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  • Mục tiêu bài học: Hiểu biết về những đặc điểm quan trọng của trái phiếu và các loại trái phiếu; Hiểu biết về giá trị trái phiếu và lý do của sự thay đổi của giá trị trái phiếu; Hiểu biết về xếp hạng trái phiếu; Hiểu biết về tác động của lạm phát đối với lãi suất; Hiểu biết về cấu trúc kỳ hạn của lãi suất (the term structure of interest rates) và các yếu tố quyết định lợi tức trái phiếu (bond yields)....

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  • A bond is a debt instrument requiring the issuer to repay to the lender / investor the amount borrowed plus interest over a specified period of time. A typical bond issue in the United States specifies a fixed date when the amount borrowed is due

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  • What does it mean to own stock? Basically it means that a stock holder has a share in the company it holds stock in. In a sense the stockholders own a piece of the company that it has stock in. Stock shares are traded, bought and sold at a stock exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange which is the best known, but by no means the only stock exchange. Stocks are a type of security, Securities are instruments giving to their legal holders rights to money or other property. Securities include stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages,...

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  • Synthetic organic chemistry is equivalent to systematic making and breaking chemical bonds of which the manipulation of carbon-carbon bonds plays an extraordinary role in construction of an organic molecule. Traditionally this chemistry was carried out in organic solutions, however, water or partially aqueous solvents gain more and more significance in organic synthesis recently. To attempt a comprehensive description of this field would be a hopless venture these days, and this chapter gives only examples of the most important ways of carbon-carbon bond formation in aqueous media. ...

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  • Par or Face Value - The amount of money that is paid to the bondholders at maturity. For most bonds this amount is $1,000. It also generally represents the amount of money borrowed by the bond issuer. Coupon Rate - The coupon rate, which is generally fixed, determines the periodic coupon or interest payments. It is expressed as a percentage of the bond's face value. It also represents the interest cost of the bond to the issuer.

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  • Bài giảng Chapter 6: Bonds and Their Valuation presents of key features of bonds, bond valuation, measuring yield, assessing risk.

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  • The goal in this chapter is to introduce you to bonds. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Important bond features and types of bonds, cond values and yields and why they fluctuate, bond ratings and what they mean, the impact of inflation on interest rates, the term structure of interest rates and the determinants of bond yields.

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  • The financial sectors in South Asia Region (SAR) are dominated by commercial banks, which account for the vast majority of the financial system s assets. The domestic debt markets including the government bond and corporate bond markets are at an early stage of development and there are few institutional investors. In recent years, countries in SAR have attempted to develop local debt markets, although the pace of development remains uneven and slow due to many regulatory and institutional impediments....

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  • Lecture Organic chemistry - Chapter 1: Bonding. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Bond strength and length, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, equilibria, gibbs free energy, equilibria and free energy, reaction rate,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture Organic chemistry - Chapter 13: Alkynes: The C≡C Triple bond. This chapter presents the following content: Introduction to alkynes, natural occurrence and uses of alkynes, physical properties of alkynes, spectroscopy of alkynes, nomenclature of alkynes, acid-base properties of alkynes,...

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  • A series of commercially manufactured medium density fiberboard (MDF) panels were exposed to a post-manufacture heat-treatment at various temperatures and durations using a hot press and just enough pressure to ensure firm contact between the panel and the press platens. Postmanufacture heat-treatment improved surface roughness of the exterior MDF panels. Panels treated at 225C for 30 min had the smoothest surface while the roughest surface was found for the control panels.

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  • Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung bài viết "Ứng dụng phương pháp Bond để điều chỉnh các thông số khoan nổ mìn phục vụ đắp đập chính công trình thuỷ lợi Cửa Đạt, Thanh Hoá" dưới đây để nắm bắt được phương trình lý thuyết thứ ba của Bond, qui trình ứng dụng phương pháp Bond để điều chỉnh cấp phối đá, đặc điểm mỏ đá 9A,...

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  • Lecture Money and banking - Lecture 10: Bond pricing and risk presents the following content: Application of present value concept (bond bricing), real vs nominal interest rates, risk, characteristics, measurement.

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  • Virtually any financial arrangement involving the current transfer of resources from a lender to a borrower, with a transfer back at some time in the future, is a form of bond. Car loans, home mortgages, even credit card balances all create a loan from a financial intermediary to an individual making a purchase. Governments and large corporations sell bonds when they need to borrow,... In this lesson will introduce bonds and bonds pricing, inviting you refer.

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  • Lecture Money and banking - Lecture 15: Shifts in equilibrium in the bond market and risk presents the following content: Shifts in equilibrium in bond market, bond and risk, default risk, inflation risk, interest rate risk.

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  • Lecture Money and banking - Lecture 16 include all of the following: Bonds and risk, default risk, inflation risk, interest rate risk, bond ratings, bond ratings and risk, tax effect.

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  • Contents: Bond Definition, Bond Features, Valuation of a Bond, Bond Relationships, Inflation and Interest Rates, Determinants of Bond Yields, Bond Ratings, Bond Markets.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Bond markets, analysis, and strategies" has contents: Introduction, pricing of bonds, measuring yield, bond price volatility, factors affecting bond yields and the term structure of interest rates, treasury and federal agency securities, corporate debt instruments, municipal securities, international bonds,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Bond markets, analysis, and strategies" has contents: Interest-Rate models, analysis of bonds with embedded options; analysis of residential mortgage–backed securities; analysis of convertible bonds; analysis of convertible bonds, credit risk modeling,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture Fundamentals of financial management - Chapter 7: Bonds and their valuation. This chapter presents the following content: Key features of bonds, bond valuation, measuring yield, assessing risk.

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