Bacteria and viruses

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Plant pathology (Fifth edition)" provide readers with content about: specific plant diseases; environmental factors that cause plant diseases; plant diseases caused by fungi; plant diseases caused by prokaryotes - bacteria and mollicutes; plant diseases caused by parasitic higher plants, invasive climbing plants, and parasitic green algae; plant diseases caused by viruses;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Plant pathology: Concepts and laboratory exercises (Second edition)" provide readers with content about: plant pathology and historical perspectives; what is a disease; introduction to the groups of plant pathogens; groups of plant pathogens; plant pathogenic viruses; mechanical inoculation of plant viruses; pathogenic prokaryotes; laboratory exercises for plant pathogenic bacteria; plant-parasitic nematodes; pathogenicity and isolation of plant-parasitic nematodes;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Principles of Genetics (Sixth edition)" provide readers with content about: the science of genetics; cellular reproduction; mendelism: the basic principles of inheritance; extensions of mendelism; the chromosomal basis of mendelism; variation in chromosome number and structure; linkage, crossing over, and chromosome mapping in eukaryotes; the genetics of bacteria and their viruses;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Brock Biology of Microorganisms (14th Edition)" provide students with knowledge about: microorganisms and microbiology; microbial cell structure and function; microbial metabolism; molecular microbiology; microbial growth and growth control; microbial genomics; metabolic regulation; viruses and virology; viral genomes and diversity; genetics of bacteria and archaea; genetic engineering and biotechnology;...

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  • CRISPR/Cas systems confer immunity against invading nucleic acids and phages in bacteria and archaea. CRISPR/Cas13a (known previously as C2c2) is a class 2 type VI-A ribonuclease capable of targeting and cleaving single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) molecules of the phage genome.

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  • The CRISPR/Cas9 system provides bacteria and archaea with molecular immunity against invading phages and conjugative plasmids. Recently, CRISPR/Cas9 has been used for targeted genome editing in diverse eukaryotic species.

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  • The work presented spanned novel applications of genomics to human health, as well as aspects of mathematics, web development, molecular biology, and classic phylogenetics to target a range of pathogens: Bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

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  • Essential oils from different Egyptian aromatic plants (Mentha piperita, Ocimum basilicum, and Thymus vulgaris) were tested for their inhibitory effect on some selected harmful bacteria and yeast (Escerichia coli, Psedumonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Candida albicans).

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  • The human microbiome is defined as the microorganisms that reside in or on the human body, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, and their genomes. The human microbiome participates in the modulation of human metabolism by influencing several intricate pathways.

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  • Restriction-modification (R-M) systems protect bacteria and archaea from attacks by bacteriophages and archaeal viruses. An R-M system specifically recognizes short sites in foreign DNA and cleaves it, while such sites in the host DNA are protected by methylation.

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  • Bacteria are prey for many viruses that hijack the bacterial cell in order to propagate, which can result in bacterial cell lysis and death. Bacteria have developed diverse strategies to counteract virus predation, one of which is the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR) and CRISPR associated (Cas) proteins immune defense system.

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  • The present investigation was carried out at P. G. Department of Sericulture, Poonch campus, University of Jammu for isolation and identification of various diseases. Silkworm just like all other living organisms is susceptible to infection and diseases. Various pathogens including viruses (Nuclear Polyhydrosis, Cytoplasmic Polyhydrosis), bacteria (flacherie), fungi (muscardine) and protozoa (pebrine) cause various diseases to silkworm.

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  • Antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria are increasingly prevalent in hospitals and the community. Acute exacerbations of COPD (AE-COPD) often result in administration of antibiotics although more than half of exacerbations are associated with detection of respiratory viruses and potentially pathogenic bacteria can only be detected in 20-30% of cases.

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  • Increasing public concern about the potential damage of chemical inputs in agricultural production systems has challenged industry to develop new and effective pest management and control strategies against insect pests, diseases and weeds. These new strategies must be less harmful to the environment than the current, chemical-based ones, and they must also safeguard the health of agricultural workers and consumers.

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  • Chapter 18 - Microbial models: The genetics of viruses and bacteria. This chapter presents the following content: Researchers discovered viruses by studying a plant disease, a virus is a genome enclosed in a protective coat, viruses can only reproduce within a host cell, phages reproduce using lytic or lysogenic cycles,...

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  • Respiratory tract infection is a major cause of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma (AEBA). Although recent findings suggest that common bacteria are causally associated with AEBA, a comprehensive epidemiologic analysis of infectious pathogens including common/atypical bacteria and viruses in AEBA has not been performed.

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  • Important ornamental houseplant genera, Dieffenbachia are attacked by different biotic and meso-biotic agents as recorded from different parts of the world including India. They are attacked by 5 fungal, 3 bacterial, 6 viral and 2 important nematode diseases. Relevant comprehensive compilations based on several research and literature findings of those diseases are made to present the significant importance of each and every disease in respect of various viewpoints such as geographical distribution of the disease, symptoms and its causal pathogen, epidemiology and management.

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  • Viruses are the most abundant and genetically diverse biological entities on earth, yet the repertoire of viral proteins remains poorly explored. As the number of sequenced virus genomes grows into the thousands, and the number of viral proteins into the hundreds of thousands, we report a systematic computational analysis of the point of first-contact between viruses and their hosts, namely viral transmembrane (TM) proteins.

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  • Antimicrobial peptides attract considerable interest as novel agents to combat infections. Their long-time potency across bacteria, viruses and fungi as part of diverse innate immune systems offers a solution to overcome the rising concerns from antibiotic resistance.

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  • Now a day’s world population is facing several health problems caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoan and other micro-organisms which could be due to drug resistant or parasitism and generates an alarming situation to world population for their survival. The requirement for novel and beneficial compounds like antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents and agrochemicals to offer assistance in several aspects of the human life is ever increasing that are very effective and having negligible or very low toxicity to the environment.

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