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  • Bài viết So sánh kiến trúc Bus Wishbone và Amba Axi trình bày so sánh hai loại kiến trúc bus phổ biến là bus WISHBONE và AMBA AXI (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Advanced eXtensible Interface) dựa trên mô hình hệ thống kết nối điểm - điểm bằng cách thực hiện mô phỏng và so sánh hiệu năng của chúng dựa trên thông số tài nguyên, công suất tiêu thụ của mỗi hệ thống.

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  • This paper presents an approach for design and realization of a smart device for measuring and monitoring ammonia concentration. The developed system included two parts: hardware and software, in which the hardware of the system has been developed based on the ATMEGA328P microcontroller in order to collect data from the ammonia sensor MQ135.

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  • The robot is designed by referring to the survey on the size and appearance requirements at a restaurant. Robot is programmed to come to a specific table by mapping data. Based on the line reading algorithm implemented on microcontroller PIC18F4550, the robot follows the line marked on the floor to move to the desired table position and returns to the service counter after completing the task.

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  • Trong nội dung bài báo này, trình bày quá trình thiết kế một module I2C giao tiếp qua chuẩn bus AMBA APB (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture - Advanced Peripheral Bus). Cụ thể, module I2C được thiết kế bằng ngôn ngữ mô tả phần cứng Verilog, có thể cấu hình là Master hoặc Slave và hỗ trợ nhiều tốc độ truyền dữ liệu khác nhau.

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  • This paper will primarily focus on designing an IP core communication standard converter from SPI to I2C using APB (Advanced Peripheral Bus) communication as one of the AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) communication sets. In particular, APB is a bus used to communicate with peripherals that do not require fast processing speeds such as UART, SPI, I2C, etc.

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  • This attack technique decreases the number of power traces for correctly recovering the secret key by approximately 13% in normal conditions and 60% in noisy conditions compared to a traditional CPA attack. Experiments were performed on power traces of AES-128 implemented in both microcontroller and FPGA by Sakura-G/W side channel evaluation board to verify the effectiveness of our method.

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  • While there has been designs for security devices that are accessible on the internet, few of them are combined with Internet of Things – one of the hot topics regarding to IT. This paper aims to guide people with a some IT background knowledge to build a sensor that detects people before sending the information to a phone, alerting the owner of the sensor. Moreover, this paper will explain some key details about the making of the device, and would be serve as a reference for future projects in creating IoT devices.

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  • The subsystem is built to control only one DC motor for each wheel with the built-in proportional integral derivative controller (PID) algorithm by an STM32F103 microcontroller. Furthermore, the directional control algorithm is developed for three omnidirectional wheels and a PID algorithm is designed to control the speed of DC motor for each wheel.

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  • Bài giảng Điều khiển số máy điện: Chương 6 Đại cương về cấu trúc phần cứng và phần mềm trong điều khiển số cung cấp cho người học những kiến thức như: Vi điều khiển (Microcontroller); Ghép nối vi điều khiển Atmega16 với máy tính cá nhân; Một số đặc điểm của chương trình phần mềm trong điều khiển số;... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo!

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  • This paper presents an acoustic directional detect device’s development and design based on the Generalized Cross-Correlation PHAseTransform (GCCPHAT) technique. The topic’s primary goal is to build a KIT that supports audio processing, including a 4- channel Microphone array and a popular microcontroller, STM32F103c8t6, embedded with GCC-PHAT algorithm to estimate the direction and intensity of the sound source captured.

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  • The current paper aims to apply the Internet of Things technology (IoT) in designing an automatic system for measuring and monitoring important parameters of aquaculture ponds such as temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen (DO). The system includes the Arduino Nano main microcontroller (the device that transmits and pushes data to the Raspberry Pi 3 Web server), the DS18B20 temperature sensor module, the pH sensor module V1.1, and the DO Sensor SKU SEN0237.

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  • "Ebook Microcontrollers in practice" present resources of microcontrollers; using the Digital I/O lines; using the asynchronous serial interface; using the synchronous serial Interface SPI; using The I2C bus; using the MCU timers; interfacing to analog signals...

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  • "Ebook Advanced PIC microcontroller projects in C from USB to rtos with the PIC18F series" microcomputer systems; PIC18F microcontroller series; C programming language; functions and libraries in mikroC; PIC18 development tools; advanced PIC18 projects—SD card projects

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  • "Ebook 8051 Microcontroller an applications based introduction" present introduction to microcontrollers; flash microcontroller board; simulation software; P89c66x microcontroller; low pin count (LPC) devices; the xa 16-bit microcontroller; project applications.

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  • This paper presents a safety power socket system that can be controlled wirelessly and that has been specifically designed to monitor electrical events. Each socket of the system embeds a microcontroller, 2.4 GHz Wifi chip, relays, and current sensor.

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  • This paper introduces the building method of loosely coupled GPS/INS integrated navigation system. The Euler angles estimation and the velocity constraints are used to improve accuracy. We use MATLAB/Simulink software to simulate and analyze data. The experimental system is built on a low-cost IMU with tri-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer and a GPS module to verify the model algorithm. The update rate of the integrated system is equal to the INS rate of 100 Hz and the rate of GPS is 10 Hz.

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  • For the uniform seeding over the field, the performance of seed metering device is vital. While a seed drill is on work, during the field operation undesired situation such as slipping and skidding of the ground wheel, vibration, seizing, and jamming on the chain-sprocket system may occur especially at high speed. To overcome these problems, it was aimed to develop an electronically controlled Seed metering system (ECSMS) for seed drill.

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  • The growing concern for safety and infrastructural proliferations in the densely populated urban and suburban areas as well as the quest to preserve the aesthetic values in many modern localities have necessitated the need for underground installations.

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  • This prototype uses a switch as a sensor, a microcontroller as a controller, LCD as a guide display for the model of vehicle that will enter, and motor servo DC as the driver of parking doors. The entire circuit is able to form a prototype automatic parking door at UMY.

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  • The prototype of Automatic Rubber Tree Tool based on Microcontroller that has been designed works peeling the bark of a tree with depth 1,5 mm with Duwet or Jamblang (Syzygium cumini) trees as an object, so that the tool can be used to peel rubber automatically on rubber trees generally.

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