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  • (BQ) Ebook Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers: Part 2 presents the following content: Section 11 transportation; section 12 building construction and equipment; section 13 manufacturing processes; section 14 fans, pumps, and compressors; section 15 electrical and electronics engineering; section 16 instruments and controls; section 17 industrial engineering; section 18 the regulatory environment; section 19 refrigeration, cryogenics, and optics; section 20 emerging technologies.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Marks’ standard handbook for mechanical engineers (Tenth Edition): Part 2 presents the following content: Power generation; materials handling; transportation; building construction and equipment; manufacturing processes; fans, pumps, and compressors; electrical and electronics engineering; instruments and controls; industrial engineering; the engineering environment; refrigeration, cryogenics, optics, and miscellaneous.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Product design for the environment: A life cycle approach – Part 2 presents the following content: Life cycle environmental strategies and considerations for product design, engineering methods for product duration design and evaluation, product constructional system definition based on optimal life cycle strategies, environmental characterization of materials and optimal choice, design for disassembly and distribution of disassembly depth, optimal disassembly planning, product recovery cycles planning and cost–benefit analysis of recovery, methodological framework and analysis m...

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  • Top-base foundation (TBF) is a cutting-edge technology in construction area. It is in terms of increasing the load-carrying capacity of the ground, reducing settlement, especially the difference in settlement between the footings, resisting earthquake loads, fast construction, friendly environment, and low construction cost.

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  • With the focus on public sector general building contracting, the objective of the paper "Modeling the heterogeneity in contractors’ mark-up behavior" is to investigate the extent to which heterogeneity exists in practice using a heterogeneous approach to statistical modeling.

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  • In the attempt to support the development of sustainable transport in Vietnam, this study investigates the material stocks of road and railroad network. A long-term preference for transport development (especially road and railroads network) has led to approximately 40% of Vietnam’s annual consumption of construction materials to be for expanding and maintaining its network, causing stress on natural resources and the environment.

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  • Recently, latent representation models, such as Shrink Autoencoder (SAE), have been demonstrated as robust feature representations for one-class learning-based network anomaly detection. In these studies, benchmark network datasets that are processed in laboratory environments to make them completely clean are often employed for constructing and evaluating such models.

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  • Culture plays an important role not only in the formation of human personality, identity, and character of a nation, but today, culture is also considered as one of the important factors determining the strength and position of each nation state. Therefore, it is very necessary to build and develope Vietnamese culture and people, in which building a synchronous cultural environment to meet the requirements of sustainable development of the country.

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  • Social sciences and Humanities (Social Sciences and Humanities) are responsible for studying the laws of formation and development of society and people, of the relationship between human beings, between humans and the environment and society. Therefore, Social Sciences and Humanities have an increasingly important role for the development and social progress of each country.

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  • As one of the longest and largest rivers on Earth, the Mekong river flows along six countries. Mekong River Basin is a home of various plants, animals and fish as well as providing great economic value to supply for more than sixty million people living along it. Nevertheless, the natural environment and local communities are on the verge of alarming danger because of huge hydropower dam constructions.

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  • The happiness of older adults living alone warrants attention because they are more vulnerable to unhappiness than those living with families. The present study aimed to construct and test a structural equation model to elucidate the relationship among participation in social activities, satisfaction with the neighborhood environment, subjective health status, and happiness in older adults living alone in South Korea.

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  • The paper investigates a Gene Expression Programming (GEP)-based ensemble classier constructed using the stacked generalization concept. The classier has been implemented with a view to enable parallel processing with the use of Spark and SWIM an open source genetic programming library.

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  • The study’s results have shown that reducing behavior problems can help to improve primary students’ classroom peer status and academic outcomes. Based on the results, we suggest that implementing intervention programs for children with behavior problems and constructing a suitable educational environment focused on peer relationships will support children in improving their academic achievement.

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  • This paper aims to present thermo-electrical free vibration characteristics of functionally graded material (FGM) sandwich beam placed on the two-parameter elastic foundation. The beam is constructed of a foam core, two middle FGM layers, and two outer piezoelectric layers.

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  • The results conform to established facts in the literature. Consequently, this model can serve as a basis to build an integrated interviewee mental state model embedded with self-efficacy and motivation constructs as a holistic approach to support interviewees in coaching environments during simulated training.

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  • Durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var durum) is tetraploid wheat (AABB); it is the main source of semolina and other pasta products. Grain yield in wheat is quantitatively inherited and influenced by the environment. The genetic map construction constitutes the essential step in identifying quantitative trait loci (QTLs) linked to complex traits, such as grain yield. The study aimed to construct a genetic linkage map of two parents that are widely grown durum cultivars (Lahn and Cham1) in the Mediterranean basin, which is characterized by varying climate changes.

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  • This paper examines the relationship between Internal control quality and profitability of the listed construction companies in Vietnam. In more details, the paper explores the relationship between components of internal control and profitability of such listed companies. The results show that internal control quality and each component of internal control (namely Control Environment, Monitoring, Control Activities, Information and Communication, Risk Assessment) are associated with profitability.

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  • In Vietnam, the study and application of performance measurement (PM) of construction project is still in the initial stage especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These enterprises have adopted traditional PM that focuses solely on financial performance measures (PMs). Whereas, financial PMs are no longer adequate to evaluate organisations’ performance in today’s rapid changing business environment.

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  • The increase of population forced construction, transportation, industrial production, agriculture, and mineral resource exploitation to increase to serve human needs. These are also the main emission sources causing environmental pollution in general and air pollution in particular. The authors collected data analyzing the changes in air pollutants in the 2007-2016 period, from which to analyze the sources of pollution and the results of the paper contribute to improving people's awareness of environmental protection and also offer some solutions to reduce environmental pollution in Vietnam.

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  • From the approach to theoretical and practical issues, the research has clarified the similarities and differences, the universality and specificity of sustainable development in construction. Successfully proposed environmental assessment criteria for road traffic in the direction of sustainable development. Since then, our team has completed calculations, as well as estimated the impacts of individual factors such as dust, exhaust gas, noise, vibration and solid waste in construction and operation.

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