IPv6, Chapter 38: Network Time Protocol, Chapter 39: Failures, Chapter 40: GAD’s Maxims, Cha...

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  • Ebook The best damn firewall book period (2nd edition): Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1 installing check point NGX; chapter 2 smartdashboard and smartportal; chapter 3 smart view tracker; chapter 4 smartdefense and web intelligence; chapter 5 network address translation; chapter 6 authentication; chapter 7 content security and OPSEC; chapter 8 VPN; chapter 9 securemote, secureclient, and integrity;…

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