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Manage business internally

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  • Ebook Proceedings of the sixth international conference on Sustainable economic development and business management in the context of globalisation (SEDBM 6) - Part 1 includes papers: A behavioral perspective on sell-side analysts; Evaluating the economic structural change of six coastal localities in Thanh Hoa using vector method and sustainable development indicators; Building a process for developing strategic leadership personnel at the local level; Impact of the Russia - Ukraine conflict on the world and Vietnam economy;…

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  • Ebook Proceedings of the sixth international conference on Sustainable economic development and business management in the context of globalisation (SEDBM 6) - Part 2 includes papers: Factors impact on audit quality: the case of listed companies in Vietnam; Relationship between the state, market and society in sustainable economic development in Vietnam; Report on long-term sustainable public finance - some recommendations for Vietnam; report on long-term sustainable public finance - some recommendations for Vietnam; Economic linkages in tourism development to the sustainable direction; Pro...

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  • Ebook "Multinational management: A casebook on Asia’s global market leaders" demonstrates that the future of global business lies in how well the multinational landscape is charted and how the importance of Asian market leaders is deeply embedded in it. It offers international management students and researchers an extensive guide to the business history, strategy development, and foreign market entry modes used by emerging Asian multinationals.

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  • John L. Ward is a leading world expert on the family business. In this book he brings together a vast amount of experience to show the, 'best practices' of the most successful and long-lasting families in business. He provides a framework of five insights and four principles in which to position his 50 lessons for family businesses. This is the most comprehensive book on sustaining the family business and contains international examples and cases and essential tools and checklists of best practice.

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  • This book could not have been written without the experience we have gained from the clients of People in Business, in particular Hiscox, Premier Oil, Unilever, Manpower, John Lewis, The Crown Prosecution Service and Man Investments, among others. We also want to thank those who have given us their time, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Reuters, Microsoft, the BBC, Compass Group, Nationwide Building Society, Orange, Vodafone and Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, who is responsible for managing one of the most complex employer brands on earth.

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  • This book is the first academic treatment of family business issues within the tourism and hospitality industry. It provides comprehensive assessment of ownership, management and family-related concerns across the entire business and family life cycle. Many new international case studies of real family businesses are used to illustrate key points. The book will be of significant interest to researchers and students in tourism and hospitality, small business and entrepreneurship studies, as well as to owners and potential investors in family businesses.

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  • In the present scenario of global business competition, web-based technology is of great importance. It has become an extremely important criterion where businesses are now adopting ecommerce such as electronic procurement for the operation management of their organization. Despite this, they are still experiencing slow adoption of eprocurement. The main objective of this study was to determine the extent of e-procurement implementation in Malaysia organization as well as identify the relationship between the e-procurement system and supply chain performance among organizations in Malaysia.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to implement a supply chain management (SCM) data governance of outbound logistics for Malaysian textile company. According to this paper, an apparel or textile company was once the top three export earners for manufactured goods of Malaysia. Hence, this research is looking forward to enhancing better performance and business value of Malaysian textile industry which is corresponding with the new application of technology known as “Industry 4.0”.

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  • This paper conceptualizes the innovative supply chain integration and business performance of aquaculture contract farming setting in Malaysia. Based on the SCM philosophy, it highlights three related variables of supply chain integration, namely: external integration with suppliers, external integration with customers and supply chain risks, and technological innovation, and the relation amongst the variables in focus that could produce promising business performance.

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  • This study focuses on a review of the literature on innovation capability and business performance among 3PL service providers in Malaysia. This study focuses on four attributes of innovation capability: (i) service innovation, (ii) process innovation, (iii) marketing innovation and (iv) management innovation. It contributes to the body of knowledge in this field by identifying the significant factors that influence innovativeness that will lead to a higher level of business performance among 3PL providers in Malaysia.

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  • This article integrates the concept of leap frogging strategy and digitalization as a key strategy for the sustainability of logistics players in facing up with GIG economy. At present, business organization are moving towards Industry 5.0 (internet of thought) and GIG economy where the traditional way of fully relying on full time workers are no longer relevant. The world of work is changing. From organizational view, leap frogging strategy with technological advancement are significant to achieve competitive advantage to ensure the continuity of business.

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  • Article is devoted to a research of potential of development of regional economy by employing supply chain management strategy, in aspect of the analysis of productivity of live work in regions and small business, the natural and resource capacity and taxes of regions, key characteristics of potential of development of regional economies.

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  • In current conditions of entrepreneurship development, the role of audit committees in verifying companies’ financial and economic activities is increasing, which can be more efficient by using supply chain strategy in organization. The authors aim to attract the attention of external auditors to the work performed by the company’s inspectors as third parties.

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  • State innovation policy is designed to cover all aspects of science, research and technology: legal, economic, organizational and managerial. The state innovation policy is a system which consists of three levels: national, regional and local. The levels complement each other, despite the fact that the significance and scope of the policies implemented on each of them are different. Through this research, we explore innovations in supply chain management (SCM), in which a manufacturer coordinates and supports the innovations of a supplier.

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  • Modeling and automation of business processes are key to the successful company’s operation. Enterprise prosperity depends on professional modeling of business processes by considering the supply chain management. The urgency of the work consists of the real need to optimize the business process of the accounting department.

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  • The purpose of our research is to study new opportunities in agile supply chain management, identify barriers to agile supply chain management, develop a methodology to overcome these barriers and make proposals for agile supply chain management in multinational corporations.The study and analysis of supply chain management of multinational corporations allowed us to define the specifics of the industry using the following research methods: the choice of logistics intermediaries, forecasting (indicators, flows, etc.), nomenclature groups, risk optimization, statistical data analysis.

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  • This research aims to prove the SMEs competency and business environment have to impact to performance, with motivation, as intervening. It uses SEM-PLS as a method in testing the hypothesis and quantitative with the explanatory method. To collect data, a questionnaire used for 100 SMEs taken as a sample in Bogor Regency. The result of this research is that only SMEs competency and motivation has a direct impact on performances, the business environment needs to be intervened by motivation.

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  • Budgets are instruments that managers can use to help them in completing their business activities. Now various countries are focusing budget participation to boost supply chain activities. Objective of the current study is to examine the role of budget participation in supply chain operational performance among Indonesia textile industry. Moreover, moderating role of management control system was also examined. Interactive control system and boundary control system taken as moderating variable.

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  • This study examines and empirically investigates the green supply chain practices and sustainable performance. The study examines the impact of green supply chain practices on sustainability of performance of electronic industry of Thailand. Green supply chain management impact on environmental, economic and intangible performance of firms. Organizations follow GSCM practices as business strategy to achieve their long-term goals to enhance performance.

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  • The current study empirically investigates the factors of sustainable supply chain performance in tourism industry of Thailand. Globally, competition has increased due to involvement of enhanced quality and sustainable practices in business operations including effective supply chain management as it has become one of the prime concerns of firms as it plays vital role in achievement of goals and competitive advantages.

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