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  • Based on these problem, the investigation contended that the housing supply prediction model will be accomplish using experimental data from economic data with supported from macroeconomic factors such as world borrowing cost, outflows of foreign capital, subprime crisis, population characteristics, migration, urbanization, stamp duty exemption, moratorium, RPGT, and also microeconomic factors such as location and accessibility, basic and public facility, financial loan, location and placement, credit facility, construction cost, development approval, price and rental and housing stock.

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  • Global competition has intensified geographic repositioning of supply chain activities with implications for the economic prosperity of specific regions and geographies affected by such shift. The article "Supply chain strategy and labor partnership as a national priority in the economic development of Russia" reflects the results of studies based on an interdisciplinary approach to the economic development by supply chain strategy and labor partnership. The work is aimed at clarifying the concept of supply chain management and labor partnership as an economic category.

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  • Ebook "Community seed production sustainability in rice–wheat farming" analyzes the sustainability of community seed production under a rice–wheat farming system from microeconomic perspectives, considering how seed producers benefit from community seed production and how those benefits continue into the future. Seed producers’ performance in resource management, governance and marketing strategies indicates current benefits, whereas soil conservation and risk-management practices provide the basis for future benefits.

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  • Ebook "Preferences in negotiations: The attachment effect" presents a motivation, formalization, and substantiation of the attachment effect. Thereby, preferences and behavior are approached from a microeconomic and a psychological perspective. Two experiments show clear evidence for a systematic bias. The results can be used for prescriptive advice to negotiators: either for debasing or to systematically affect the counterparty.

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  • In ebook "National accounts and economic value: A study in concepts" Utz-Peter Reich addresses economists interested in a sound empirical foundation for their theoretical concepts. He investigates economic value and determines how value is defined in theory, which is microeconomic, and how it is measured in practice in national accounts.

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  • Ebook "The four pillars of profit-driven marketing: How to maximize creativity, accountability, and ROI" is the first book to offer a practical, proven framework that helps marketers capture the metrics essential to determining ROI and use them to develop an overall marketing strategy based on accurate ROI figures. Inside, two marketing strategy executives at Booz & Company, Leslie Moeller and Edward Landry, reveal the “4 pillars of marketing," which help track ROI at every point in the ever-expanding and increasingly complex world of media platforms.

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  • Ebook "Advances in taxation (Advances in Taxation, Volume 23)" contains a collection of high-quality manuscripts addressing problems arising from federal, state local and international taxation. Using a wide variety of research methods, the papers address issues concerning challenges in tax administration, taxpayer decisions, ethical issues in taxation, and college savings plans.

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  • Ebook "The demand for money: Theoretical and empirical approaches" takes a microeconomic- and aggregation-theoretic approach to the topic and presents empirical evidence using state-of-the-art econometric methodology, while recognizing the existence of unsolved problems and the need for further developments. The new edition is fully revised and includes new chapters.

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  • Ebook "Currencies, commodities and consumption" analyses the strengths and weaknesses of two alternatives to PPP. Firstly, the so-called Big Mac Index, which uses hamburger prices as a standard of measurement, and second, a less well known technique which infers incomes across countries based on the proportion of consumption devoted to food. Kenneth W.

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  • Ebook "Financial privacy: An international comparison of credit reporting systems" provides an in-depth analysis of the economics and regulation of financial privacy and a comparative overview of credit reporting systems in the US and the 27 member states of the European Union. She offers an authoritative evaluation of the design and functioning of dual systems consisting of public credit registers and private credit reporting agencies.

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  • Ebook "The venture capital industry in Europe" substantially adds to the understanding of Europe's venture capital industries. It discusses the microeconomics of fund raising, investment and exiting behaviour of venture capital companies and relates the microeconomics of venture capital finance to the industry features in European countries.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "The economics of tourism destinations" provides readers with contents including: economics of tourism, economics of destinations, tourism studies and other related issues; introduction to the economics of tourism; the tourism sector in the economy; the economics of tourism destinations; the microeconomics of tourism; a close examination of the consumer theory applied to the tourist;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Intermediate microeconomics: A tool-building approach" provides readers with contents including: Chapter 1 - Markets; Chapter 2 - Budgets; Chapter 3 - Preferences; Chapter 4 - Individual demands; Chapter 5 - Consumer comparative statics; Chapter 6 - Exchange economies; Chapter 7 - Technology; Chapter 8 - Costs; Chapter 9 - Competitive firms;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Intermediate microeconomics: A tool-building approach" provides readers with contents including: Chapter 10 - Monopoly; Chapter 11 - Risk; Chapter 12 - Game theory; Chapter 13 - Oligopoly; Chapter 14 - Externalities; Chapter 15 - Asymmetric information; Chapter 16 - Public goods;...

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  • Phần 1 của cuốn sách "Nguyên lý kinh tế vi mô (Principles of Microeconomics)" cung cấp các kiến thức cơ sở và các công cụ nghiên cứu kinh tế vì mộ, nền tảng kiến thức về cơ chế thị trường dựa trên hoạt động của cầu và cung; cung cấp những nguyên lý mà người tiêu dùng quyết định lựa chọn những hàng hóa và dịch vụ mà họ tiêu dùng nhằm tối đa hóa sự thỏa mãn của họ cũng như những nguyên lý mà các doanh nghiệp lựa chọn cách thức sản xuất nhằm tối đa hóa lợi nhuận.

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  • Phần 1 của cuốn sách "Nguyên lý kinh tế vi mô (Principles of Microeconomics)" cung cấp kiến thức lý thuyết về cấu trúc thị trường với 4 chương: thị trường cạnh tranh hoàn toàn, thị trường độc quyền hoàn toàn, thị trường cạnh tranh không hoàn toàn, thị trường các yếu tố sản xuất. Nội dung chủ yếu của phần này tập trung vào nhận diện đặc trưng của cấu trúc thị trường và hành vi của doanh nghiệp trong các thị trường cụ thể. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo!

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Economics (Fourth edition)" provides readers with contents including: economic models trade-offs and trade; supply and demand; individuals and markets; economics and decision making; the consumer; the production decision; market structure beyond perfect competition; microeconomics and public policy;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Intermediate microeconomics with Microsoft Excel®" provides readers with contents including: consumer behavior; budget constraint; satisfaction; optimal choice; comparative statics; endowment models; bads; search theory; behavioral economics; rational addiction;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Intermediate microeconomics with Microsoft Excel®" provides readers with contents including: the firm; production function; input cost minimization; output profit maximization; input profit maximization;; the market system; partial equilibrium; general equilibrium;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Intermediate microeconomics: A modern approach (Ninth edition)" provides readers with contents including: chapter 1 - the market; chapter 2 - budget constraint; chapter 3 - preferences; chapter 4 - utility; chapter 5 - choice; chapter 6 - demand; chapter 7 - revealed preference; chapter 8 - slutsky equation; chapter 9 - buying and selling; chapter 10 - intertemporal choice; chapter 11 - asset markets; chapter 12 - uncertainty;...

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