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methods of learning English

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  • This paper aims at exploring the use of group work in university and college classrooms, especially ELT classes, and the extent to which it benefits or inconveniences students’ learning experience. By having more insights into this method of teaching and learning in ELT, future work can be done to enhance its effectiveness and alleviate the downsides.

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  • Vocabulary is one of the foundations in learning languages. Without a good knowledge of words, learners cannot practice their listening, reading, speaking and writing effectively. It is, therefore, essential for learners to know how to study vocabulary appropriately. This paper aims to provide a discussion on different approaches to learning vocabulary.

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  • This paper aims to investigate the difficulties that many freshmen in Vietnam face during their English speaking courses at university. It also aims to provide them with possible solutions or directions to take into account or at the very least mitigate these problems for them in their process of becoming fluent English speakers.

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  • Having a rich source of English vocabulary plays a pivotal role in successful English learning. Many Vietnamese students regard watching movies and reading books as effective learning methods whereas others show their preference for listening to English songs to widen their vocabulary.

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  • Organizational behavior: Lecture 5 provide students with knowledge about: challenges to organizations; implications of globalization; intellectual abilities; physical ability; learning theories; methods of shaping behavior;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

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  • This paper presents the results obtained from application of active learning methods into lectures to students of Mechanical Engineering classes. The traditional methods of teaching make students become more and more passive when they are in class.

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  • To predict the characteristics of external causes of road trafc accident (RTA) injuries and mortality, we compared performances based on differences in the correction and classifcation techniques for imbalanced samples.

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  • This paper investigates the development of intercultural awareness and attitudes through four case studies of Vietnamese second-year students of English major in two different learning contexts of an English Speaking course over a nine-week teaching period at the University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Danang. Data collection methods include the students’ reflective journals and individual interviews.

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  • This paper mentions the project that applies SL to the subject “Oriental Culture” of curriculum of Oriental Studies, Department of International Studies, University of Foreign Languages Studies, The University of Danang. The aim of this application is to spread Tuong art of Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong Theatre to the community.

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  • The paper proposes a novel method that applies Buckingham's Pi theory and the Random Forest regression to improve the prediction accuracy of the sequent depths of the hydraulic jump in the trapezoidal channel. The study has shown that Machine Learning models can be efficient for the determination of the geometrical features of the jump and have high ability in many real projects.

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  • This paper presents a multi-task learning framework where the DNN acoustic model is simultaneously trained using both a limited amount of native (matched) transcription and a larger set of mismatched transcription. Our experiments on Georgian data from the IARPA Babel program show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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  • Chapter 4 - Basic cooking principles. This chapter deals with basic principles. You will learn about what happens to food when it is heated, about how food is cooked by different cooking methods, and about rules of seasoning and flavoring. It is important to understand the theories so you can successfully put them into practice in the kitchen.

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  • Chapter 6 - Inventories. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Describe the steps in determining inventory quantities, explain the accounting for inventories and apply the inventory cost flow methods, explain the financial effects of the inventory cost flow assumptions.

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  • Chapter 18 - Statement of cash flows. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Discuss the usefulness and format of the statement of cash flows, prepare a statement of cash flows using the indirect method, analyze the statement of cash flows.

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  • Most students meet obstacles in communicating with other people in English because of mispronunciation. With the purpose of helping students to enhance their pronunciation, this article aims to find out common pronunciation errors of two consonants /θ/ and /ð/, the causes and suggestions for some solutions.

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  • Cultural knowledge plays an important role in learning language. To help English learners enrich their cultural knowledge, this study is to find out the similarities and differences in the ways of giving advice of English and Vietnamese students. The study uses a quantitative method to collect data by carrying out a survey questionnaire among 60 students from different universities.

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  • This paper presents the reforms of teaching method for the Analog Electronic Circuits Lab course at Cantho University. The proposed approach is aimed to develop soft skills and problem-solving ability of students through the combination of pre-lab simulation exercises, hands-on activities at laboratory, and design projects.

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  • This article aims at proposing some useful strategies in enhancing students’ business report writing, and measuring their improvement in business report writing by employing a test for an experimental group and a control group. In addition, the surveys on students’ responses on writing strategies and mistake correction methods offered insightful implications for innovating teaching and learning process.

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  • The researcher "Some techniques to attract children at Huu Nghi international kindergarten in English lessons" desired to undertake a research with the three following objectives. The first objective of the study is finding out the kindergarten thinking, characteristic. The second one is methods that use for children in Huu Nghi school And the last main one is suggesting some activities to help the teaching and learning of English for very young learners more effectively.

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  • A great number of teachers are gradually taking this innovative achievement to improve their teaching methods and language teachers are no exception. Meanwhile, “higher education has been pressured to shift towards more flexible, effective, active, and studentcentered teaching strategies that mitigate the limitations of traditional transmittal models of education”.

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