Comparative adjectives

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  • Tài liệu ôn tập ôn tiếng Anh tham khảo gồm các dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm về so sánh kép. Thể so sánh kép (Double Comparative) Khi cần diễn tả những ý nghĩ như "càng.... càng..." người ta dùng thể so sánh kép (double comparative). Thể so sánh kép được tạo thành tùy theo số lượng ý mà ta muốn diễn đạt. Nếu có hai ý ta dùng The (adjective)..., the (adjective).... cho cả tính từ ngắn lẫn tính từ dài.

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  • What are Comparative Adjectives? Comparative adjectives are used to compare the difference between 2 nouns and they are followed by the word THAN Exam ple : Ma x is older than Mary .Spelling Rules Comparative Adjectives Adje c tive s o f o ne s yllable we add –e r to the adje c tive Exam ple :Tall - Taller Pe te r is talle r than Jo hn

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  • This paper explores the determinants of adjective-noun plausibility by using correlation analysis to compare judgements elicited from human subjects with five corpus-based variables: co-occurrence frequency of the adjective-noun pair, noun frequency, conditional probability of the noun given the adjective, the log-likelihood ratio, and Resnik's (1993) selectional association measure. The highest correlation is obtained with the co-occurrence frequency, which points to the strongly lexicalist and collocational nature of adjective-noun combinations.

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  • The order of prenominal adjectival modifiers in English is governed by complex and difficult to describe constraints which straddle the boundary between competence and performance. This paper describes and compares a number of statistical and machine learning techniques for ordering sequences of adjectives in the context of a natural language generation system. the large red American car ??the American red large car *car American red the large Some orders are more marked than others, but none are strictly speaking ungrammatical. ...

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  • Linguistic access to uncertain quantitative knowledge about physical properties is provided by d i m e n s i o n a l adjectives, e.g. long-short in the spatial and temporal senses, near-far, fast-slow, etc. Semantic analyses of the dimensional adjectives differ on whether the meaning of the differential comparative (6 cm shorter than) and the equative with factor term (three times as long as) is a compositional function of the meanings the difference and factor terms (6 cm and three times) and the meanings of the simple comparative and equative, respectively.

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  • COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS Ghi chú: Các cách so sánh của tính từ đều áp dụng được cho trạng từ (adverbs). Để tiện lợi hơn, trong phần này chúng tôi gọi chung là tính từ. Khi đưa vào so sánh tính từ có ba mức độ: mức độ nguyên thể (positive degree), mức độ so sánh (comparative degree) và mức độ cực cấp (superlative degree). Các hình thức so sánh hơn, bằng, kém, đều dựa trên các mức độ này.

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  • So sánh hơn: Khi so sánh hai vật hay sự vật với nhau, ta thêm -er vào sau tính từ và + “than”, e.g. higher than. So sánh nhất Khi so sánh nhất ta dùng: the + tính từ ngắn + -est, e.g. the highest. Most / The Most Chúng ta sử dụng “more” và “the most” khi tính từ có 2 âm tiết trở lên, ví dụ: e.g. more difficult than (comparative), the most difficult (superlative). Ví dụ: fat – fatter – (the) fattest. lazy – lazier – (the) laziest. Tham khảo thêm Tính từ so sánh Bài tập...

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  • . Khi đưa vào so sánh tính từ có ba mức độ: mức độ nguyên thể (positive degree), mức độ so sánh (comparative degree) và mức độ cực cấp (superlative degree). Các hình thức so sánh hơn, bằng, kém, đều dựa trên các mức độ này.

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  • Equal comparison: as … as…; not as….as Adjectives: Her house is as big as mine. Silver is not as expensive as gold Adverbs: He solves the problem as quickly as he thinks. She doesn’t type as fast as the old secretary.

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  • Present Continuous For Future Use Talking about the future in English Many students use only will or going to in order to talk about the future. However, it’s very common to use the present continuous to talk about the future, in the case of arrangements that are planned: + I’m having dinner with friends tonight. + She’s meeting David at the train station tomorrow. - He isn’t coming to the party. - We aren’t seeing our family this weekend.

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  • Aim: Practising comparaties with “ fewer/more ” to talk about a student’s work.. Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to tell about the student’s work time as well as the comparative adjectives. Aids : wordcards 1. Presentation : a. Pre_teach : an hour (to) hard early___ earlier *R.O.&R b. Set the scene & pre_question predict : Hoa & her uncle are talking about Hoa’s work time & her summer vacation plan. (to) last late ___ later few ___ fewer many___ more

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  • 1. short A/Adv: Add “er” after them: shorter, longer, higher,…. Some exceptions: end with “y” change into “I” then add “er”: lovelier, prettier, happier, … end by consonant preceded with vowel, double consonant : thinner, fatter, slimmer,…. end with “w, er, t” add only “er” : slower, cleverer, quieter, smarter, …..

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  • Khi chúng ta muốn so sánh 2 thứ, chúng ta sử dụng Tính từ so sánh. Ví dụ: 'Canada is colder than America.' 'Tokyo is more expensive than Barcelona.' 'Barcelona is less expensive than Tokyo.'

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  • Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students gives short, clear explanations of all the main areas of English grammar, and provides practice exercises for you to do. If you are using the book by yourself, use the Index and the Contents list to find the area that you want to study, read the grammatical explanation, and then do the exercise. To check your answers, you will need to use the edition of Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students with Answer key.

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  • • Describe your family? • Do you have a large or small family? • How much time do you spend with your family? • What do you like to do together as a family? • Do you get along well with your family? • Are people in your country generally close to their families?

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  • Inside Writing was constructed on the premise that there is really only one reason for learning the essential rules of English grammar—to become better writers. In this text, we constantly stress that all college students are writers and that the aim of any college writing course—developmental or otherwise—is to improve writing.

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  • After the lesson, students will review the main contents of the lessons which are learned in unit 4,5,6 : The simple present tense, the present continuous tense, near future, wh- questions, comparative and superlative of short adjectives.

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  • Add –er to most adjectives when you are comparing two things. To compare more than two things, you will usually add -est an adjective. When an adjective has three or more syllables, comparisons are made differently. Often, you will use the words more and most or less and least instead of –er or-est.

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  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to use Present progressive and comparative and superlative adjectives . B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , chalks , boards … C / Procedure : I / Warm up : A 1. play 2. do 3. watch 4. go 5. clean 6. have 7. phone 8. speak Matching B a. to Mom b. table tennis c. a program d. a meeting e. my aunt , Mrs Hang f. the house g. my homework h. to violin lesson - Call 2 volunteers from...

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  • .March 14th..Comparisons.Used → adjectives & adverbs..Comparative form. More, better, older (usually used with “than”) ..Superlative form.Most, best, oldest....2 Items  3 items and more Before will always be

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