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  • Chức năng ghi số tự động (Automatic bulleted lists (numbered list) tuy hay nhưng có khi gây bất tiện cho chúng ta. Muốn bỏ chức năng này ta thực hiện như sau: - Mở Word chọn menu: Insert\AutoText\AutoText…

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  • Bài giảng Lý thuyết automat và ứng dụng - Chương 1, 2, 3, 4 trình bày những kiến thức về: Bổ túc toán, ngôn ngữ và biểu diễn ngôn ngữ, automat hữu hạn và biểu thức chính qui, văn phạm chính qui và các tính chất, văn phạm phi ngữ cảnh. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Automatic control systems" has contents: Introduction, mathematical foundation, block diagrams and signal flow graphs, theoretical foundation and background material - Modeling of dynamic systems, time-domain analysis of control systems, the control lab

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  • Logic for Computer Science" provides an introduction to mathematical logic, with emphasis on proof theory and procedures for constructing formal proofs of formulae algorithmically. It is designed primarily for students, computer scientists, and, more generally, for mathematically inclined readers interested in the formalization of proofs and the foundations of automatic theorem proving. Since the main emphasis of the text is on the study of proof systems and algorithmic methods for constructing proofs, it contains features rarely found in other texts on logic.

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  • Bài giảng Lý thuyết automat và ứng dụng - Chương 5, 6, 7 trang bị cho người học những kiến thức về auomat đẩy xuống, máy turing và ứng dụng thiết kế số. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo để nắm bắt các nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Change Automatic Download Settings There are two areas where you can change the settings that control the download of external content

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Automatic control systems" has contents: Root locus analysis, frequency-domain analysis, design of control systems, state variable analysis.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.1 Creating a Class That Participates in an Automatic Transaction Problem You need to create a .NET class that participates in automatic transactions. Solution Use the appropriate custom attributes from the System.EnterpriseServices namespace.

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  • Refreshing a DataSet Automatically Using Extended Properties Problem You need to automatically refresh a DataSet periodically. Solution Use extended properties and a timer. The sample code contains two event handlers and one method:

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  • We present work on the automatic generation of short indicative-informative abstracts of scientific and technical articles. The indicative part of the abstract identifies the topics of the document while the informative part of the abstract elaborate some topics according to the reader's interest by motivating the topics, describing entities and defining concepts. We have defined our method of automatic abstracting by studying a corpus professional abstracts. The method also considers the reader's interest as essential in the process of abstracting. ...

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  • We describe the early stage of our methodology of knowledge acquisition from technical texts. First, a partial morpho-syntactic analysis is performed to extract "candidate terms". Then, the knowledge engineer, assisted by an automatic clustering tool, builds the "conceptual fields" of the domain. We focus on this conceptual analysis stage, describe the data prepared from the results of the morpho-syntactic analysis and show the results of the clustering module and their interpretation.

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  • (BQ) Manual Clutch and Automatic T135SE T135S was produced by the Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their qualified mechanics. It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one man-nual.

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  • Natural language questions have become popular in web search. However, various questions can be formulated to convey the same information need, which poses a great challenge to search systems. In this paper, we automatically mined 5w1h question reformulation patterns from large scale search log data.

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  • We present a system that automatically induces Selectional Preferences (SPs) for Latin verbs from two treebanks by using Latin WordNet. Our method overcomes some of the problems connected with data sparseness and the small size of the input corpora. We also suggest a way to evaluate the acquired SPs on unseen events extracted from other Latin corpora.

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  • Arabic handwriting recognition (HR) is a challenging problem due to Arabic’s connected letter forms, consonantal diacritics and rich morphology. In this paper we isolate the task of identification of erroneous words in HR from the task of producing corrections for these words. We consider a variety of linguistic (morphological and syntactic) and non-linguistic features to automatically identify these errors. Our best approach achieves a roughly ∼15% absolute increase in F-score over a simple but reasonable baseline. ...

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  • Broad-coverage semantic annotations for training statistical learners are only available for a handful of languages. Previous approaches to cross-lingual transfer of semantic annotations have addressed this problem with encouraging results on a small scale. In this paper, we scale up previous efforts by using an automatic approach to semantic annotation that does not rely on a semantic ontology for the target language.

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  • In this paper, we investigate an approach for creating a comprehensive textual overview of a subject composed of information drawn from the Internet. We use the high-level structure of human-authored texts to automatically induce a domainspecific template for the topic structure of a new overview. The algorithmic innovation of our work is a method to learn topicspecific extractors for content selection jointly for the entire template.

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  • Manually annotated corpora are valuable but scarce resources, yet for many annotation tasks such as treebanking and sequence labeling there exist multiple corpora with different and incompatible annotation guidelines or standards. This seems to be a great waste of human efforts, and it would be nice to automatically adapt one annotation standard to another. We present a simple yet effective strategy that transfers knowledge from a differently annotated corpus to the corpus with desired annotation.

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  • Most of previous approaches to automatic prosodic event detection are based on supervised learning, relying on the availability of a corpus that is annotated with the prosodic labels of interest in order to train the classification models. However, creating such resources is an expensive and time-consuming task. In this paper, we exploit semi-supervised learning with the co-training algorithm for automatic detection of coarse level representation of prosodic events such as pitch accents, intonational phrase boundaries, and break indices. ...

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  • We present a series of experiments on automatically identifying the sense of implicit discourse relations, i.e. relations that are not marked with a discourse connective such as “but” or “because”. We work with a corpus of implicit relations present in newspaper text and report results on a test set that is representative of the naturally occurring distribution of senses. We use several linguistically informed features, including polarity tags, Levin verb classes, length of verb phrases, modality, context, and lexical features. ...

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