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  • Tài liệu "Law On Construction law (Bản dịch tiếng Anh của Luật xây dựng)" sẽ giúp các bạn nắm được các cách dịch tiếng Anh của luật xây dựng và dịch như thế nào cho hay và đúng, bạn có thể tự tin giao tiếp mà không cần sợ mình không đủ các vốn từ.

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  • This Fourth Edition of the Dictionary of Architecture & Construction defines more terms in architecture and building construction than any other dictionary in the English language. Because there have been significant changes, advances, and new developments in building materials and services, construction techniques, engineering practices, specifications writing, environmental concerns, community regulations, legal requirements, and other areas over the last decade, a total of 2500 new terms, as well as 100 new illustrations, have been added to this edition.

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  • This book is intended to provide the essential mathematics required by construction craft students. It covers the learning outcomes of the math- ematics part of the unit construction science and mathematics for the BTEC First Diploma course in construction. The book is also intended to help construction students studying the subject of analytical methods in the BTEC National Diploma/Certificate in construction and BTEC National Certificate in Civil Engineering, although these syllabuses are not covered in their entirety....

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  • Periodic surveys of standard building contract forms suggest that the Joint Contracts Tribunal stable of forms is in widespread use. In particular its fl agship, the Standard Form of Building Contract, in its various versions is popular where works are of more than minimal complexity; and to the extend that the industry can be said to adopt a norm, the administrative principles of the JCT Standard Form appear to be the nucleus of that norm. However, use of the Standard Form has been dogged by a high incidence of disputes.

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  • Charity Law & Social Policy explores contemporary law, policy and practice in a range of modern common law nations. It does so from the perspective of how this has evolved in the UK. As progenitor of a system bequeathed to its colonies and after centuries of leadership in developing the core principles, policies and precedents, the jurisdiction of England & Wales has been and remains central to charity law as a common law phenomenon.

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  • This book is a unique reference, aimed at filling in the existing void and bridging a linguistic, as well as a cultural, gap between Americans and Russians in the legal sphere. It is the first English-Russian Dictionary of American Criminal Law to be published in this country. The demand for this kind of materials in the United States has been growing steadily over the past few years. Since the end of the Cold War thousands of Russians have come to the United States including political and religious refugees, immigrants, scientists, tourists, business people, and, regrettably, criminals.

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  • This new issue of Law and Anthropology encapsulates a selection of the most salient contributions presented at the International Expert Seminar on ‘Indigenous Peoples, Constitutional States and Treaties or other Constructive Arrangements between Peoples and States’, held in Seville under the auspices of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, on September 10-14, 2001.

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  • Earl Warren was Chief Justice for fifteen years, and left the Supreme Court almost forty years ago. Yet the constitutional scholarship inspired by the Warren Court continues to haunt both scholarly and popular understandings of the Supreme Court. Landmark liberal rulings during Warren’s tenure inspired seminal works in constitutional theory that introduced the terminology and theoretical constructs that many scholars continue to use as they try to understand the ongoing role of the Court in the political system....

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  • Those who have followed the attempts in Rio de Janeiro, The Hague, Nairobi, Stockholm, Montreal, Kyoto, Buenos Aires, and Johannesburg to construct an international law of the environment have witnessed an intense, active, colorful, fascinating, and often confusing drama. They may have wondered whether the sometimes circuslike sessions involving heads of state and indigenous people and observers actually can produce what they understand to be effective law.

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  • Tenth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in 185 economies, Doing Business 2013 measures regulations affecting 11 areas of everyday business activity: Starting a business Dealing with construction permits Getting electricity Registering property Getting credit Protecting investors Paying taxes Trading across borders Enforcing c

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  • Images of criminal law infuse our everyday lives. From newspapers and television news programmes reporting incidents or trials, to detective novels, films and television series such as The Bill, Law and Order, Silent Witness and The Wire, crime and the control of crime pour into our individual and collective consciousness.

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  • My ideas about law and technology and my ability to write this book have benefited considerably from assistance provided by many indi- viduals. I am indebted to my colleagues in the University of Massachu- setts Department of Legal Studies—Stephen Arons, Dianne Brooks, John Bonsignore, Peter d'Errico, Ronald Pipkin, and Janet Rifkin—for encouraging my research activities and for an ongoing sharing of ideas about the new technologies, and to our staff—Claude Shepard and Tami Paluca-Sackrey—for providing help in innumerable ways.

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  • We describe a novel method that extracts paraphrases from a bitext, for both the source and target languages. In order to reduce the search space, we decompose the phrase-table into sub-phrase-tables and construct separate clusters for source and target phrases. We convert the clusters into graphs, add smoothing/syntacticinformation-carrier vertices, and compute the similarity between phrases with a random walk-based measure, the commute time.

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  • In these lecture notes we describe the construction, analysis, and application of ENO (Essentially Non-Oscillatory) and WENO (Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory) schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws and related Hamilton-Jacobi equations. ENO and WENO schemes are high order accurate nite di erence schemes designed for problems with piecewise smooth solutions containing discontinuities.

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  • My initial inspiration for writing this book came at a meeting of the John and Jean De€Nault Task Force on Property Rights, Freedom, and Prosperity at the Hoover Institution. On multiple occasions thereafter, I€ presented portions of this book to my Task Force colleagues, from whom I always received intense but constructive criticism. The book’s intellectual mission precisely maps the concerns that have animated my work for most of the forty-Â�three years that I have spent in academic work....

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: The role of lexical analyzer, lexical analysis vs parsing, recall, example, regular expressions, regular expressions – algebraic laws, alternative notations,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Science and technology in general and in particular the construction of science and technology have made a potential considerably more likely to provide the scientific foundation for guidelines and national development policies; quickly absorb the achievements of advanced science and technology is transferred from the outside, step by step rose to address the practical problems the country by science and technology in place.

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  • This is the third edition of a physical chemistry textbook designed for a two-semester undergraduate physical chemistry course. The physical chemistry course is often the first opportunity that a student has to synthesize descriptive, theoretical, and mathe- matical knowledge about chemistry into a coherent whole. To facilitate this synthe- sis, the book is constructed about the idea of defining a system, studying the states in which it might be found, and analyzing the processes by which it can change its state....

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  • MalcolmShaw’s engaging and authoritative International Law has become the definitive textbook for instructors and students alike, in this increas- ingly popular field of academic study. The hallmark writing style provides a stimulating account, motivating students to explore the subject more fully, while maintaining detail and academic rigour. The analysis inte- grated in the textbook challenges students to develop critical thinking skills. The sixth edition is comprehensively updated throughout and is carefully constructed to reflect current teaching trends and course cov- erage.

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  • Kinds of transportation, Traffic laws in the USA. Kinds of transportation: Road transportation, Air transportation, Rail transportation, Water transportation. The work of the railroad pioneers in America became the basis for a great surge of railroad building halfway through the nineteenth century that linked the nation together as never before. Railroads eventually became the nation’s number one transportation system, and remained so until the construction of the interstate highway system halfway th...

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